Still no trial date for Marshawn Lynch DUI case

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The Marshawn Lynch camp was confident he’d face no suspension during the 2012 season for a DUI arrest occurring last July.  It’s now looking like a suspension won’t happen in 2013, either.

According to Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune, a hearing on a motion to suppress evidence was continued from today until November 1.  A trial date could be selected on Thursday, July 11 at a pre-trial conference.

A “readiness hearing” (also known in California as a “readiness conference”) has been scheduled for December 27.  Presumably, trial won’t happen before that date.

In May, trial was scheduled for June 21.  It’s unclear why the trial didn’t proceed as planned on that day.

The NFL won’t discipline Lynch until the case is resolved, and case apparently won’t be resolved during the upcoming season.  It appears, then, that Lynch will play at least two full seasons after the DUI arrest without facing discipline from the league.

33 responses to “Still no trial date for Marshawn Lynch DUI case

  1. The way things are going, by the time this case gets to trial the Seahawks will have won several Superbowls and Marshawn Lynch will be retired and waiting for his induction to the Hall of Fame.

  2. Don’t we all wish we could get drafted in the NFL. Life would be so much easier and never have to go to jail.

  3. You can’t help but respect this guys ability and running style, but this situation is just ridiculous. Either try him for his crime or don’t, but stop pushing it off. By time this goes to trial his grandchildren will be old enough to be character witnesses!

  4. This is getting out of hand. I really don’t understand what’s going on here. What’s the delay? Not that I don’t want Lynch there for the games against the 49ers, but this has been going on for far too long.

  5. It’s starting to look like either he wasn’t even drunk…Cops screwed something up…Or the state isn’t confident in the case against him…
    Either way, it’s good to know that Marshawn will be the number 1 running back next season…
    Even though the Hawks have two equally punishing RB’s backing him up!

  6. “Just like a cheat hawk to skirt the rules and get away with it”

    Makes no sense as that “getting away” with it is coming from the California judicial system and not him. Anyways by the time this goes to trial, it’ll be against Marshawn Lynch XII

  7. So its Lynch’s fault the court systems in this country are flawed? Lol @ all of yiur talking about Adderall …. guess whose tied for the league lead in suspensions? …. The East Coast’s beloved Giants.

  8. All due respect to the either charge him or don’t guy, unfortunately that’s not how the court system operates, and most likely marshawns attorney is being granted these continuences, which every attorney utilizes for one reason or another. Bottom line is an attorney can drag on a case for a long time, which the prosecution ussually agrees on to prepare for the motion put forth by the defense. Oh, and adderal guy, ha whoo damn that adderall joke was funny and not played out at all, odds are beast is going smash your d line in the mouth real soon.

  9. Judges are suppose to perform accordingly to the law and not their personal preference to not have Lynch suspended and hurt the Adderhawks chances of getting into the playoffs. Reminds me of Judy Judy down in Louisiana with the Bounty case. If Lynch was DUI, the police either have the proof or they don’t. I can understand why so many fans are down on the Adderhawks and Petey Carroll who had no problem bringing his cheating ways from USC to Seattle.

  10. Adderall is used to mask steroids. No one is taking Adderall by itself.

  11. 49er fans were praying that he would be suspended so he wouldn’t run all over them and break that defense like he did last year. No proud if he is found guilty of DIU considering NFL offers a car service, at least he didn’t “bash someone’s face in with a bottle” and threaten to shoot anybody.

  12. Well with that hanging over his head he rushed for 1600 yrds, so I don’t think anyone in Seattle is too concerned about his performance this year.

    All you other fans out there need to be focused with more serious crimes happening to players on your teams – seriously….

  13. Lynch has a decent argument that he was under the limit while driving. Most prosecutors would never send a case this weak to a jury, but they don’t want to be seen as not harsh on a DUI. Very tough situation because juries often let people walk in these cases. On the other hand his erratic driving seems to support the State’s case. Looks like it will go to trial unless someone blinks. My odds would be 60/40 in favor of Beastmode. Just don’t wear the grill in the courtroom, man.

  14. Look, Marshawn is one of the few Seahawks players that I actually have respect for, but even you Seattle fans have to admit that it is a bit ridiculous to get arrested for a DUI and not have to answer for it for over two years. We all know the more severe punishment for an NFL star is being suspended from games in the NFL and losing those game checks, than what our legal system doles out to high profile individuals (typically probation and community service). Oh, and mack from above saying…” at least he didn’t “bash someone’s face in with a bottle” and threaten to shoot anybody.” Nice try buddy, but I think I would prefer getting hit over the head with a beer bottle to being hit head-on from someone driving drunk operating a 3 ton vehicle at whatever speed…

  15. yep, justince can be a nuissance. I bet sometimes he even wishes he didn’t drive drunk.

  16. Goodell is behind this.

    Second pick in the fantasy draft, right after AP!

  17. what a joke. This guy has lucked out so much in his life. He should have been toast after the drunken hit and run in Buffalo. Same with the possession of an illegal handgun in LA. Now this? Give me a break. Dude was driving a cargo can at 3:00 am. What kind of cargo was he transporting? I could understand postponing the trial for a few months but this will be 18 months before he has to face the music. Unfortunately, based off his previous experiences in our flawless American legal system, he’ll get another slap on the wrist.

  18. He’s taking advantage of the system and its provisions. Nothing he is doing is preferential treatment or favoritism. He is merely exercising his legal right to maneuver his defense. All the haters here might consider enrolling in a remedial law and justice lecture course at your local community college. Better yet, Google© DUI DEFENSE and see what the experts recommend.

    Go Hawks!

  19. lamptonsbarbershop says:
    Jul 6, 2013 12:01 AM
    love this guy. week two let’s see if he breaks for 100yds on sf he hasn’t since joining Seattle and he never will sf will run the table in the NFC West

    That’s an odd comment since Lynch ran for 111 yards and a TD the last time the 2 teams played.

  20. blackfootkiller says:
    Jul 5, 2013 5:49 PM
    It’s starting to look like either he wasn’t even drunk…Cops screwed something up…Or the state isn’t confident in the case against him…
    Either way, it’s good to know that Marshawn will be the number 1 running back next season…
    Even though the Hawks have two equally punishing RB’s backing him up!
    GO HAWKS! ————————————————————————————————————————————————– well be excited that he attempted to murder someone and he doesn’t get in trouble for it. this would upset me more as a fan than the peds. hawk fans must be proud of their team, how many character issue’s can one team have???

  21. Do some research Dennis.
    Please help me remember the score of the last meeting between the HAWKS and the niners…….keep this in Ming while running your mouth thoughtlessly

  22. no niner fans are trying to rationalize ahmad brooks actions. but then again we come from the school of harbaugh, not carroll.

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