Suh says he leads by being affectionate with his teammates

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If you were to make a list of words that describe Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, you’d probably come up with a very long list before you got to the word “affectionate.” But that’s the word Suh used to describe his own style of dealing with teammates.

Asked by Ed Werder on ESPN about becoming more of a leader on the Lions, Suh said he does view himself as a leader, but a leader who’s kinder and gentler in the locker room than many people may think.

“I’m a player that goes by my actions and leads by my actions,” Suh said. “I have an affectionate way of being able to corral somebody, to go along and understand what I want and what I need from them and we can work together and get to where we want to be.”

Suh said that this year, he expects to lead Detroit to its first playoff win in 22 years.

“I would think it would be an absolute disappointment if we don’t make it to the playoffs and have an opportunity to win in those playoff games,” Suh said. “It’s a matter of just putting it together.”

Lions fans will have a lot of affection for Suh if he can follow through on that.

38 responses to “Suh says he leads by being affectionate with his teammates

  1. “I have an affectionate way”
    Good for you Mr. Suh, I can see Sports blogs supporting your affection to other players just like Jason Collins

  2. That title makes me think of him and a teammate watching a movie on a couch at his place. His teammate falls asleep and then Suh nudges him in the crotch with his foot…and I am a Lions fan.

  3. First player that finally has the guts to come out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. I’m picturing Suh’s affectionate corraling of teammates as something akin to Lennie and his rabbits in Of Mice and Men…

  5. How many idiotic stomp jokes are we going to see in this thread? So original.
    Try going back and actually watching the tape of it. He barely kicks EDS in the arm. There’s definitely no stomping involved.

  6. Suh, the person, is a giving and carrying individual. Nothing like the Suh the media has created.

  7. As a Greenbay fan, I hope that the O-Line messes with him again by untying his shoes. That is way to funny not to see happen again.

  8. He was dominant in college. That big XII championship game vs Texas was ridiculous. I swear he had a real part on every defensive play. Now in the NFL….not quite as much…at all.

  9. Why do Lions fans THINK the fans of other teams want Suh on there team? Suh is a dirty football player.
    the man has pulled off helmets.. kicked.. and stomped on other players. he’s only average at best in the pass rush and below that in the running game. NO Detroit can keep him

  10. I like the guy, I dont care if he plays dirty, id like to see more players like him, football is getting to soft, I know no one will agree but its just my opinion

  11. Leading by example is all well and good and how one should do it, but only that is not enough. Look at Troy Polamolau, a quiet guy who sets a great example, but not a true leader who the guys rally around. Sorry Troy, you’re an amazing player but its true. I was the best athlete on my HS team and a captain, but I was reserved and didn’t know jack about leadership. Example alone is not enough, at some point you have to be able to rally the guys around you with your spirit, energy and attitude.

  12. Ah, the 18th century intellects up in here. Always looking for a witch to burn. Nevermind how stupid you look when you say he stomped someone’s face, nevermind the fact that there’s never been a plural in an incident with Suh. haters be jealous.

  13. @lionsdraftguy says:
    Jul 5, 2013 8:26 PM
    All these Suh haters would LOVE to have him on their team. But since hes not, theyll keep coming on here and posting crap about him. Losers.

    was he really affectionate with you?

  14. lionsdraftguy says:
    Jul 5, 2013 8:26 PM
    All these Suh haters would LOVE to have him on their team. But since hes not, theyll keep coming on here and posting crap about him. Losers.


    Suh is not likeable. Nor is he a game changer nor is he a winner but yeah go ahead and keep telling yourself that rival fans would LOVE to have him on their team.

  15. the whole matt schaub got kicked in the balzz comments are really kinda pointless. schaubs not suhs teammate. you ever see suh kick matty stafford in the balzz? didn’t think so

  16. It’s going to be interesting to see how long he remains a Lion considering his contract and the pay cuts D-line players are being forced to take. I’m glad we have him for now.

  17. Suh just shot up the chart of must have players at Winter Park MN. The vikes love players that are “affectionate with his teammates.” (wink wink)

  18. Opinions on Suh go from one end of the spectrum to the other, but there’s at least one thing that’s for sure: As a top draft pick, we’ve yet to see him accomplish anything that a multitude of undrafted free agents haven’t – in less time – and for millions less in compensation.

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