Snoop Dogg supports Hernandez


It’s fitting, we suppose, that a man who will support any given NFL team at any given time will support any given player at any given time.

Or, more specifically, Aaron Hernandez when he stands accused of first-degree murder.

Via NESN, Snoop Dogg has expressed support for Hernandez on Instagram:  “Keep ya head up!!  We prayn for ya.”

Snoop Dogg can relate.  In the 1990s, he faced a trial on murder charges.  Acquitted of first-degree and second-degree murder, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on the question of whether Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard committed voluntary manslaughter.

Despite Snoop Dogg’s history and notoriously open use of marijuana, the NFL has periodically legitimized Snoop Dogg, putting him on NFL Network multiple times.  Also, the league-owned website sometimes broadcasts Snoop Dogg’s views and opinions.

It’s an odd marriage, made even more bizarre by Snoop Dogg’s open support for Hernandez at a time when the NFL essentially has ostracized him.

64 responses to “Snoop Dogg supports Hernandez

  1. “If a (person) get a attitude, pop it like it’s hot … When the (cops) try to get at you, park it like it’s hot”

    Snoop you left out the line where you’re supposed to park it more than a mile away from your home in a car that’s not in your name… feeling guilty??

  2. The fact that this POS is glorified in any way by anyone, tells you all you need to know about why this country is an absolute mess.

  3. Huge reach. What is NESN? Producers put Snoop Dogg on television because he is entertaining at the very least. Also, this statement doesn’t sound like open support of the accused. Again, huge reach.

  4. Ain’t nothin but a G thang. I guess Snoop does have Love for the East Coast after all.

    Two Loc’d out goin crazy. Death Row is the label that pays me. Just chill…To the next Episode.

  5. Snoop Dog…Official Entertainer of the New England Patriots.

    Aaron Hernandez…Official Serial Killer of the New England Patriots

    Walt Coleman…Official Referee of the New England Patriots.

    It really is hard for the rest of the league to compete with this.

  6. ps…I openly use Marijuana. That doesn’t make me a criminal in the state in which I live.

    I get penalized more harshly for double parking than I do for smoking a joint where I live.

    A parking ticket is $160. Smoking a joint is a $50 bench warrant in NYC.

  7. “Keep ya head up, We prayn for ya” isn’t exactly full support.. but people do forget you are innocent until proven guilty in the US

  8. I would like this to be the most down voted comment I ever have on this site. This may come as a shock to some of you, but some of us actually have loved one’s and friend’s that have done things that are not so great, and have gone to prison for them. You can pray for somebody, and wish the best for them without condoning what they did, or supporting their actions.

  9. Praying for Hernandez? If he gets to heaven then there is no hope for peace on earth, dogg.

  10. don’t make this about pot. snoop long ago made a choice to tell people he had stopped smoking. so at that point I realized there is really no reason to listen to anything snoop dogg(lion?, wtf? guess I don’t pay attention to pop culture these days) says.

    somehow “the game” was the one to get it right here “he shot his sister’s husband, WTF YO”

  11. Dear God, I wonder can ya save me, I can’t die my Boo-boo’s bout to have my baby.

  12. Kanye West just posted this to twitter:

    Yo yo Imma let u finish but OJ had one of the dopest duble homicides of all timez

    “Duble?” Come on Kanye!!!

  13. I do not know why people thrust mics in front of famous people as if being famous somehow gave them knowledge outside of the scopes of their given talents. Some celebrities are well versed in a wide variety of subjects and issues – some…not so much. Snoop’s knowledge of trust is music, light football knowledge that could be gleened from watching football and coaching youth football.

    Hernandez could possibly be facing a situation similar to Snoop where eventually he is seen as not guilty…but it isn’t likely. I see nothing really wrong with Snoop or anybody else who knows as much about the situation as we the public knows telling Hernanadez to keep his head up. This country still does preach “innocent until proven guilty” even if they actually practice “guilty until proven innocent and even then guilty in the court of public opinion thereafter”.

  14. This is the same unrepentant drug abuser who bragged about getting away with his own murder in a song -oh I mean alleged murder. He’s a “gangsta” and they never do that. My stars, I am so surprised…..

  15. Headline “With career fading into obscurity, has been rapper Snoop Dog seeks attention by tweeting Aaron Hernandez. A man with no access to twitter.”

  16. Suprised at how many people are taking this so negative. Do you disown your family, friends, or anyone else you know as soon as they make a mistake? Or do tell them to stay positive and learn from it?

    Just because Snoop tells his him to keep his head up, doesn’t mean Snoop agrees with his actions.

  17. Innocent until proven guilty? With all the evidence they have, they are just short of having a picture of him doing it.All these idiots that are buying his jersey, yelling we”we love you aaron” and giving their support shows you how far down in the toilet that America has gone. What kind of parents raised people like Snoop Dog and these other IDIOTS!!!!!!! All I got to say is goodbye Aaron, these idiots supporting you will see you in HELL!!!!!!!!!

  18. I dont care what anyone says hip hop is a good influence on the youth today. Rapping abouts drugs and killing is super sick yo.

  19. A couple of things here, Snoop telling him to keep his head up and that he’s in his prayers is not the same as supporting him (not to me at least). I’m sure the victims mother will probably say she’ll pray for Hernandez and his family as well.

    Also Hernandez is way too guilty, at least it seems that way. Know who else was way too guilty? Orenthal James Simpson

    A good lawyer can beat a case that’s based on circumstantial evidence.

  20. I’m sure Aaron Hernandez is breathing a sigh of relief now that he knows a semi literate hip hop artist is supporting him. He should consider adding a tattoo of his hero.

  21. Don’t y’all know… Everybody in the hood is innocent of they crimes because the white man made them do it and they was high when it happened. That’s why a guy can be a convicted killer on death row and cats in the hood will sport a “Free *insert gang member name here” T-shirt. Lol.

  22. Who dont love Snoop Dogg but he’s just on the wrong persons side. Aaron is going to Jail and he’s suppose too. Snoop Dogg should go to the studio so we can buy his new cd

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