Daytona International Speedway wants to host football games

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Ground was broken today on a three-year project that will redesign Daytona International Speedway.

When it’s done, the venue could be configured to host something other than car races.  And, according to the Associated Press, facility president Joie Chitwood III says he’s like to bring football, soccer, and rugby to Daytona after the $400 million upgrade has concluded.

Mark Long of the AP speculates that even NFL games could be played there, specifically mentioning the Jaguars and the Buccaneers as candidates.

The aspiration to play football there makes sense.  An article published earlier this year by SportsBusiness Journal explained that the finished product will look more like an NFL stadium than a racetrack.

Unless one of the Florida teams is willing to give up home games to create a more regional footprint, it’s hard to imagine any NFL teams playing there.

39 responses to “Daytona International Speedway wants to host football games

  1. Doesn’t that place seat like 150,000? If they could sell it out, it would be a bigger payday than a regular home game.

  2. I’d rather watch a race with all NFL players arrested for DUI in the past 12 months. Annually. Each must consume the same amount prior to the green flag that they had when getting a DUI.

    Sponsored by?

  3. So would the NFL help Jacksonville buy all the extra tarps needed to cover 90,000 of those seats? They normally only cover about 30,000.

    Someone’s going to have to pay for them!

  4. For Jags games, they’ll tarp off the racetrack portion to make the fans feel at home in yet another away Home game.

  5. 400 million to “upgrade” a stadium. Meanwhile, we’re laying off public school teachers, canceling July 4th fireworks and reducing our military readiness due to budget woes. Makes sense to me.

  6. Nice input by ‘Sportsbusiness Journal’……in case we skipped the entire article and just focused on their paragraph………….

  7. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s a 2.5-mile speedway, meaning it’s got a diameter of about a mile. Somewhere in the middle there is a road course, along with a big stinking lake. Add in the fact that a mile is roughly 17.5 football fields long, and you’re making for one very, very small field in the middle of a very, very big arena that no one can see from the nicest of the nice seats.

  8. Mancave a better question for your sequester post would be to ask how Obama can justify the amount of money spent to fly to Africa. Instead of one questioning what a private business does with it’s money. Not to mention the fact those are “Real Shovel Ready Jobs”.

  9. They can hope all they want. The NFL isn’t playing games at a speedway. You could probably get two college teams to support that gimmick.

  10. Dear Roger, if you want to see what happens when a sport gets away from it’s roots, just look at the half empty NASCAR stands on Sundays.

  11. Noring4youatill:

    “Mancave a better question for your sequester post would be to ask how Obama can justify the amount of money spent to fly to Africa. Instead of one questioning what a private business does with it’s money. Not to mention the fact those are “Real Shovel Ready Jobs”.

    Are we sure it’s private money? It certainly isn’t always. It wasn’t in Philly, where our schools are in shambles and violence is spreading like wildfire. By the way, I can’t stand Obama and think he’s the worst, most destructive President we’ve ever had.

  12. $400 million to upgrade a speedway that could host football games, but St Louis needs $700 million in upgrades for a football stadium that could host football games. Makes sense. Pretty clear someone wants to nice his team. Smh

  13. At the rate Goodell is going trying to get teams in different venues, each team will only have 1 game at their home field for the entire season. What’s next? A game in Death Valley?

  14. Ok, but NO chewing tobacco, NO Kenny Chesney concerts, and NO parking your 27 rusted out Chevy Novas on the grass! And get off your sister!

  15. Even if they did get an NFL game, there still wouldn’t be anything watchable at that site.

  16. Given the timing of the super bowl and the 500 both events at the location back to back would create a mega sports event.

  17. OK so everybody wants to host all these venues and obviously make mo money. Big problemo down the road: who the heck will be able to afford this?

    The NFL has relied on faith full fans and season ticket holders but blue collar America is under strain and Obamacare will be the straw that breaks people’ backs.

    Millions of americans will be forced to pay for insurance and something will have to give in their personal budget and my guess, its sporting events, season tickets will be dropped. . They will become a luxury and if your team sucks they are really in trouble aka, Jaguars.

  18. I am a fan of both the NFL and NASCAR but I don’t see how this could work. If they did 1 game a year I’m sure they would sell lots of tickets but the track is so big that most seats wouldn’t be able to see anything. You could probably fit every NFL stadium inside the Daytona Speedway. I just don’t see how it would be a fun experience for the fans unless there was a race going on at the same time. LOL.

    Anyone complaining about the $400 million being used to upgrade the track should know that most likely none of it will be taxpayer money. It is being upgraded by the owner of the track for NASCAR not for the NFL. They’re just trying to get another high profile event at their track.

  19. For those of you knocking NASCR you should go to a race! Every NONracefan I talk to who has gone to a race liked it, loved it or said it was fun. And it’s the only sport I know of that’s BYOB! No brainer.

    As far as hosting a game? I agree with the guy who said “it’s getting away from the roots.” On the other hand, it could be trial and $400 million error. Who’s paying for it? Speedway corp?

  20. This whole “story” is imagination at its finest. There is nothing in article link about anyone at Daytona International Speedway or the NFL front office wanting them to host any game. It’s specifically about the speedway and once the renovation is completed it will be as nice as an NFL stadium. That’s it. All this stuff about the Jaguars, Bucs, and anyone else playing games there is fantasy reporting because there was a deadline to meet.

    That said, I think I speak for most everyone when I say if you want to send every preseason game to an international city, speedway, high school football stadium, and 7-11 parking lot be my guest! Leave the regular season games alone!

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