Kaepernick defiant about Dolphins hat


On Friday, photos emerged of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat.  It created a stir on a fairly slow news day, but nothing all that major.

And then Kaepernick decided to defiantly defend his decision to wear the hat, making a minor blip into a much bigger story.

This the hat y’all mad at?” Kaeperick said on his Instagram account.   “I’m goin wear what I want regardless of what you think, all you need to worry about is the fact that I grind for my teammates and the 49ers!  I plan on doin this until they won’t let me in the building!  #ridiculous#y’allmustbebored.”

They’re not bored, Colin.  They’re fans.

No true fan wants to see any member of the fan’s favorite team wearing another team’s colors.  And no true fan wants to be lectured by the player who commits one of the few cardinal sins of sports.

In some cities with multiple pro sports teams, it’s bad enough for a player from one sport to wear the logo and colors of a rival team in a completely different sport.  In Pittsburgh, for example, former Pirates outfielder Barry Bonds created a signifiant pre-Internet stir by wearing a Los Angeles Kings jacket.  More recently, LeBron James wore a Yankees hat to an Indians game when James played for the Cavaliers.

Here, the 49ers quarterback brazenly wore a hat reflecting the name and logo of another NFL team.  While it would be far worse if it were a Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, or Ravens hat, it’s enough to get 49ers fans worked up — and Kaepernick’s response won’t help matters.

Speaking of the Seahawks, can anyone imagine quarterback Russell Wilson — who ends every interview with “Go ‘Hawks!” — wearing anything other than his team’s colors?

None of it will matter if Kaepernick keeps playing like he did last year.  But if/when he ever slips, some fans could be inclined to be less than blindly loyal to Kaepernick.

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  1. Yeah, that’s employer 101 to me, let alone the “fan” aspect. No different than if you’re wearing a Home Depot hat if you work at Lowes or a Coke hat if you work at Pepsi, especially when you are pretty much the face of the franchise.

  2. I don’t give a damn what hat Kap wears. Just show up & ball come game day.

    9ER Faithful

  3. Here we go Steelers, here we go!


  4. This is just strange. Even if he grew up a die hard Dolphins fan, he should have known that sporting the gear is not smart. At least it was not tattoo…

  5. Kaepernik is not going to inspire anyone who makes decisions based on common sense. If I saw Russell Wilson wearing even a Wisconsin hat around Seattle or out in public, I would be surprised. Not that I care, it’s just that he doesn’t do anything without thinking about the implications, good, bad or indifferent. People just don’t think before they act or speak anymore and Kaepernik is just another person who doesn’t impress me much. It’s not talent that makes you great, look at Alex Rodriguez. He has all of the talent you could ever hope for, but still he’s one of the most maligned professional athletes in the world. Tiger Woods, Barry bonds, Sammy Sosa, Aaron Hernandez also come to mind. Obviously, the murder charge is still pending a trial, but these players don’t inspire people. It’s not a professional athletes responsibility to be a role model, but why not grab the opportunity with both hands and leave a legacy of people who will admire you long after you’re dead and gone? Go Hawks!

  6. Yes they’re fans that care but the one person anyone should care about the most is themselves. “all you need to worry about is the fact that I grind for my teammates and the 49ers! I plan on doin this until they won’t let me in the building!” That sentence is the truth right there, it’s fashion – that’s why these hats are made. Lets the young kid live, he’s apart of this generation.

  7. It is what is it, but if your making tens of millions of dollars you need to be respectful of your fans. Especially wearing another team’s gear in the same league they play in is dumb…..

  8. If he plays as well as he did last year and doesn’t get hurt, who cares? Winning covers a multitude of flaws.

  9. Idk why you had to bring up the pointless SEAHAWKS?? They are pointless and haven’t win anything russel Wilson didn’t go to the SUPERBOWL!! I under stand getting mad cuz he wore another team… But really he was just wearing an outfit don’t be mad cuz baby Wilson has NO SWAG!! GO NINERS keep grinding KAEP!

  10. I think Kaepernick needs to pull his pants up and act like a quarterback.

  11. If I were a Dolphins fan, I would much prefer seeing Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins football helmet. The 49ers struck gold with that young man. But, unlike gold, he’s no flash in the pan.

  12. Between this and the muscle magazines and the whole ‘kissing the bicep’ trademark I think it is safe to assume Kaepernick has some maturing to do. Somebody needs to tell him he is the quarterback for one of the best teams in the NFL now and he needs to stop being such a douche and lead.

  13. Most players that start to be a “me” player end up like Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens and go from team to team and end up seperating the players… And thats when the team under performs….
    49ers, start looking for a new QB…. (You heard it here first)

  14. In high school, we burnt the guy’s hat, and no one was dumb enough in college to try such a stunt.
    I hate to be such a stickler, but when you play a team sport you play for one specific team and that is the only team for which it is okay to advertise and promote.
    Kaepernick is a good person, but his response and actions indicate there’s still a level of questionable maturity with him.

  15. Off topic but I wondered why all the seahawk fans now post go hawks all the time. I get it now if Russel always says it at the end of his interviews..

  16. A pro athlete should not wear the logo of a different team in the same sport they play. It just looks bad IMO. I think it’s OK to wear the logo for any team you want in a different sport, but if you play for the 49ers you shouldn’t wear a Dolphins hat just like if you play for the Yankees you shouldn’t wear a Cubs hat or if you play for the Celtics you shouldn’t wear a Clippers hat just to name a few examples.

  17. The fact that he doesn’t understand why this would upset people reflects a lack of intelligence on his part.
    I’ve never heard of any other professional athlete doing this.
    His spelling and grammar also make him sound like a complete idiot.

  18. Can’t say I blame him for being a fan of the hottest new AFC team in 2013. Maybe they’ll meet in the Super Bowl.

  19. The story would have been slightly better if Kaepernick would have concluded his little hissy fit by smashing a beer bottle into the head of one of his team mates and then screeching away from the scene, drunk, with the cops chasing him.

  20. This is insanely stupid. No logical person should or would ever care about this. Of course, this is sports fans we are talking about. If an Eagles player did this I would have a fit.

  21. I get it it’s just a job but remember that when you hit a rough patch and management and fans treat you as just an employee.

  22. Much ado about nothing…and then he opened his mouth. Just another step toward maturity.

  23. What else do you expect out of the most ignorant sports fans in America. I can not stand Niners and Giants fans. Zero ability to be rational and lack cognative reasoning skills. If you saw Heat fans leaving in game 6 that is a regularity in the Bay……very sad.

  24. Like the great Cartman once said, “It’s my body, I’ll do what I want!”

  25. I’m a die hard 49ers fan and this isn’t a big deal. He’s a young guy who was matching his hat with his drawers. On Sundays I know where his heart is.

  26. A ‘fairly slow news day’ !?!! Wearing another team’s hat is a ‘cardinal sin’? I doubt if Kaepernick gives a rats a** about the fans who think this is an issue and I wouldn’t blame him.

  27. Love Kap Love the niners, that being said who cares what he wears. Also its the Dolphins they are not a threat in the least bit. If that hat matches the outfit wear it. It is not like it was a division rival, or the ravens, packers ,giants or cowboys.

  28. Too bad… I’m a fan of kaepernick but this is indefensible IMO , as a fan of the NFL. I simply could not imagine a member of my favorite team, wearing the colors of another

  29. Much ado about nothing. Get over it already. I haven’t seen the pics and honestly, I couldn’t care less. What he’s wearing to dinner or to the barber shop in the offseason is of no interest to anyone that has a life..

    Now if he had just gotten a big ‘L’ handed to him by the Dolphins and chose to wear their colors, then MAYBE my interest would be piqued..

  30. I think the key concept from this “story” is that it’s a slow news week. Kaep is a dedicated Niner and no attempt at character assassination is goint to deter him from leading his team to victory.

    Go Niners!!!!!

  31. What an idiot. The fans shouldn’t worry though, he’ll only be their starting QB for a portion of the season. These mobile QB’s will not last 16 games.

  32. nomad619 says:
    Jul 5, 2013 11:44 PM
    This guy makes how much money and he talks like that?

    You might have noticed: money has relatively little to do with intelligence or formal education.

  33. Simply unprofessional. Corporations – including NFL teams – spend millions to promote their brand. For an employee to go out and promote a rival brand is disrespectful, immature and unprofessional.

    Kaepernick is hands down a better QB than Alex Smith. He doesn’t have a tenth of Alex’ class though.

  34. I don’t like it but he has hundreds of shoes and hundreds of hats. He grew up dreaming of playing for the niners and its the offseason. Precisely why social media and the offseason shouldn’t go together.

  35. Does he know the Marlins have the same color scheme? So he risks alienating his entire fan base so he can coordinate his clothes? What a nutsack.

  36. Wow…the sports world is full of bitter, negative, haters..guess what, all you people putting “IMO” none of your O’s matter, he’s not your child, therefore you can’t do a dang thing about what he wears..get over it, you don’t control him, sad to say the only thing you control is a keyboard, move on..he’s a grown man let him do what he wants and mind your business…are YOU playing QB for an NFL franchise?? No! And when you are then you can wear whatever you want..which is what he’s doing..congratulations, you just showed your ignorance by trying to implement your beliefs on another person, don’t you hate when people do that to you..then why continue to voice your “IMO’S”?

  37. I have more of a problem with him not realizing it would be a story than the fact that he wore it. Doesn’t seem like a dumb guy but come on.

  38. yup… i can totally see luck, rg3 and wilson doing this…

    this guys is a loser…or future loser i should say since he’s a superbowl (losing) QB… next stop… tat parlor.

  39. It is disrespectful to wear another NFL team’s hat. This shows immaturity. It would be like going to work at Microsoft with an Ipad under your arm.

    Kaepernick didn’t have as great a passing season as people think. His passing numbers were nearly identical to Alex Smith’s

  40. If you’ve heard any of his interviews or read anything about him, it becomes instantly obvious that Kaeperdink thinks very highly of himself. It’s beyond the usual pro athlete snobbery. Kaeperdick comes across as a total douche bag most of the time. Read his Twitter® timeline some time.

    Go Hawks!

  41. Tom Brady wore a Yankees hat and the Boston nation still loves him…..so, its probably not that big of a deal, its not like the 9ers and Fins are rivals.

  42. He loves the Dolphins. I have no problem with that. I wonder if he’ll get our new logo tat. Now that would create some buzz.

  43. Colin should wear a Cowboys or Raiders hat just to prove how much he doesn’t care. I am sure that the 49er Faithful would just love that.

  44. I’ve always liked Kap, watched him in college and loved ’em. Wasn’t until he started for the 9ers that I realized I probably couldn’t continue to be a real “fan” of his, but I’d still like to see him do well (as long as he doesn’t beat my Hawks). However, I have to say this really reflects quite a bit of immaturity and a lack of understanding of the opportunity he had. If he keeps winning and creates a huge fan base for himself, it is money in his pocket. Alienating fans at this point in his career is just not smart.

  45. Big fan of CK but this is really disappointing. I want to believe that the kid has a good head on his shoulders to match the talent — but, sorry, CK, this was just plain stupid. If you’re going to wear a hat of a sports team, you may as well wear one for the team who pays you to do what you love. Wise up.

  46. “You would never see this from a Steeler.”

    That’s because their mom’s dress them.

  47. Colin, when in doubt, do wear merch from another NFL team. Wear something other sport league (MLB, NHL, NBA).

  48. Don’t worry, I’ll send him a hat that says “I’m a Punk A$$ Little B!TC#!” and it will match any underwear or sorry attitude this kid has.

  49. You would think in this day and age, the 49ers front office would have put such language in CKs contract, prohibiting the wearing or display of other NFL teams logos or merchandise.
    Always blame the top…

  50. defenders and Kaep himself are missing the point. No surprise there. He can smirk in his picture and call everyone crazy but his utter lack of common sense would set off some red flags…kind of like a couple of back corner fade routes late in the superbowl

  51. Nope, as a fan of Kaep and the Niners I should not have to defend crap like this. Come on Kaep, most of us have been fans of the Niners before you were even born, and will be long after you have retired. Do us the favor of not adding ammunition to all the haters out there. Color me disappointed.

  52. do the higher ups at coca cola wear “pepsi” gear?

    I mean really, he can poke fun at it all he wants, and others can say “who cares what he wears”….but he is paid a LOT of money to play for a football team and represent that football team. the other 31 teams are the competition of his employer.

    but whatever. it wasn’t a “thing” til he had to go about mocking the fan base for reacting to it.

  53. Hey dummy, Patrick Willis grew up a diehard Cowboys fan……But you dont see him wearing their gear…
    Do ya bra?….and the dolphins…freakin idiot…

  54. The real question is why would you wear the colors of another team? Seems like a small issue on the surface, but it does show a lack of sensibility and sensitivity. His defiant response hints that his head may be getting a bit too big for any hat! Starting to buy into all the hype, Kap?

  55. leave the guy alone, a Seahawk fan mentions that he should worry about implications, his heart has Been with the niners since childhood. The only ones that are upset are people that have nothing better to do with their lives other than to sit around and see who else they can critique because they have nothing better to do. GO KAP GO NINERS

  56. On some level it seems petty why this is even a story but I get it. Technically, there is nothing wrong with wearing another teams hat but it does send the wrong message.

  57. Bunch of haters on here!! With No sense of style whatsoever!! Also known as swag: you haters have none just like irrelevant baby russel Wilson! He’s a SQUARE!!! By the way, he didn’t win more then once in the playoffs! We run NFC GO NINERS

  58. Well maybe he should be qb for the Dolphins instead? I’ll bet they would be interested.

  59. “Can you picture Joe Montana in Dolphin’s cap? No. Never.”

    Good point. I always picture Joe in his Chiefs cap.

    “I get it it’s just a job but remember that when you hit a rough patch and management and fans treat you as just an employee.”

    Hahahahahahahaha! And there’s some magical way of acting where management and fans WON’T treat him like an employee when he hits a rough patch? LOL

    “Shows a lack of judgment – Jerry Rice would have never done have worn another team’s colors”

    Good point. I always picture Jerry in his Raiders, or Seahawks colors.

  60. Worst part about it is he won’t wear a niner hat. He said something about people don’t wear a hat of where they work at. Big time niner fan and a kap fan but that was just a bad move. Surprised that’s not against team rules.

  61. I think Kaepernick still has a lot of “QB maturing” to do. That being said as a slant, it also represents a far greater upside that is yet to be realized if he can focus on it and concentrate. But not if he does not.

    Fate will decide if he does not choose.

  62. I work at ups and a fellow driver has the uniforms for DHL, Fed Ex, and the Post Office. When he wears the uniforms in the office we all laugh and make jokes. Who cares! Kap is the man!

  63. a lot of seahawks fans mouthing off
    about a hat when their team is getting out of steroids and DUI punishments, the way they get away with pass interference.

    classy roidhawks

  64. Brad Hobbs comment is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. To say Tiger is not great and put him in the same category as ARod is completely stupid. He cheated on his wife that has no effect on history he has won 14 majors 78 times on the pga tour and 104 times professionally. You compared Tiger to 2 proven steriod users and a murderer of multiple people. He cheated on a gold digger who knew what was happening long before the accident. I hate Kaepernick and I don’t think you should wear another nfl teams hat but to say it effects if he is great or not is asinine. Also saying Russell Wilson shouldn’t wear wisconsin badger gear is ludicrous. They paid his education, taught him football and gave him a national stage to compete on. He was an undersized qb but after striving in the badger system was given a chance via the draft to be a professional qb and has made the best of that opportunity. If he wants to wear badger gear he should they helped mold his career. He should do everything he can to help that football program.

  65. Not that it really bothers me, but I did think that it was interesting that Kap wears a MIAMI Dolphins hat and no one calls it a big deal, then he gets upset about it and gets mad at others. Same incident happend with Alex Smith, but he was wearing a SAN FRANCISCO Giants hat to post game press conferences and the NFL told Smith that they were going to fine him. Smith decided to still wear the hat and, in turn, the SF Giants’ players told Smith that they would pay his fines. They also started wearing 49er hats to SHOW SUPPORT for the San Francisco sports teams. Later in the season Pablo Sandoval and a few others were at 49er game wearing Alex Smith jerseys. One act of support united a sports city. Maybe Colin doesn’t understand that yet. All in all, it is just a hat, but interesting comparison.

  66. “They’re not bored, Colin. They’re fans.”

    Um no, out of the millions of 49ers fans out there, while the 99.9 percent get on with their lives and don’t care about this story .. You have 400 sumthing bums with nothing to do but nit pick. It’s called boredom..

    -Skins fan.

  67. WHO CARES!!!
    I’ve been a 9er fan since 68′, I don’t care he wears! He plays for and gives his all for the 9ers, that’s all that matters! For the haters whining about his tattoos, I think you should get a life and stop trying to pigeon hole people into certain groups, he had the tats while he was in college and there wasn’t any problem, so more than likely there won’t be a problem in the pros. The fans who are whining will be the ones singing his praises when the 9ers win a SB with him at QB!

  68. Was it foolish? Yes. Did his response fan the flames [and now create this story]? Most certainly.

    Do people need to get a life? Probably also yes.

    It was an immature / unwise apparel decision. It was an immature response.

    AND you can bet that the team will let him know and I imagine coach Harbaugh will also let him know, that regardless of what freedom he thinks he should have, the NFL team he works for is not only a team and a respected and storied franchise, but it is also a brand.

    I expect teams may begin to write this thing into their player contracts. After all, the NFL already only allows approved NFL team apparel in press conferences. Can teams be far behind?

    And they should: it *is* a brand.

    He’ll learn about the spot light one way or another. And, as I said, I imagine he gets a talking to from the veterans and Coach and this won’t happen again.

  69. Kap puts his work in when called upon. When he’s off the clock he is entitled to wear what he wants. Until any of you bums buy his clothes or pay his bills then stf up.
    All the haters can kiss your @$$ Kap.

    Keep ballin G

  70. While is little harm in wearing another teams colors, it’s kinda rude to his team. If I were the owner/GM, I would ask once that he not wear anything NFL, but his team. (second time he would pay a huge fine for being dumb). I also agree with most, that he will not repeat his success last year. He will either get hurt, or teams will figure his game out. These showboat QBs rarely sustain their success. (and kissing his bicep after TDs is a showboating in my book, QBs are supposed to be above end zone celebrations.)

  71. Jerry Rice would never do this. He has and always had have class and I respected him when he played and when he retired as a Niner and I respect him now and always. Just because fans care about this doesn’t make them bored or dumb. You don’t even know anything about me, so I would watch what you say. I thought you were great. Now you have everything to prove. I’ve been a 49ers fan since 1980 and always will be one. That doesn’t mean I have to be a fan of yours.

  72. There just isn’t any reason to be found for anyone,fan or employee to wear another teams logo. Bad business,bad karma,bad fashion…..Period.

  73. Keapersniff I don’t think you understand this right now young man
    But Ultimately your going to pay some sort of price for this little maneuver on various levels with fans and team mates.

  74. How much of a fan must he have been of that hat for him to wear it? He knows it’s going to cause a stir, still wears it. I think it’s an unwritten rule that while you’re in a professional sports league, you don’t wear the colors much less the physical gear of another team in that league.

  75. I’ve been saying since day 1 this guy is an idiot.

    He’s arrogant, cost the 49ers the Superbowl, and caps it off (pun intended) by spitting in the face of the 49ers fans?

    Screw you captain dbag. Hope you get replaced mid-season due to an injury.

  76. Alex Smith was a lot more conscientious. He even started sporting SF Giants caps to support the hometown team even though he grew up a Padres fan. He had to stop because the NFL fined him for wearing it during interviews. As a fan, I appreciate Kaep’s abilities, but things like this and him kissing his bicep make me cringe.

  77. Sooooooooooo Whatttttttttttttttttt? I think its funny. Get a life people.

    The only thing I regret is that he was not wearing a Seahawks hat or had gotten a “I hate the 9ers” tattoo.

  78. creamsiclecannon says:
    Jul 5, 2013 11:06 PM
    Don’t wear a BK hat when you are working at McDonald’s man it’s not right.
    He’s not AT work, dumba**. He wears a SAN FRAN hat when he’s on the clock busting his ass for you fargity Niner fans. When he’s off the clock he can wear whatever the f*** he wants.

    BTW, yeah real smart move Niner fans. You guys are idiots for trashing the most important player on your team. Rookie contracts aren’t eternal. Hopefully you piss him off enough to where the 2nd one he signs is somewhere else. Then we can all get a big laugh when he instagrams a pic of himself in a Niner hat when he’s no longer with the team.

  79. This kid has a turtle with a more developed brain than he has. Seriously, google kaepernick’s turtle. That thing beats him in chess.

  80. He has every right to wear a Dolphins hat. Just as we fans have every right to point out how clueless a decision it is.

    If he can’t understand the backlash he’s not very intelligent.

  81. Rishard Matthews is a WR for the Dolphins. He played for Nevada and happens to be one of Kaepernick,’s best friends. I could see Kap wearing a Dolphins hat in the off season out of respect for Rishard. Kudos to Kap for being above the pettiness of what he wears.

  82. On one hand I think this is dumb. On the other, the team is paying you millions to be THEIR QB. Ummm, you wear their gear until you’re playing for someone else or until you’re no longer earning a check from someone in the SAME league.

    Can you imagine Brady wearing a Colts hat, Griffin wearing a Cowboys hat (and he’s from Waco), Romo, Eli, Peyton, Ben, I could go on and on….. I CAN’T think of any serious starter in this league wearing someone elses gear. It’s odd. There was a conscious decision before putting it on.

  83. Wait until 2017 to write this story. That’s when the 9ers will play the Dolphins again.

  84. And so it begins. Collin needs to stand down and take a deep breath. Ego can be a terrible thing, hope he doesn’t flame out.

  85. Sounds like he’s been hanging out with his coach, and the arrogance is rubbing off. How stupid of him to think that it has something to do with the fans. Its a textbook common sense error.

    If I’m in the SF front office and sign the checks, he wouldn’t get one until that hat is gone. This is an EMPLOYER issue. Leave it to a blind idiot to think it has anything to do with the fans…

  86. He’s a jass (jack ass) you’d nevet see a raven weat s pitt hat or a redskin wrar s cowboy hat. It shows to me that fashion is more important than the team playing and paying you.

  87. This is the way of the NFL player today. Fans getting the short end of the stick and players could care less.

  88. I’m gonna love watching teams catch up to Colin Kaperchuck and the 49ers this season.

  89. Does this really surprise anyone? He has never really struck me as some sort of “future leader” in the NFL. Flash in the pan IMO. Here’s an idea, have a little class to go with all that money. Take a page out of the Peyton Manning playbook.

  90. This guy is all about his swag. Had a half decent season lat year. But how many time have we seen that then the rest of their careers they’re average. Colin will be the biggest reason San Fran doesn’t win the Super Bowl

  91. I understand if he’s wearing a different city if its his favorite baseball, hockey, or basketball team.

    But you’re in the NFL, you’re a SF 49er. Call me old fashion but lets get with the program here. SF signs your paychecks. SF and their fans support you 100%. Maybe you should show you loyalty to the team that trusted you.

    Back in the days, I think there was an unwritten rule where you should behind your team 100%.

    For example, what if a big time QB in his final year before FA. Both him and his team refuse to agree on a big contract prior to his last season. Then he begins wearing potential suitors team’s Caps. That’s going to reflect badly and look very awkward.

  92. Anyone else think Kaepernick looks like Herbie the Elf that wants to be a dentist from the Rudolph thecRed Nosed Reindeer Xmas special?

    Go Fins

  93. This reminds me of when Terrell Owens wore a Michael Irvin jersey while he was with the Eagles. He acted pretty much the same as Kaepernick afterwards. Like one of the people commenting before me said, you don’t wear a Home Depot hat if you work at Lowe’s.

  94. Why bring the Seahawks into it?

    Last time I saw Kaepernick, he was throwing an interception right into Richard Sherman’s hands in the end zone. Kinda like how you choked in the SuperBowl and threw that horrible fade on 4th down. LOL.

    No thanks. I’ll take Russell Wilson. Dude absolutely tore up the 49ers defense, for 42 points. Meanwhile, this gonzo-looking beak-nosed bicep-kisser was getting sacked and throwing INTs and couldn’t even put up a TD until Seattle gave him a freebie. I love Kaepernick. He’s the best thing that’s happened to Seahawk fans since Singletary was hired.

  95. @thesteelers

    The Steelers are a tremendous franchise who do everything the right way. Great ownership, great fans, and finally…they play on grass, outside, the way the game is supposed to be played.

    But occasionally, someone makes a #sixrings comment, which forces us to do this:

    Pittsburgh Steelers: 1933 – present. 6 NFL Championships.

    Green Bay Packers: Established 1919; NFL 1921 – Present. 13 NFL Championships.

    To be fair, Green Bay has only 10 NFL titles since Pittsburgh has been in the NFL as well.

    Like I said – love the Steelers, their fans, the city. They have a lot in common with Green Bay. Great franchises. But let’s calm down on the #sixrings comments.

  96. This is a non issue but is it just me or did Kaep come off as a holier than thou d bag? Like he forgets who supplies the revenue for his paycheck?
    I agree with the argument of wearing a different cities gear if its in another sport, but to wear another team in YOUR LEAUGES cap is wrong.
    I would think there is language in a pro sports contract about wearing gear of another team in your league.

  97. What if Jim Harbaugh were to rock a Colts hat ? How do you think that would go over ? With that said Harbaugh needs to have a serious talk with his QB. As in:

    Come on man ! What the hell were you thinking ?!?!

  98. 49ers… Dolphins…

    They’re all part of the same script-following team that puts on a good play each week to distract millions from the real problems out there.

    Keep throwing that money at them!

  99. Wow, he is dumber than I thought. It’s a slap in the face to fans and teammates for sure. Didn’t think he was that stupid and thoughtless.

  100. have a little respect for the organization that writes those paychecks……what a clown! pepsi guy gets caught drinking a coke……FIRED ON THE SPOT!

  101. Yes he can wear what he wants but he can’t get an attitude when fans don’t like it!! As a Redskins fan, I wouldn’t like RG3 wearing a Miami football team hat! But for some reason, I don’t think he would!

  102. Maybe the 9er’s can get the newly, enlightened Cam Newton to serve as Colin’s mentor. At least he wears his own label!!!

  103. Another sign of over sensitive fans who take themselves too seriously and don’t understand that this is professional football. I would rather have a guy like Kap who is honest than someone who will just give good PR. Grow up if you think this is an issue. All these guys play for their jobs, not their team. The coaches job is to make sure that motivation to keep your job is helping the team.

  104. so fans of the niners(which im sure would never walk around in another nfl teams lid) are upset the general of their team is sporting a fins cap and he insults them???? good move muscle smoocher. you are turning out to be as likable as crap faced head coach. GO RUSSELL

  105. He’s a dumba$$ for pulling stunt like this. It’s one thing for LeBron to wear a Yankees hat. Another thing altogether to wear another NFL team colors. He needs to understand what he is representing and who the team’s customers are.

  106. There are 31 other teams who will take him. It’s about fashion, nothing more. He should diffuse this by begging for forgiveness and affirming his loyalty to the 9’ers.

    Why do you think they’re called fans? It’s short for fanatics. Lesson learned.

  107. Probably not 31 other teams. I’d say the broncos, packers, patriots, just to name a few wouldn’t pay for him. Small sample size for stats.

  108. I loved when Boldin would wear the orioles hats.

    He’s just too immature to understand that the team that pays him and the city that supports him can feel differently than he does. Either that or he really couldn’t find anything else to match his new orange and teal vintage dunks.

  109. scottieplongballs says:
    Jul 5, 2013 11:08 PM
    Probably getting a lil fat headed after some success. I’d put money down he regresses this year.


    (a) It’s likely you don’t have money to put down and (b) you might want to research the kid…..he’s the truth. Harbaugh quarterbacks don’t regress…..they progress.

  110. Can’t blame him … who wants to be a Farty-Whiner?
    Besides, half the fan base thinks that by right any team from SF should be called the Packers.

  111. I wonder if the people who work for Nike own a pair of Reeboks. Or how many Walmart workers actually shop at Target…..who cares guys, its a hat!

  112. An interesting side note. Collins comment
    On twitter after was something about ” i’ll wear what i want when I Want” And ” i don’t understand why people care what i wear”
    I think the reality is had they retained Alex smith’s services
    ad a back up for this upcoming season You don’t
    See him sporting a dolphins hat. That would of been funny drama though if he got hurt and alex came in and won a few games in a row
    Than he was healthy just in time for a match up against the dolphins
    and Harbaugh throws him under the bus and rolls with
    Alex for the hat incident. Oh what could been! Lol

  113. Maybe he should just where a hat with a “D” on it, then fans can decide if it means “Dolphins” or “Dunce”,

  114. Why are we even talking about this guy….? He went 0 for 10 in the red zone in the superbowl. He can wear any hat he wants he still can’t read a defense and is a choke artist.

  115. The 49ers fan base are upset, I understand that, the Seattle fans could be upset because the birds who eat fish got eaten by the fish in Miami last year, of course this is big news today, however its a west coast story. Bill

  116. fanofevilempire says:
    Jul 6, 2013 7:53 AM
    where do you get a list of those unwritten rules?

    Most of us get a copy with the common sensewe are born with.

  117. Businesses pay athletes to wear their clothing because it is a form of promotion or advertising. So when your QB is wearing another teams sportswear they are promoting the other team.

    Put another way, investors would be very unhappy to see the CEO of AT&T wearing Verizon Wireless clothing because he would be giving free advertisement to a competitor.

    This is just childish behavior by Kaepernick…

  118. CK7 isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer…. Couldn’t imagine Russell Wilson or RG3 sporting other team’s colors and being drunken idiots. Can you say fluke? I can and did.

  119. Odds are the name “Colin Kaepernick” will be long forgotten in a year or two. Who cares what hat he wears?

    What is more important is the fans realize that Kaepernick might not fare too well in the league. Half a season doesn’t make a career in the NFL.

    All anyone has to do is think back to some of the players in the NFL who made a huge impact for one whole season, then ended up being less than average.

    Jim McMahon

    Steve Beuerline

    Tommy Maddox (Remember him?)

    Don Majkowski

    Erik Kramer

    Scott Mitchell

    Derek Anderson (Everyone thought he was the next Tom Brady)

    Those are just a few that I can remember from Watching foortball for the last 30 years or so. There are probably 2 more for every one I listed.

    Be realistic at least. Not too many superstars are born from obscurity in the NFL.

  120. Is anyone else tired of hearing this guy in interviews?
    He sounds like a 14 year old skateboarder…
    Needs some speech training…

  121. Who gives a toss what he wears.
    Worry about yourself.
    Also, standard Florio and the “I’m so much better than person x”
    Overrated flog

  122. When did “Swag” become more important than syntax, literacy, and humility? Oh that’s right…..when the 49er fans allowed Colin Kaepernick to be their God. Good luck with that! Go Hawks!

  123. Calm down everyone. He’s major OCD and he knows it; jokes about it. The colors match the shoes. That’s all there is to it. I know Hawks and Lions fans want to make it an indictment of his character. Whatever. Rave on, losers.

  124. I have a friend who works for Taylor Made / Addidas golf. He almost didn’t let me into his birthday party because because I had a Nike sweater on. Big business = big $$$$$. He, along with some of his friends, are just minor employees for the company and they have full support of their brand. Keap is the face of this brand and making 100 times more to promote it. To speak his language, #showsomerespect #getaclue #it’sallaboutme #GoHawks!!!

  125. I know who I am rooting for, anyone that can sack this d-bag’s butt during the season…This is just stupid wrong. No loyalty, no sense of team, no respect. As far as I am concerned he just urinated all over his 49er team mates and everyone who was or is a 49er . Everyone associated with the team should give this arrogant POS the cold shoulder until he apologizes.They should tape his butt to the goal post until he cries and understands what the hell he did and begs forgiveness. Then make him wear dolphins gear during practices. If I am on the O-line- it would be hard not to give up a sack on this turd during the preseason….I am not even a 49ers fan.

  126. Hes regressing this year. As a player and person. Alex Smith will have better stats. lol

  127. Foolish choice to wear another team’s gear, no question.

    But having said that, hat shmat. The image that I always remember when I hear the name Kaepernick is the abject look of sheer terror on his face while calling cadence at the Clink last year as the 12th Man screeched their loudest and the Hawks served the Whiners up a major beat-down.

  128. Sticking his chest out and digging his heels in via Instagram makes a stupid decision seem
    punkinsh” and immature.

    A QB is the teams leader, more often the face of the franchise ( sorry Minnesota ),.

    Its behavior like this that makes the NFL look like the NBA, if its not careful, they’re gonna end up with the same “who cares” attitude from the majority of the casual fan.

    Can you imagine if Deacon Jones, Ronnie Lott, Art Donovan or Urlacher were teammates with this goof?

  129. If the face of my franchise is wearing anything but my teams hat or his alma mater’s hat, I would be pissed.

  130. Kaepernick didn’t even play a full season with the Niners + no superbowl ring, and he has already claimed the untouchable / elite status (the Manning, Rogers, Brees likes) with the team? Although I haven’t seen Aaron Rogers wears his childhood favorite team colors (Red/Gold).

    Kaepernick should be careful what he wishes for – after he leads the league with INTs this year and might be traded to the Dolphins in 2014.

  131. All you little girls who have your panties in a knot because of another dudes wardrobe choice should immediately turn in your man cards. CK will dominate, is smarter and richer than all the jealous little fans that want to knock him from behind their computer screen. Get a life losers.

  132. It’s crazy how people are gettin’ on him. Was it smart for him to do it………it was pure genius from a marketing standpoint. There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

    The funny thing is his reaction should be a very clear sign just how much different his personality is from Alex Smith’s. Smith (1) never would’ve worn another NFL team’s hat and (2) had he done so would’ve apologized in every manageable way. His temperament is world’s different from CK7’s.

    What’s funny is CK7 is more like Aaron Rogers in that he just doesn’t care what you think. And last I checked Rogers has done pretty well for himself with that attitude.

    Next time wear a ‘Hawks hat is what I say Kaep!

  133. As a Dolphin fan I think it’s rather funny. Try a Heat cap next time Colin they are winners!!

  134. If you’re a representative of a company or the face of a franchise it’s not a wise thing to do. It may not seem like a big deal to some but it certainly doesn’t help PRwise. Although this is a small sample size but this shows CK’s lack of judgment. Judgement on the football is very critical at the QB position.

  135. With this latest exhibition, Karma just went “south” for Kap. It’s over, big guy. You’re in downhill territory, now.

  136. You would think that at least one of the VETERAN leaders on this team would have pulled him aside and talked to him about it.

  137. He simply is trying to help the Dolphins avoid their annual home blackouts.

    Oh the owner Ross and sponsors buy up the tickets.

  138. His failure to grasp that some 49ers’ fans would consider his wearing another team’s ball cap an indication of disloyalty and his reaction a sign of immaturity is not surprising. Kap’s a gifted football player who graduated from a low level academic institution (Nevada) who is immature and apparently quite taken with himself after he made it possible for Harbaugh to dump Smith.

    And Aaron Rodgers has never done anything to imply that he wasn’t 100% a Packer.

  139. Wasn’t the most well thought out idea, but Colin seems to be a humble, hard working kid with his head on right. My Niners are very lucky to have Kaep as our QB

  140. Im a die hard Niner fan and a Kaep fan as well, but in all of my years of enjoying and hating Niner football I would have never rocked another Teams jersey or hat. Only Niner Gear for me Kaep. You need to be concentrating on getting us number 6 and not trying to be a standout. get your head back in the game if you want succeed in the NFL.

  141. Not a niner fan, but I’d be pissed if my QB did that. But he’s done anyway just doesn’t know it yet. And his response really makes him look like a little b!tch.

  142. I didn’t realize Kaepernick had so much Crabtree in his personality. And I don’t like it. :\

    “It’s for fashion” is not a viable explanation/excuse. When you wear a team’s gear, you are supporting them whether you claim to be a fan or not. ANYBODY, not just Kaep, who hops on another team’s bandwagon for the purpose of accessorizing is an a-hole. Real sports fans know better.

  143. what he wears on a job and how he peforms on the job matters. what he wears on his time of and in his personal life it’s is up to him. I mean come on who wears work clothes on there time off?

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