Judge orders Alexander Bradley to testify before Hernandez grand jury

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When Alexander Bradley sued Aaron Hernandez for allegedly shooting Bradley in the face, Bradley likely had no idea he’d be required to testify in a separate matter.

According to the Associated Press, Bradley has been ordered to appear before a Massachusetts grand jury investigating the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Bradley, who lives in Connecticut, filed his lawsuit in Florida, site of the alleged shooting.  Bradley claimed he needs to return to Florida to receive further treatment for his injuries.  He alleges that, among other things, the shooting took out his eye.

The testimony will occur on July 17.  Which means that it’s unlikely any indictments will be issued until after that testimony occurs, at the earliest.

The work of a grand jury typically occurs in secret, with a prosecutor calling witnesses and presenting evidence before asking the grand jury to return a “true bill” of charges.  The one-sided nature of the proceeding has prompted the popular assertion that a prosecutor could obtain an indictment of a ham sandwich.

And now I need to go make a ham sandwich.

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  1. ‘Bradley, who lives in Connecticut, filed his lawsuit in Florida, site of the alleged shooting. Bradley claimed he needs to return to Florida to receive further treatment for his injuries.’ The guy lives almost smack dab in the middle of two States with the best surgical care and Doctors in the world……..but he has to travel to Florida for treatment? LOL I smell a scam in the making here.

  2. First this guy tells the cops he didn’t know who shot him. Maybe thats why the cops didn’t arrest Hernandez? Then he files suit for being shot in the arm. Then withdraws that suit and files another suit because the bullet hit the bone in his arm and flew into his eye. Who’s on first? Now I need to make me a ham sandwich.

  3. The guy didn’t report it to police and sues him months later so this could be a scam.

    But Hernandez had attorneys get the initial lawsuit dismissed for wording rather than denying he had anything to do with it…….one would think he would have denied it outright and forced Bradley to try and show evidence that Hernandez knew him, they were together that night etc.

  4. Is Bradley the one who died in the car crash? There are so many players in this now that you need to put out a score card so we can all stay on track!

  5. I think he’s lying, it’s convenient how he comes along after Hernendez name came up with murder and is trying to cash in.

  6. I am beginning to get an O.J.feeling about this case… either they are not finding the evidence they hoped for or they are being more than thourough…

  7. That “popular assertion” regarding a ham sandwich was first coined by Hon. Sol Wachtler when he was the Chief Judge of the NY Court of Appeals. He stated, in a decision, that the prosecution has so much control over a grand jury that they could indict a ham sandwich if they chose to.

  8. Bad news if this guy is a witness for the prosecution.
    Hernandez lawyers are going to have this guy for
    The prosecution has enough to bury Hernandez they
    don’t need this guy mucking things up.

  9. I dunno. Maybe it’s the couple tokes with my beer tonight, but that is the most tasty looking sandwich I’ve ever seen. It kinda glistens, beckoning through my screen, as if I could grab it right now and mouth-maul it.

    I’m serious. I want it right now.

  10. Sandwiches lovers ! First , one must start with Dijon or Bold Deli mustard. Anything less and it will be like the Titanic. Carnegie Deli has the best triple decker sandwich in the universe. Bar none.
    Hernandez will be eating double decker sandwiches, processed cheese and roaches on white bread for a long time.

  11. Classic Catch-22. This guy didn’t want to snitch, but he wanted some money as compensation, and he knew that if he told the cops what happened, there would would be no more money to sue for anyway. So he files a civil suit, hoping for a settlement. Now he has to testify. If he tells the grand jury what happened, he’s a snitch. If he backs off, the lawsuit disintegrates.

    He wouldn’t be a very credible witness for the prosecution in a trial, but if he tells the grand jury that Hernandez shot him, it makes it just a little easier to indict based on circumstantial evidence. He also mentioned “two african-american” men who were with Hernandez. If he testifies, it puts extra pressure on them to cooperate.

  12. its quite possible he was afraid the guy who shot him in the face would do it again now that he is behind bars maybe he can relax a bit.. also doesn’t hernandez have the face of an innocent man lol

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