Cordarrelle Patterson wants to be called Flash or Flashy or something


Vikings rookie receiver Cordarrelle Patterson has a name that takes a little while to learn how to properly pronounce, and a little longer to learn how to spell correctly.

If he has his way, it’ll all be a lot easier.

Patterson repeatedly has said over the last month or so that he wants to be known as “Flash.”  Or possibly “Flashy.”

Most recently, Patterson explained his reasoning to Willie McGinest of NFL Network.

“I want to be a Flashy,” Patterson said.  “Because I’m flashy on the field.”

Last month, in a first-person item for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Patterson had dropped the “Y”.

I like to call myself Flash,” he wrote.  “I want to be flashy. Flash was everything.”

He also has suggested C.P. as a possibility.  With that many permutations, we’ll just call him Johnson.

92 responses to “Cordarrelle Patterson wants to be called Flash or Flashy or something

  1. 12 months and one disappointing rookie season later:

    “Man, I don’t want to be flashy. I just want to work hard and prove myself on the field. I like to call myself Worky. Call me Worky from now on. Yeah, that’s better.”

  2. He wants to give himself his own nickname? And it’s “flash” because he’s “flashy”? Weak. The vets on that team need to grab hold of this youngster and put him in his place.

  3. Can call him doomed………….for getting stuck with the Vikings.

    Will never win a title with that sorry organization

  4. Well the movies need to produce a Flash move prior to the Justice League’s arrival in 2015. Maybe he should be cast for the role. That would be pretty awesome for all parties involved.

  5. If it were me, I’d like to be called “worthy of such a reach in the draft,” but hey…”flash in the pan” works for the Vikings season last year. Who knows… Maybe this kid will catch a few 7 yard deep passes.

  6. It’s a lot more fulfilling to receive a nickname from your teammates, or coaches, or fans. Who would honestly respect someone for a self-appointed nickname? I would make it a point to never address you by this nickname…

  7. “Cinderella,” since Moss is his role model and he’ll probably pick up that “play when I wanna play” princess mentality.

  8. A lot of draftniks picked him to go to my team. SOOOOOO relieved they were wrong.

  9. You can’t give yourself a nickname. You have to either earn it (hey…..Sky King!), or deserve it (hey…..Numb Nuts!)

    If this guy wants to assign his own nickname, he should try “Which Guy?”, because that is how he will be remembered most often.

  10. To the guy who can tell what CP’s ceiling and IQ are just by looking at the picture in this post…shut up please. However dumb CP may be, you just proved to be his mental peer.

    Now, I would tend to agree that picking your own nickname is bad form, however, see Doug Martin for a reason why sometimes it’s better not to let others decide such a fate.

    @Tokyo, watch his game tape, he can do a lot with 7 yard passes.


  11. OK, his first name is Cordarrelle. That’s almost corduroy. So, that brings to mind, Knickers or Pants.

    ‘Pants’ Patterson.

  12. Flashy sounds like the name of a smurf wearing a tiny trenchcoat just waiting for the chance to show off his blueberries to an unsuspecting public.

  13. How bout corduroy like the pants. Does he make a rubbing sound when he runs down field?

  14. One NFL scout at the combine called Patterson ‘dumb as a box of rocks,’ or words to that effect…Good luck with that, Heidis.

  15. Actually, in the interview he said his nickname is CP…or flash….which it is….. even his twitter handle is ceeflashpee lol so we’re not breaking news here….Then he was asked if he were a superhero what his name would be and he said “I would be a Flashy.”

  16. They should find out the name of Percy Harvin’s migraine medicine and just call him by that…

  17. I say we give him a nickname inspired by all of his NFL production so far….. NOTHING. Hello NOTHING Patterson. You can reapply for a new nickname once you’ve actually done something.

  18. Flash was already used by Dwayne Wade (and rightfully given to him by Shaq)…..however when he abandons it like he did, what’s the protocol? I suggest we follow trademark law here!

  19. Uh boy, as a Viking fan, I sincerely hope this guy is not another prima donna WR.

    Hey Cordarrelle, you have to do something on the field before your get any nickname other than “bust”.

  20. I saw the interview with Willie Mcginest. He was asked what his super hero name would be if he could pick one for a nickname. He said “flash, or flashy.” Then he said “or just cp.” which is his initials. Thanks Mike Florio, this is riveting stuff.

  21. Well, his Mamma done blessed him with the absolutely spectacular name of “Cordarrelle”. How about “Cordaflasharelle”? That’s flippityfloppityflue with me.

  22. He should want to be called good, as in a good player. His mindset is self-serving and egotistical. Those are not good things. It’s comments like these that make today’s athletes seem dumb and shallow. It is a TEAM game. The goals of the team should always come first. He can’t score without getting the ball. The QB can’t throw without good blocking. The blocking won’t be good without decent schemes and coaching. If you want individual attention or accolades then do something that does not rely on other people to be successful. Sadly, there will be a large amount of people that will find an attitude like his acceptable or even normal.

  23. He answered a simple question and all you haters are making a big deal out of nothing. Find something better to do on your Friday night lames

  24. If he’s signing TD game balls w/a Sharpie
    while mooning cheeseheads, you can be called whatever you want to be called.

  25. How about “the Big Purple Dummy”. It fits, and that’s what you get for trying to nick-name yourself. Ask Ochostinko!

  26. Now I can see why the Vikings reached to draft him, a player with exactly one semester of college football. He’s a perfect match for the Viking fans, likes to talk trash before he’s proven anything.

    For as dumb as he sounds, he’ll be a genius when he is surrounded by Viking fans. A one-eye man is King in the land of the blind.

  27. As long as he’s dreaming, Cordy has also let it be known that he wants to be called “honor roll student”.

  28. I have nothing against this kid, other than the fact that he wants to give himself a nickname…

    Until he earns one properly by someone else, we shall call him “Douchie”…

    Again, I only say this because he wants to name himself

  29. A fitting nickname for him would be “Shredder” because he’s going to be shredding the Cheese Packers DB’s all year

    who cares if he can run the 40 in 4.3. The ball will either a) be in the running backs hand by the time he gets 10 yards, or b) the ball wont travel 20 yards in the air…hope he likes bubble screens

  30. Actually, after looking at the pic again, I am more worried about the crap numbering changes it looks like Nike has come up with.

    That little corner on the 8 looks horrible to me. I k
    Hope they weren’t allowed to universally make a lousy font change to the numbers on all jerseys.

  31. 1st place I’m coming is on here right after we Sweep the Fudge this year and see if all of you low life Packer trolls are still talking.

    Face it you have to put 8 in the box maybe 9 to stop AP. This guy is faster than Randy Moss. Remember 98 boys? AND THE SILENCE YOU HEAR is LAMBEAU FIELD! Feel it remember it because FLASH will be doing it to you.

    AP will get his 200 yard average on you again 200 freaking yards a game against your sorry defense!

  32. What a bunch of nonsense over nothing. Players have been coming up with their own nicknames for years. Anyone remember “Primetime?”

    He looks very exciting on highlight videos. As a Viking fan, I hope that excitement shows in the pro game, but that remains to be seen.

  33. What’s the old line about being a “Flash in the pan”. Patterson needs to prove himself during his first season and let the Fans decide what his nickname should be. He could be another Ted Ginn, 4 feet and no hands!!!

  34. I remember Primetime. He earned the right to that nickname because he was “primetime”.

    Cordarrelle has earned the right to try out for the team. Maybe he should be as humble as his accomplishments?

  35. You don’t give yourself a nickname before playing in a single game. Poor form. Kid’s got a lot to learn.

  36. Again, the pft left out the entire question to answer.
    “If you were a super hero what would your name be?”
    ShAaron would say “Steeler, b/c they have more rings”

  37. You all need to leave this kid alone, He was draft and in first round and feels good about him self. CP/Flash is fine with me. Hope you do whats right for you and the team. thats what count in the end

  38. My first thought upon reading this was like many of you think; can’t nick-name yourself. So I immediately thought to nickname him the opposite of what he wants … and the first thing that came to mind was ‘Turtle’. Instanly upon thinking ‘turtle’ I picture a Turtle in purple. And any nerd knows which ninja-turtle wears purple. So his new nick-name shall be “Donny”.

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