Plenty see potential in Phil Taylor

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Yes, the prior regime in Cleveland made some questionable personnel decisions for which they fairly should be criticized.  As to one of their first-round picks, however, it’s possible that there will be no room for criticism.

Defensive lineman Phil Taylor, who is entering his third NFL season, could soon become a Pro Bowler, in the opinion of those who know him.

Teammate Ahtyba Rubin tells Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository that it’s a no-brainer.  Ditto for Taylor’s college position coach, Chris Achuff.

“Big men as athletic as Phil just don’t come around very often,” Achuff said.  “Phil was about 6-3, 340 when he finished here, and he ran like a cat.”

Part of the challenge for Taylor will be adjusting from the 4-3 defense the team used under Dick Jauron to the 3-4 Ray Horton is installing.

“It’s not too much different,” Taylor said. “It’s playing my game, being disruptive in the backfield, and getting to the quarterback. . . .  I can still line up anywhere.  I’ll have the same opportunity to get sacks as I did the last two years.”

Still, Taylor’s primary motivation comes from pursuing team goals.

“First of all, it’s a team,” Taylor told Doerschuk.  “I’m going to do what I’ve got to do for the team, first.  After that, if I make it to the Pro Bowl, I make it to the Pro Bowl.  That is a goal.  I do want to go to the Pro Bowl.  But it’s about the team first.  And we want to win games.”

The Browns need to win games.  Desperately.  And if Taylor can live up to the potential that vaulted him to the 21st overall pick in the draft, maybe they will.

11 responses to “Plenty see potential in Phil Taylor

  1. Beast is precisely the word I use to describe him too.
    Can not wait to see Horton’s D this year

  2. The Browns also saw potential in Tim Couch, Brandon Weeden, William Green, Courtney Brown and Jimmy Haslam.

    How did those turn out?

    The Browns will always be the laughingstock of the league

  3. Phil

    Phil Taylor has always had a big upside. Can you imagine Odrick, Taylor , Aaron Maybin on the same d-line. People at Penn State thought Taylor was the best talent. However he was immature ..temperamental and not exactly the nicest guy. Hopefully this is a sign he has matured. If so watch out. Some players take a little longer to mature. Many people forget these players are only 18 when they arrive on campus away from home for the first time. If Taylor plays up to potential ….watch out!

  4. @Iknoweverything:

    There’s a difference between seeing potential in players when they are drafted and seeing the potential in players based on what they’ve done on the field. Phil Taylor, when healthy, is a great D Tackle, and he has proven it with his play. You wouldn’t know this because your username is incorrect, just as you are with your post.

  5. So now we have highly qualified scouts that post on here regarding Browns players.
    OK, so if these very experienced “scouts” on here say he is great, then it must be so?

    LMAO!!!!!! Yea, OK….. it is unbelievable that someone with such impeccable credentials is not employed by a real team

  6. Lol There is STILL potential in Weeden. If he doesn’t improve this season, then you can add him to the list. Last year, Weeden was over-shadowed by 3 outstanding rookie QB’s. Nobody pays attention to the fact that he actually had a solid season for a rookie QB with limited weapons.

  7. @Iknoweverything
    The Browns also saw potential in Tim Couch, Brandon Weeden, William Green, Courtney Brown and Jimmy Haslam.

    Just to give you some perspective, Tim Couch played as well as anyone could with no line, no running game and no receivers, when he had support he took the Browns to their only playoffs but got hurt and didn’t play, Willie Green was the support Couch had then off field issues knocked him out. Courtney Browns was a dominant force when healthy, Weedens rookie season in a 1970’s offense wasn’t that bad, lets see how he plays this year with Norvs offense, As for Jimmy, our first owner since Mickey Mcbride who has the passion the fans have I hope he keeps the team.

  8. Mickey McBride. I am reading up right now on the Browns and how they got their name. The “urban legend” says that they were named for the “Brown Bomber” Joe Louis, when they were actually named for Paul Brown who was a legendary high school and college coach in Ohio.

    I can’t wait to see him play this year. Taylor before he got hurt last May was expected to have a pro-bowl year. Hopefully he lives up to it.

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