Michael Bush played last year with bad shoulder


The Bears placed running back Michael Bush on injured reserve late last year, when a rib cartilage injury forced him to miss the last two games.

But the broken shoulder he suffered two games into the season wasn’t enough to stop him.

Bush told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune that he played most of last season with a broken bone in his right shoulder, which he suffered in Week Two against the Packers.

“How did I play through it? The same way I was going to play through the rib injury until I realized [the rib injury] was worse than what it was,” Bush said. “That’s just me. Once I broke my leg [in college], . . .

If it ain’t my leg and it ain’t my feet and I can still walk around and run, I’m going to play.”

Bush did not need surgery to repair the damage, and said he’s now healed from both problems, and ready to go.

“I’m good now,” he said. “I’m lifting weights. I’m throwing the ball. I’m good.”

They need him to run to get a return on their investment. Forte got $7 million guaranteed on a four-year, $14 million deal last year to back up Matt Forte. He responded with 411 yards (at 3.6 yard per carry) and five touchdowns.

If he’s well and working with Forte as they envisioned, the Bears can offer some balance to a new offense, which should only help Jay Cutler.