Continuous RedZone could make for awkward crowd noises

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At first blush, the possibility of using more than 16,000 square feet in video-board space for non-stop RedZone coverage at EverBank Field made a lot of sense.  As the NFL tries to make the in-stadium experience better than staying at home, the league needs to at least make it as good.

But there’s a potential problem.  If fans are watching what’s going on elsewhere, they inevitably will react to what’s going on elsewhere.  And that will make for sounds that don’t mesh with what’s happening on the field.

It will get particularly odd late in the season, if the Jaguars are in the hunt for a playoff berth and RedZone cuts to a game involving a team with which the Jags are jockeying for postseason positioning.  As all eyes go to the video board and away from the field, fans will respond to what they see on the screen, and not what’s happening in front of them.

Of course, that problem can easily be solved by turning off the RedZone coverage in those moments.  But if that happens, then it won’t truly by non-stop RedZone coverage.

Maybe, then, extensive but not continuous use of RedZone is the best way to go.  There will be moments when it makes no sense to distract fans from what’s happening on the field.

Of course, in some cities it will never make sense to distract the fans from what’s happening on the field.  Coincidentally, in those cities the stadium would fill up for every game even if the video boards showed a test pattern.

24 responses to “Continuous RedZone could make for awkward crowd noises

  1. I see some strategy to use a TO on Defense just before a kicker kicks in hopes that the RZ channel will show another team winning a critical game with playoff implications. That would be interesting pressure if you are a Kicker to see another Kicker hit an OT 50 yarder just before you have to go.

    Can the home team use their new in-stadium replay technologies to show specific closed-captioned shots of whatever they want? Maybe the NFL tossed in that privilege to get them to agree to take in the new cameras.

  2. I don’t think the Jags will have to worry about a playoff birth for quite some time, so you might as well give the fans all the red zone they can handle.

  3. …..and some cities couldn’t consistently get 60,000+ fans to the stadium with a 2-14 team. What’s your point?

  4. The teams and the league are so out of touch with fans, they have no clue what we want. Big screens, nude locker room shots, vibrating seats?? Why don’t they just ask us?

  5. Jacksonville fans need to do a solid for professional football and let the team go. You can watch the Redzone channel from home. You don’t need to hire an NFL team to perform while you watch the Redzone live, it’s wasteful.

  6. Move them to London, that’ll fix the issue of Jaxsonvillians not showing up each week. 1 request, can you have Kirk and Spock on the jumbotron, just once this season, saying 1 word…”KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

  7. How about moving the team to a location that will actually support it, then the yahoos in Jville can watch non-stop RedZone at the stadium and there won’t be any issues?

  8. It’s not like Jacksonville fans want to watch the product on the field.

  9. The redzone channel on the entire game is such a dumb idea. Why would I pay 100 bucks a ticket to watch it on TV? America needs to get over its ADD problem and focus on the world in front of them. I can read all about other games later

  10. And here comes the parade of dumbasses making cracks about attendance, with no clue that we’re one of the larger stadiums in the league and STILL haven’t had a blackout in years. Of course, we’re still waiting on the tarp jokes, I don’t see why those people think they’re being clever or funny. Oh, that’s right, they’re *that* stupid …

  11. Can’t people just enjoy the game they are attending?

    “Hey, Bro you want a beer? I gotta take a leak. I wanna hit the head before halftime. Na man those sausage and peppers give me agita. You really want one? Okay, I’ll hook you up. Just watch my seat. At halftime we’ll smoke that joint.”

    There is a game happening right in front of you. You don’t need Red Zone Channel.

  12. Anything to avoid the real issue why fans would taher watch games from home: Drunken, rude, belligerent football fans.

  13. This one seems simple. They don’t play music while live action is happening. So make the rule that RedZone is only on when music could be playing. If there’s live action on the field, then the part used for RedZone is showing stats and replays. Problem solved.

    Also, trolls, take your attendance jokes to the teams that actually have attendance problems (cough, Tampa, cough Miami, cough cough).

  14. Makes sense if your team sucks so bad you don’t wanna watch. Project it onto the tarps!

  15. I still say the issue with Red Zone in the stadiums is that the players on the field will get distracted from their own game. I no likee this idea at all.

  16. Stay home if you want to watch the Red Zone. When I’m at Metlife, (or before that Polo Grounds, Yankee Stadium, Connecticut or Giants Stadium), when the Giants are playing that’s where the attention should be. I’m not sure what else you need to enjoy the “stadium experience”, except perhaps NOT an overpriced new one that feels and looks like a warehouse that freezes you out in the winter because of those damned louvers on the outside.


    Bottom line is… Redzone always on is better than no Redzone at all. And that’s just one of many things they SHOULD do to improve the stadium experience.

  18. Or you could just stay at home and watch it and pay attention to the game you are attending. I do not need my football experience turning into an exercise in multi tasking.

    Goodell is wrecking this game and it will be a faint shadow of itself in 25 years

  19. Weird, they deleted my “what a tool florio is” comment.
    AnyWay, steeled guy, jags have more fans per game and a higher percentage of capacity than your team. Look it up.
    Greenmeatrack, you needn’t worry about projecting anything on tarps. Theyre replacing many onf the tarps with nice swimming pools, lounge areas… Things that will make it pretty nice. Stop by some game.
    And what is it with florio? Did he get turned or a job by the jags? Not only is he petulant, he’s misinformed. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not.

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