The Manning family expands, again

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As Peyton Manning tries to match his brother Eli with two Super Bowl rings, Eli has matched Peyton with two offspring.

The Giants’ official Twitter feed announced on Thursday that Lucy Thomas Manning was born on June 17.  Lucy’s sister, Ava, was born in 2011.

It’s the second daughter for Eli and Abby Manning.  Peyton and his wife, Ashley, have twins, a boy (Marshall) and a girl (Mosley).

So, basically, there will be a least one Manning playing quarterback in the NFL in about 20 years.  The only question is whether Peyton and Eli will have any additional boys who will eventually dominate the sport.

43 responses to “The Manning family expands, again

  1. Dan Snyder is too smart to put Marshall Manning on his 2032 draft board when he already has a passionate quarterback that will be leading the Redskins to an UNFAIR amount of Superbowls until at least 2040. Mannings make wannabes, GOD makes GRIFFINS!

    #buicksSuck #shouldhavekeptRivers #marshallLeaf

  2. Not only do these guys have the ultimate job, big money, gorgeous Wives, they each have two little ones! Can it get any better for these guys? Lucky bastards!

  3. Maybe we’ll see the first female QB in 20 years. Oh wait… is Eli Male?

  4. Unless they let girls play by then, which I hope for their sake they don’t because, unless they are pretty burly, they will be getting crushed or it would be awkward for men to tackle them. I personally wouldn’t care a whole lot if women were allowed to play in the NFL. I doubt there would be many that would want too anyway, but I wouldn’t put it past a Manning to become a first (hell Peyton probable his kids studying routes and reading defenses already).

    I think if enough women would seriously wanted to play football they would start a pro powder puff league because I don’t know how pro co-ed football would work and hey I’m sure a lot of guys would watch it if there were attractive women, I’m sure it would have a higher rating than the WNBA. (Not trying to be offensive towards women here, it is just how most men that I know think)

    My biggest concern is the NFL changing rules to make it easier and safer for the women, oh wait they are all ready doing that for the men. The thing is that safety is important, but some things aren’t fun unless they have a degree of danger involved, so if you are overly concerned about getting hurt then you shouldn’t do it.

    Football is fun the way it is and even though it is dangerous, there are better ways of making the game safer without making new rules. Football equipment engineers can do this through better equipment and coaches and the NFL can do this by teaching proper technique, I can’t see any reason why they can’t (haven’t) designed helmets yet that completely prevent concussions. The new Speed (revolution or whatever they are called) helmets are a big improvement, but we all know they can do better.

    Right now, with the lawsuits, the NFL is so worried about covering their butt that they are hurting the game as we know it through drastic rule changes. I can’t say that I blame them, all that I’m saying is there is always another way, but when it involves safety you have to do what you can with what you got.

  5. OMG, this means he had sex during the season. They pounded (pun intended) the Browns that weekend though, so no ‘sex weakened his game’ comments.

  6. And Eli still has investigators out trying to find out who impregnated his wife, twice. Tom Coughlin has no comment.

  7. LOL! So in the Manning family gender is identified as quarterback and non-quarterback? 🙂

    But seriously, congratulations to Eli and Abby. May Lucy be healthy and happy.

  8. I’m waiting for NYG’s Aaron Ross and Sanya Richards-Ross to have kids… those children will have some speed.

    When you mess up as a child, how do you outrun your parents when your father is an NFL cornerback and your mother is an Olympic gold-medal sprinter? If Dad doesn’t catch you in the first 40 yards, Mom will run you down for a full quarter-mile…

  9. Hopefully the next round of Mannings aren’t as douchy as their parents.

  10. another Manning playing Q.B. in 20 years would be fun to watch, but another Manning for the media to flaunt over, UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats to Eli and his family. Eli is the Mann!! 2x SB champ and all around good guy. Go Giants!

  12. As a Patriot’s fan, I tried to dislike him. But he seems like a decent guy, is a great player, and doesn’t take himself too seriously (like his brother does). So Congrats on the new daughter (ouch, 2 weddings to pay for).

  13. “The fact that you are rich or handsome,
    Won’t get you anything in curls.
    You Gotta be a Football Hero
    To Get Along with the Beautiful Girls.”

  14. It is not really Eli’s daughter. The baby girl actually looks like Osi Human Urine.

    Eagles will win Super Bowl 48

    I was about to congratulate you on that good Osi Umenyiora joke but then I read down the comment and realized you were another delusional Philly fan. While Eli Manning is winning championships the eagles will be stuck in the cellar with Mike Vick, Napolean Dynamite and Cali Boy running the ship.

    – A New York jets fan and an all around NY sports fan.

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