Rams won’t get $700 million in public money for stadium renovations

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Back in February, the Rams won an arbitration case against the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission regarding upgrades to Edward Jones Dome.

The case hinged on the amount of money needed for upgrades to the stadium that would place it among the top 25 percent of stadiums in the NFL. If the stadium fell short of that mark, the Rams would be free to break their lease after the end of the 2014 season. The Rams said it would cost $700 million to make the needed renovations while the CVC proposed $124 million in public money and the arbitrator ruled in favor of the Rams.

They aren’t going to be getting the money, however. The Associated Press reports that the CVC sent a letter to the Rams this week informing them that they will not get the desired amount of public financing for stadium upgrades, which isn’t a surprise since they indicated they would pass on the Rams’ proposal at the time of the arbitration ruling.

As a result, the Rams are now free to leave the stadium after the 2014 season. That could mean a renewed push for a new stadium in St. Louis and it could also mean flirtations with other cities for a franchise that’s already called three different towns their home.

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  1. As a Niners fan living in the midwest, I hope the Rams stay. I go watch the Niners and Rams play in St.Louis every year and their fans are first class. They heckle us and we heckle them, but it’s all in fun. I hope you guys get to stay in St. Louis, you guys deserve it!

  2. The Rams owner is one of the wealthiest in the NFL. $700 million dollars!?!? I hope cities everywhere start making a stand against billionaires looking for welfare.

  3. Time to pull those LA Rams shirts out from the back of the closet. They just about to be back in style!

  4. $700 million to renovate??? Most stadiums don’t cost that much to build from the ground up.

  5. Not worried – Kroenke built the stadiums for his other 2 franchises his owns and has been quietly buying properties in St.Louis, most notably near the old Chrystler Plant.

    Wouldn’t be shocked to see Kroenke still build a third stadium, especially with the city wanting a nice one to attract NCAA games, superbowls, etc.

    But it’s gonna be funny to watch how many people start screaming “They’re moving to LA!”

  6. If they move, the only thing that matters to me is that the Super Bowl win and other records stay in St. Louis. They can still be the Rams if they want, but keep the history in St. Louis, unlike what the Colts did with Baltimore.

  7. Good for St.Louis and good for Missouri!

    What other industry, other than professional sports, has the taxpayers paying for your place of business? Then the owner of the team, not the taxpayers who “own” the stadium, gets to sell Naming Rights to the stadium?? The team owner also rents out the stadium to other events (i.e. Larry Dolan, owner of the Indians, charging admission to Jacobs Field, for winter events)? What kind of BS is that?

    I wish I could get Ohio or any other state to fund my trucking business/farm. I could threaten to move my business every 5 yrs or so, if I didn’t get upgrades to my garage, trucks, equipment, tools, etc. Think of how much MORE profit I could make if I could put the local taxpayers on the hook for just my operating costs!!!

    No, I watched as Alameda County sold out the Oakland School District to build luxury boxes and ruin a once beautiful baseball stadium to get Weird Al and “Da Raiders” back. But, what the heck, it was the city of Oakland and the kids probably couldn’t read anyway. Right? (sarcasm for you haters). It was simply shameful the way he raped city after city in California. May he burn eternally.

    No job created, no tax revenues received can ever recoup the all money laid out. That money must come out of some other programs. Other programs that create jobs & tax revenue.

  8. That’s a nice looking, modern new stadium. But the crybaby billionaire team owner wants to have the best new toy, but doesn’t want to pay for it. Screw him, I’ve lived where there isn’t even a team in the whole State for the last thirty years and you know what? Having team Isn’t worth $700,000,000.00 in taxpayer money. And guess what? The games are still on TV.

  9. I am currently reading up on the Cleveland Rams. They left my hometown the year after they won an NFL title. Won the title during the 1945 season (December 16) they played in Cleveland and beat Washington in NFL the title game, and in 1946 they played in Los Angeles. Now, they have already left Los Angeles, now are possibly looking at moving again. They should change their name to the Barn Stormers.

  10. This does beg to ask the question… Is this stadium made of straw and hay? The new Colts stadium was 800 million I believe.

    This sounds like a scam on the part of a team.

  11. Way too hold your ground St. Louis. Moving the team to L.A., which also won’t publicly fund a stadium, or London is no easy task and the Rams most likely wouldn’t be a candidate to move overseas anyway.

  12. That stadium is barely 20 years old and the owner is already threatening to move the team? I say let the rich extortionist go. Somebody needs to take a stand and send a message to these owners that we aren’t responsible for funding YOUR investment.

  13. Mr. Khan tried to buy the Rams. He even did, momentarily. Then Mr. Kroenke exercised powers under his status as minority owner of the Rams to acquire the team. Mr. Khan bought the next available franchise. He will eventually return home to St. Louis.

    The Rams can go back to Los Angeles. Mr. Kroeke can buy AEG and settle everything down. Also, it fits the market with no NFC in Southern California. The NFC West would be all set (LA, ARI, SF, SEA). The Jaguars could move to St. Louis, bringing the AFC South closer together (STL, IND, TEN, HOU).

    Everyone goes home happy. Jacksonville has 3 football teams to choose from OR they can just enjoy the redzone channel from home.

  14. As a Jags fan I’m sure glad Kroenke blocked Khan from buying the Rams! Good luck St Louis.

  15. Commence the rush to LA. Who gets there 1st(or there again)? Raiders, Rams, or Chargers? Not that it matters as all 3 franchises are a joke, but at least High Chancellor Roger Goodell can get the LA franchise he wants.

  16. They’d be way better off just building a new facility than trying to renovate that place. Other than our Metrodome, it is the worst stadium in the league.

  17. Good for St Louis. It’s time cities and taxpayers started standing up to multibillionaire NFL owners of billion dollar teams in a league worth tens of billions of dollars. The renovations are for luxury boxes which would go to the multibillionaire owners’ pocket, not towards the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission. How is that beneficial to the taxpayers of the poor visitors to St Louis. If they added a significant tax to the hotel, then I will stay outside of St Louis.

    There is no other private business in the world which makes the taxpayers build their lavish palaces of business.

    It doesn’t matter if they force visitors to pay for the stadium. We shouldn’t be paying for a billionaire’s workplace or anyone else’s anyways

  18. As a fan that doesn’t think it matters what team I root for, for almost 3/4 of a billion in public funds, all they are doing is renovating? Get the league to kick in a chunk, (god forbid) get the owner to come out of his own pocket, ask for 500million, and build a new stadium

    I’m not normally a “let them pay for their own buildings” guy, but 700 mil in public funds just to paint the place seems a bit much

  19. no mention of Missouri Governor Nixon taking over negotiations huh? Guess you wouldn’t want that little tidbit ruining your fearmongering. Troll.

  20. I really doubt the team leaves MO. Stan Enos Kroenke is a hometown boy, and can probably get a better deal on a stadium in the midwest than he can on the west coast.

    Either way, I’m still a Ram fan regardless of where they call home.

  21. If they move to London, I will no longer remain a fan. I might continue only if they change their name to the Werewolves of London.

    Seriously, I don’t see them moving and if they do, it will be back to LA. Kroenke wants his teams to be profitable and London can’t compare to the 2nd largest TV market in the USA.

  22. @patriotsdefense

    Oh yeah, Shad Khan is definitely gonna leave Jax (a city that he’s currently investing alot of money into) To go back to his old fling St Louis, right on! #delusional

  23. The Cleveland Rams left for Los Angeles.
    The Los Angeles Rams left for St Louis.
    The St Louis Rams left for ????

    Vagabonds will be vagabonds.

  24. The Rams want to come back to LA. Now that Georgia Frontiere is gone the team will be welcomed back like returning heroes.

    And there should *never* be public money involved in building stadiums. I find it absolutely hilarious and confounding that people who hate spending money on public schools (and oppose paying teachers like other degreed professionals), have absolutely no problem with spending public money on stadiums.

    And despite leagues and team owners claiming that stadiums create more tax revenue than they cost … that’s not always true. Frequently it’s not true at all.

  25. this is all so funny, people saying good for the st louis fan base for standing their ground. this agreement was signed 20 years ago not last month st Louis deserves a beautiful stadium and if kroenke builds his own so be it. but to blame him for wanting stl to either honor the contract or let them go. is wrong, ive been following the rams since 1963 and wherever they play they will be my rams end of story.

  26. This will be old news by the end of the year when the Rams announce they have reached an agreement on a new stadium,here in St.Louis.

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