Tate wants to stay with Seahawks, thinks they can be “really special” for a long time

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Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate didn’t repeat his desire to give 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh the “Sean Lee treatment” when asked about the rivalry between the two NFC West teams during a radio interview, but he left no doubt that he thinks the Seahawks don’t need to stand down for any team next season.

Tate said he thought the Seahawks have a chance to be “really special” in 2013 and that they have the chance to remain that way for a long time. That’s likely part of the reason why Tate is in no hurry to leave the team anytime soon. During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Jim Miller, Tate said that his choice would be to remain with the Seahawks rather than jump to another team when his contract expires after the season.

“For me, I’m not treating it any different than any other year,” Tate said. “I’m gonna show up to work, work hard. I’m not worried about any contract talk. I’m just gonna pray on it and hopefully it works out and I’m in Seattle for a long time.”

The arrival of Percy Harvin changes the top of the depth chart at receiver for the Seahawks, but it shouldn’t hurt Tate, who finished strong last season, much at all. Harvin will be moving all over the field and making defenses pay attention to him while Tate works on the outside against coverage that can’t be slanted toward him all that often. If he takes enough advantage of that, Tate shouldn’t have much problem finding suitors should his wish to remain with the Seahawks not come true.

52 responses to “Tate wants to stay with Seahawks, thinks they can be “really special” for a long time

  1. Tate is behind Harvin when it comes to speed, but I’ll take Tate’s pass catching ability over Harvin’s all day long.

  2. With Injury prone Percy Harvin & Sidney Rice..I wouldn’t be surprised if Golden Tate emerged as the Seahawks #1 reciever

  3. Tate and Seahawks talk way too much for an organization
    that had ZERO on the resume in there franchise history. It’s comical
    Shut up and win something #yawn

  4. As he proved against Green Bay. He is the best underrated receiver in the NFC. Made the catch of the year, and yes, it was a legit CATCH.

  5. Gotta say, for a team that hasn’t done anything, they awfully have big mouths. Some team is bound to put them in their rightful place.

  6. Rice is likely odd man out at the end of the year..especially if he gets hurt again. Special when healthy, but last year was first year with no issues since with Hawks

  7. He certainly has the chance. With Pete it’s all decided on the field (just ask Russell Wilson). The opportunity’s there Golden, all you gotta do is earn it.

  8. What’s really COMICAL is watching the Giant, and 49er trolls on this page ranting, LOL… When a lame Giant fan chimes in, it’s quite clear your team is a powerhouse with many haters. First off, who is running their mouth? Golden Tate saying he believes his team is something special, and can be for a long time is now considered running your mouth? The only ones I see running their mouths off are you two characters. Maybe you can get lucky, and win a SB with a 9-7 season again kid, HAHA. As for the 49ers, they haven’t done anything for almost 20 years, so get a new line slugger. Maybe you should talk when you win something in our generation, LOL. BTW, anyone who considers Percy Harvin an injury prone player clearly knows nothing. He missed like 3 games over 2 years ago due to migraines, and missed time last year due to an ankle injury. He would have missed a few games last year, but the only reason he was put on IR was because of the situation going on between him, and the organization. Why do you think they traded him dummies??? Keep telling yourself he’s injury prone though, it’s kinda funny, LOL. As for the whole Tate thing… Harvin, and Tate both have similar builds, but Harvin primarily is used in the slot, while Tate plays the outside split end position. Rice is a bigger body who plays flanker. We all know that (1) Rice is overpaid, and (2) that PC/JS like to take care off their own. Tate has not only become a weapon, but was drafted in the 2nd round under their watch, while Rice was brought in as a FA during the strike shortened offseason because he was familiar with Bevell’s offense. Look at the type of WR we drafted this year in the 4th round… Almost an identical build to that of Rice… Tall, and rangy. After this season Rice will become a cap casualty, and Tate will get an extension somewhere in the $4-$5M/year range. Mark my words!!!!

  9. Hah, may be lucky to be a number 3 receiver for a few more years. His claim to fame so far is a cheap blindside hit and a “CATCH” that ended the standoff with the real refs. Have a good 4th folks!

  10. I like Tate here in Seattle, but we’ll need some extra cash to keep Earl and Richard around, and they have 100X the value to our team that Golden does.

    In Schneider/Carroll we trust.

  11. I marked your words and then laughed. Rice won’t be the odd man out. He has one thing that Tate doesn’t; Size.

    Tate is set to make 630k this year or he might already be out the door. The hawks haven’t made any move to extend him and I doubt very much that they will. 4-5 million for him? The weed up in the NW must be awesome cuz you are high as f^ck.

    Harper is smaller and slower than Rice. I’m not arguing that Rice isn’t over payed for his production. But he has talent to be a number 1 receiver, that couldn’t be said of anyone else on the roster until they traded for Megraines.

  12. Oct. 3, 2009, Washington Huskies @ Notre Dame,
    Golden Tate’s numbers: 9 receptions, 244 yards, 1 TD, 1 rushing attempt, 31 yards. Notre Dame beat the Huskies 37 -30.
    Tate was magnificent in the game. That was the only college game I saw him play but was enough for me to remember how talented he was. I was delighted to say the least when the Seahawks chose him in the 2010 draft.
    He started of slow didn’t understand the playbook, etc. but he did have some good games showing flashes of his talent but it was last season that he especially shined. He is a scrapper, never afraid to go up for a ball or lay a hit on an opposing defender. But it is the little things he does that really impress me, the stop and miss moves, the little spin jukes, the sideways jumps to get that extra yardage. He definitely has the talent to become an elite WR. Now with Harvin and Rice distracting opposing defenses and with Lynch, Turbin and Wilson keeping those defenses honest, this could be the year for Tate to explode.

  13. Seriously? A Golden Tate interview? Did like Rick Tuten cancel last minute?

  14. someone mark these words, get rid of Tate you don’t make the superbowl, keep him and the team together you’re Golden

    seattle makes the superblow if they just fill the gaps, depth at receiver, pass rush. pass block

    start tearing that team apart and its all over, Petes choice

  15. Tate isn’t capable of running precise routes but when the play breaks down, there is nobody that improvises as well as he does. He makes the impossible catch look routine.

    The ‘Hawks won’t renew him for $4-5 million but they will for $2-3 million. If he wants to stay with a championship contender, he will take it. If money’s more important, he will go. He’s a good guy and I wish him the best. But that’s all getting ahead of ourselves. Right now he has 2013 ahead of him and I think he’s going to have an outstanding year.

  16. All Tate said is that the Hawks “have a chance” at being special in 2013 and for a long time. What is he supposed to say.

    Besides, who can honestly look at the roster, look at the amazing youth, look at the talent in key areas. QB, LT, Legion of Boom secondary, power running game, young and athletic backers in Wags and KJ, a solid “group” of WR’s that Pete and John have put together, and not admit that this is a team with a bright future.

    Why do the haters act like you need a history to say “have a chance”? What would winning SB’s in the 90’s have anything to do with today?

    Absolutely NOTHING. Jealous h8ers will always hate but don’t you think you should worry about your own squad because?

    Hawks dominate for the next decade.

  17. As a Seahawks fan, I can only hope opposing general managers around the league share the same view on Golden Tate as their slack jawed mouth breathing fans.

  18. @JDSMODES- Sorry kid, but the only thing laughable is your insight on this entire situation. You’re trying to claim Rice can be a #1 reciever because he has something Tate doesn’t… Talent, and SIZE??? Yeah, I guess that’s why Rice has never been considered a true #1 WR in this league, LOL. He is just paid like one! Please show us all how you came to the conclusion that Rice is more talented than Tate. You’re trying to say the Hawks will keep Rice, and his bloated salary over Tate because of his size? Look at both their numbers from last season, they are almost identical. A cheaper option, or a more expensive option for the same production, hmmm that’s a tough one to figure out, HAHA! Especially when money is going to be going to guys like Okung, Thomas, Sherman, Wagner, and Wilson in the future. Even at $4M/year Tate is much cheaper than Rice. Like I said, then there is always the fact that PC/JS take care of their own… They used a 2nd round pick on Tate for a reason. If he has yet another great year, you really think they are gonna let him walk in favor of an older, injury prone, more expensive player in Rice? Just because he has SIZE? ROLMFO, yeah ok buddy!!! BTW, Harper may only be 6’1, but that is a somewhat taller reciever in this league. Look at his height, and weight, he is a lot more identical to Rice than he is Tate. Being as we were mainly drafting the best talent available for the future this past year, what’s that tell you? Harper will be groomed as Rice’s replacement. Oh, and Rice ran a 4.51 40 yard dash at his combine, and is even slower now due to injuries over his career, while Harper just ran a 4.50, so how is he slower than Rice again slick??? Oh, and I live on the East coast, not in the NW… Come back when you have some material we won’t all laugh at, HAHA!

  19. I keep reading these posts about keeping Tate and winning Super Bowls, and Tate is gonna want too much money. This is the most I’ve ever read about a guy who has all of 1200 yards and 10 Tds in his entire 3 year career. What a stud.

  20. The Seahawks are gonna do the NFL what Godzilla does to the Tokyo skyline.

    It’s easier if you just accept it now.

  21. People keep thinking Tate is the odd man out but Doug Baldwin and Rice one of them will be at risk (especially with the contract of Rice’s). Tate has big play ability and has shown he can make plays on the outside versus excellent CBs. I think him and Harvin will be something special as he said. Fans of other teams troll Seahawk forums even before Seattle fans, funny and sad all at the same time.

  22. knoweverything says:
    Jul 4, 2013 4:40 PM
    As he proved against Green Bay. He is the best underrated receiver in the NFC. Made the catch of the year, and yes, it was a legit CATCH.


    First what game did you watch. Second were you on drugs? Third are you still on drugs thinking it was a catch. Only moron Seachicken fans think it was a catch. Everyone else who knows anything about football knows A. He committed PI and B. he did not catch it as bear hugging the DB who caught it does not count as a catch.

  23. If by really special he means 1 and done in the playoffs alternating with 7-9 seasons for the next ten years then, yeah, really special. Really special.

  24. tobis81 Said:

    As for the 49ers, they haven’t done anything for almost 20 years, so get a new line slugger.


    hahahahahahahahaha *gasp* hahahahahahahahaha *snort*

  25. Paying Tate the league minimum seems pretty fair compensation for his “talent”. Shouldn’t be too hard to find cap room for him for the next 4 years then. That is of course if he lasts that long anyways.

  26. This man is a LIAR and a CHEATER and that was NOT a touchdown catch by anybody’s definition of the term.
    He got a free one, and the sh%ithawks got a free win, but it won’t be so easy next time.
    Bet on it.

  27. Seahawks fan here. I have never seen what Tate fans see in this guy. I was not happy with him as the Hawks 2nd round draft pick, was less impressed when he couldn’t make the active roster for the first game of his rookie season & then proceeded over the past three years to not figure out how to run proper routes. Sure he is god with the ball after the catch & surprisingly good with jump balls – considering his height. But too many of his plays come when he is has made a bad read on his tree and then steals a pass intended for a different receiver, or on plays that have broken down and turned into backyard ball – that’s what he excells at. Given that Bevell is rooted in West Coast timing offense and that Harvin can be special on broken plays, it seems Tate would need to be much improved this season to get a solid offer from the Hawks.
    As for Rice, I believe that the Hawks like what he gives them as a #1 WR. He’s paid like a #1,but his stats don’t matchup with other #1s because the Hawks run the ball, but he blocks well, can be counted on to run plays as they should be run, & can still win jump balls or go over the top. Oh, and Harper is a WR with a thick RB body, but 3 inches taller than Tate. Harper is there for the team to see if he can be a Tate replacement.
    I’m looking forward to another team offering Tate too much money while the Hawks money on.

  28. I’ll take T.O. over little Tate. He should be a slot back like Wes walker. The guy does go over the middle but needs to put some big numbers to back up the talk.

  29. @tobis81

    If you say HAHA enough you can actually change Harper’s 40 time. You have him at 4.5 and everyone else has him at 4.55. The hawks eat 3.5 million in dead money if they cut rice for an overall cap gain of 5 million.

    “yet another great year” First time I’ve heard of sub 700 yards as a great year, slick.

  30. I have to say that I really see Rice as the one that’s gonna be leaving this year if anyone does. He’s had two seasons where he played all 16 games, and in this next draft there is the one guy named Brandon Coleman who is actually better than Rice in almost every aspect of the game, even size. Tate has had 2 dropped passes in these past two years, and both came this year. Damn. That’s reliable. He’s also the hardest player to tackle in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. He had a broken tackle on over 30% of his touches this year. That’s better than Percy Harvin (who has the edge in speed, where Tate has better strength).

  31. hey tate did you really catch that ball on Monday night? yea keep telling yourself that you did. LOSER.

  32. bigblue5611 says: Jul 4, 2013 4:09 PM

    Tate and Seahawks talk way too much for an organization
    that had ZERO on the resume in there franchise history. It’s comical
    Shut up and win something #yawn


    Not true. The Seahawks have the largest whinefest ever assembled in post-SB history. There were enough tears to fill Hoover Dam shed after the referees not only made every call to help the Steelers, but exerted multiple Jedi mind tricks on the Seahawk players and staff to ensure that the Seahawks blew the game.

  33. chawkbob says: Jul 4, 2013 5:08 PM

    He certainly has the chance. With PEDs it’s all decided on the field (just ask the D). The opportunity’s there Golden, all you gotta do is start taking them.



  34. I don’t see the hubbub. He didn’t pull a Rex Ryan and guarantee Super Bowls. He said they’d be something special. I’d call him out if HE didn’t think that! Every player for every team better have one immediate goal….championship. If not then make way for somebody that does.

  35. So this may be a time when he won’t “shove off.”
    Seattle must have good 24 hour donut shops.

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