Urban Meyer’s wife, daughter unhappy with Hernandez scrutiny


The murder charge faced by Aaron Hernandez has led to scrutiny on his college coach, Urban Meyer. And Meyer’s family isn’t happy about that.

Although Meyer refuses to talk about Hernandez, his wife and his daughter both took to Twitter to say that Hernandez alone deserves the blame for what Hernandez is accused of doing, and that blaming Meyer or anyone else is wrong.

“When will we start holding individuals accountable for their own decisions/actions and stop blaming any/everyone else?” Meyer’s wife, Shelley, tweeted, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Meyer’s daughter Gigi added, “Smh ppl lol #liveyourliferight and #stopblamingothers. There’s this thing called #SelfAccountability. It exists, I swear. God Bless.”

It’s easy to understand why Meyer’s wife and daughter would be hurt by the criticism he has faced. And they’re both absolutely right that it’s an enormous stretch to suggest that Meyer is to blame for what Hernandez allegedly did.

Still, the criticism Meyer has taken is less about blaming him specifically for the crimes that Hernandez allegedly committed, and more about the general sense that he cares a lot more about winning (which he has done everywhere he’s been, including an undefeated first season at Ohio State last year and two national championships at Florida, where he coached Hernandez) than he does about molding young men, or promoting a strong educational atmosphere, or any of the other things that are supposedly part of college sports.

As Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi wrote, “by the time Meyer left UF, his program was like a fleabag motel, infected from the shady characters he recruited and the discipline he failed to instill.” Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins may have put it best when asked to describe the kind of program Meyer ran at Florida: When Meyer left and new Florida coach Will Muschamp kicked Jenkins off the team after two marijuana arrests, Jenkins said, “No doubt, if Coach Meyer were still coaching, I’d still be playing for the Gators. Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win.”

Meyer does know what it takes to win. And at Florida, where his players were arrested at least 31 times, he won with a lot of off-field trouble makers on his team. It’s fair to criticize Meyer for that, even if his wife and daughter wouldn’t want to hear it.

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  1. Take accountability for your actions, unless you go 4-4 in SEC play, then fake a heart attack until a better job opens up.

  2. It was your program Urban. If you don’t get the blame then who does? You brought the element into the program.

  3. Enormous stretch, but when you give somebody an enormous salary I think they should be held accountable to enormous standards and results. I disagree with his wife and daughter vehemently.

    And I think the coach deserves to be scrutinized so that we can learn more about his relationship with the player and what he did and didn’t do and what he knew and didn’t know.

  4. Your Father/Husband make a lot of money in a high profile job. He understands the scrutiny that comes with that job which is why he said no comment. Deal with it and enjoy the millions he makes for your family.

  5. Urban Meyer has had enough convicts come through his programs that they should change his job title to warden.

  6. This is EXACTLY correct and resonates true to the nfl situation. Hernandez was a top 10 TE in all season with be, caught a Super Bowl TD pass. Many players have dark or questionable behaviors in their past, there’s no knowing who will ‘open the can of worms’ or not. They made a great draft decision.

    Take Tyronn Mathieu for instance. If he screws up everyone will blame the cardinals, lsu, past coaches etc.
    but if he stays clean does well, they’ll say wow, the nfl was a good thing for him.

  7. Coach Meyer sounds like a real upstanding guy…..not! If you think winning football games is more important than winning in life , then you sir, are as low as whale dun, especially given the fact that your supposed to be a role model for impressionable minds. I bet when he recruited these young men in front if their parents, he pointed out how much of a positive influence he would have on their lives…..what a joke, and his family is just being family by sticking up for him. I’m sure they don’t know half of what he has done or not done behind closed doors.

  8. Shouldn’t they be happy that daddy is spending more time with them and his health is so much better.

  9. That Janoris Jenkins quote is one of the single most damning quotes I’ve seen. Basically admitting Urban doesn’t care about quality guys or running a clean program, just winning.

  10. Lay with dogs, don’t be surprised to rise with fleas….

    Don’t think Urban is responsible for the murders but it IS fair to say that the way he and the school seemed to look the other way when young men were on a path to a bad lifestyle or place in exchange for wins – he does share that blame.

    He failed those young men and their families. Isn’t a college coach that doesn’t tell a HS recruit’s family that “he’ll take care of their boy, get him on his way to adulthood once out of the house – after all at U of (insert state/city/region here) we’re FAMILY”.

  11. Well the question we have Mrs Meyer is how many crimes did poor Urban NOT punish Aaron Hernandez for? You want to make the big money? You want your hubby to not have accountability for jumping ship when the going gets tough? This is the price you pay.

  12. “When will we start holding individuals accountable for their own decisions/actions and stop blaming any/everyone else?”

    Maybe when we eliminate attorneys and politicians from our society.

    Other than that there isn’t much hope between the nanny state and the powerful attorney’s lobbies.

  13. I don’t think Urban is responsible for the murder. But when you let young men get away with crimes without any ramifications. These young men grow up thinking that they can do wrong and get away with it. I know I wouldn’t want my kid coach by him.

  14. Urban is a pathological liar. His family enjoys his game and fortune but fails to accept the publicity that comes with it.

  15. some people are amazingly uneducated..how is meyer accountable for the actions of a 25 yr old man? meyer may not of had the best personal skills with his player but he did have hernandez in bible study on a regular basis and correct me if im wronf guided him to a huge pay scale job..yay? nay? hernandez made his bed now he can lie in..but as for meyer he really does care for winning more than he does graduation rates…oh crap a guy just go shot outside my house…i bet it was the presidents fault!

  16. smh..you self righteous people are a perfect example of why this country is in such a tale spin. Try looking in a mirror and point a finger. How many are pointing back at you? I would suggest none of us are perfect and I’m sure myer has done many good things for the young men that have passed through his programs. If you indict anyone, try the parents or the people that raised ( or didn’t bother to raise ) the young men in question. Myer giving them a chance didn’t equate to him sponsoring crime.

  17. I guess if you’re a high paid athlete even bloggers find others to blame for your actions. I do not care for Meyers, Your personality is complete by age 7 yet no one blames his parents, why Myer? What about his High School coach? How about Belichick? Here is a new idea, instead of making scape goats, how about we blame a guy who had a tremendous opportunity and made a Choice to be a criminal.

  18. If anyone thought your dad or husband had anything to do with the murder/murders or was accusing him, im sure he would be in jail to.

  19. Yawn. Leaving work to go home for the week-end. I guess I’ll check back in on Monday to get the latest 50 Aaron Hernandez bits of non-news.

  20. I’m curious as to why only his college coach is getting scrutiny. Why not his high school coach, his little league coach, his playground coach, and his professional coach, Belichick? He left Urban’s program 4 years ago.

    Hernandez had a great life ahead of him. If he did what he’s accused of, he threw it away all on his own. Total idiot. No parts missing.

  21. Universities aren’t paying these coaches to mold young men; they’re paying them to win. It’s easy to say “Oh, he should have done the right thing,” but when you’re in that situation and not winning may potentially cost you millions of dollars and your reputation as a winner, then it’s not so easy to “do the right thing.”

  22. Meyere will fit right in at Ohio State, how long until the next scandal hits Columbus?

  23. Urban was not the cause of AH trouble but he did nothing to curtail his behavior or help him become a better person just a better football player.

  24. A family full of idiots. Why does everyone feel the need to put god bless at the end of their point?

  25. I agree with the Meyer’s as well.
    you guys can thumbs down all you want but each and every one of us adults should be and needs to be accountable for our own actions and if you don’t think that then you are part of the problem and by far not part of the solution.
    what I would really like to know is how can anyone really even believe that someone else is somehow responsible for what they choose to do it just don’t make sense.
    urban Meyer done what he done A.H. done what he done and I have done what I have done and you have done what you have done and we are all responsible for our own deeds not someone else.

  26. Let’s break it down. UM stakes a claim to turning Hernandez’s life around with “daily Bible study sessions.” Now that the bottom has fallen out of that ridiculous charade, he and his family are desperately trying to distance themselves from the stunt by pointing the finger of denunciation at anyone who is cognizant enough to recognize Urban’s “Bible sessions” nonsense for the sham that it is and always was. What freaks.

  27. I didn’t hear any UF/SEC fans complaining while he was there. I seem to recall many UF fans telling me what a great guy he was and how he loved his players. Just look at the way he stood up for Tebow to that reporter..Now all of a sudden the guy is an enabler just because he left your program.

  28. People. Stop blaming objects and people for the actions of others. Not an OSU fan. I think Urb is an ass after banning press for negative Tebow story. But Urb didn’t kill anyone. That I know of. Don’t remember Chiefs getting blame for Belcher murdering girlfriend. Or Panthers blamed for Ray Carruth. Look in the mirror, I bet you know someone who has done something bad. Or is a complete ass.

  29. Urban is hardly responsible for Hernandez’ actions in the NFL. As for at FL the AD has to approve all of it. Where’s his criticism?

  30. Meyer is going to, at some point, wind up on a witness stand in this case if it goes to trial, you can bet your sweet bippy on it. So will Belichick and a host of other coaches who’ve worked with Hernandez on the roster at both Florida and New England.

    Because they know the odds of them having to testify (and so, of course, be cross-examined), they are going to be tight lipped and no commenting everywhere they go.

    That said, we’ll get the occasional tweet-quotes from their family/friends, etc. I’m not going to blame wives and children for speaking out – they’re family, it’s a reflex.

    Will ask this question of all of us though (and I’m surprised no one else has raised it yet): How much time do you think the personnel departments at all 32 NFL teams (and many NCAA schools) are revisiting every friggin’ file they have on current players, to ensure they don’t have the next Hernandez on their roster?

    Fact is – and we fans all know it – an incredible number of athletes don’t make the best legal/behavior choices in their lives. Some, like Hernandez, Caruth, OJ Simpson, etc., fail in spectacular ways.

    Most don’t resort to murder, but maybe it’s as law enforcement has been telling us for years, that the seemingly petty crimes create an atmosphere of lawlessness that permeates places like locker rooms to the point of creating an atmosphere of unaccountability.

  31. America has all the sudden become a country of “blame”. Everyone ever associated with anyone that’s committed a crime is as guilty as the perpetrator.No matter who it is,just blame ,blame,blame.Hernandez pulled the trigger you fools,not Meyer.

  32. But but but Urban is a good “Christian” and holds prayer groups! I guess that excuses his complete disregard for discipline or holding impressionable young men accountable for their criminal behavior.

  33. Really? Here is a guy who knows next to nothing about the situation at Florida, never spoke to Meyer, and yet has the insight to judge what his knowledge was, his intent was, and makes a character call about a kid, a football program and the ONE person he claims to be responsible for allowing it all to happen. Freaks? Indeed

  34. Urban Meyer’s wife, daughter unhappy with Hernandez scrutiny,Sucks to be them doesn`t it!

  35. Urban Meyers family is right. Everybody deserves second chances whoever nobody is to blame but himself. He put himself in that situation. I am sure no coach recruit or anyone affiliated with his football career would have advised him to destroy evidence. So if he were innocent he would have corporate when first asked. So either he is protecting himself or someone else

  36. Doesn’t anyone realize how much violence is in the bible? And to use a movie quote to defend Meyer.” This is the business we chose.”

  37. I’m shocked…shocked, that kids coming out of high crime area inner cities where they’ve been treated like heroes and given a pass on anything and everything might commit crimes in college and as a pro. Perhaps if we didn’t allow the media and overpaid pompous buffoons like John Thompson of Georgetown to make sure the ‘D’ grade point average was an acceptable mark for athletes we might not have these problems.

  38. Oh…and Urban Meyer is a friggin dickhead. He can pretend he had no idea, but if Hernandez was some bench warmer he’d have shipped his ass out of there fast.

  39. Meyer’s players were arrested 30 times at UF. How many more did he help cover up and make sure that police were never invovled? Bet it is at least double that number. Meyer only cares about how much money he makes. To do that means he has to win. To win he will get anyone who is good even if they are criminal scum.

  40. Who knows how many arrests there would have been had the Gainesville Police Department not been in UFs pocket. Probably at least double that number.

  41. they’re right. Today nearly half Americans live with their hands out. They want a free lunch and refuse to contribute to society. We call those with that philosophy liberals who congregate in “blue” states.

  42. im sorry i thought parents raised
    their children, not urban meyer..you people blaming urban is exactly what
    is wrong with this country..he’s a coach
    not there nanny..

  43. Let’s face it college football at big BCS schools is not about shaping young men, academics or providing them with an education it’s simply about money.

    The system is set up to where the football program needs to be good or else the coach will get fired, from his multimillion dollar job, the athletic director will get fired and in some cases the chancellor of the school even faces firing if the football program underachieved for a protracted period of time. Under a system like that who can really blame these people for putting more emphasis on winning then turning out fully developed responsible players?

    What do you think would happen at an SEC school if they really focused on behavior and academics? How long do you think Nick Saben and the AD would last if they started suspending players for failed drug tests, poor academic performance, and behavioral problems?

  44. Get used to it. It happened. It happens with most major programs and coaches. If he were a pine rider he would have been cut from the program. And secondly. Nobody asked either one of you for your opinion. And he is a big boy.

  45. If you have to put so and so’s wife or daughter said this who cares. While we re at it lets see what his neighbors think about it or his 3rd grade teacher. This is another non story on a slow day.

  46. The problem is that Meyer wants the image of a wholesome man running pristine football programs where everyone is part of a big, happy family. In reality, he is a mercenary who builds winning programs by any means necessary. You can’t have it both ways. Hernandez shines a light on the fact that he recruits anyone who has talent and doesn’t really pay attention to character. A lot of coaches are like him.

  47. “When will we start holding individuals accountable…” It is interesting that Mrs. Meyer asks this question while simultaneously missing the fact that by questioning her husband’s judgement and the advisability of accepting and KEEPING someone like AH at The University of Florida IS an attempt to hold someone accountable, namely her HUSBAND!

  48. Stupid families always embarrassing everyone. “blah blah blah, I’m clueless, whiny, over privileged and have a huge sense of entitlement”…. that usually sums it up.

  49. I don’t remember any one suggesting Urban Meyer was to blame. Common sense will tell you he didn’t do Hernandez any favors by looking the other way during his college transgressions and that can only contribute, not detract, from where Hernandez did end up. And Meyer deserves some of the bad press because he runs such a dirty program.

  50. If you’re going to blame Urban, you have to then blame Belichick even more so, and I don’t see many fans doing that.

    It is interesting though. This situation almost proves that you give someone all the chances and breaks, school, money, society status – more so than most people by far – and these guys will act the way they were bred and raised.

    It all starts with the parents and home life.

  51. I find it hilarious how many morons here think that people are knocking Urban Meyer for a murder charge. Have you guys not seen any of the news coverage about the crap going on in his program at UF? It’s not just the arrests, it’s now coming out about his players getting whitewashed from criminal investigations where they were named and identified suspects. I’m sure Urban knee nothing, though.

  52. Mrs. Meyer, tell your goofball, cowardly husband that “you reap what you sow”. Also tell him he can’t fake a heart attack on this stretch of “rough road”.

  53. Lawyers have caused more problems than football players as a whole…. Why didn’t your law professor show more concern about molding quality young sharks…. er I mean people?

  54. Some coaches/owners/gm’s are not all about winning when they take the head cases they really think they can help these kids. Does anyone ever think that instead of these guys buying cheap they really do just believe in second chances or the good in people?

  55. “Urban was not the cause of AH trouble but he did nothing to curtail his behavior or help him become a better person just a better football player.”

    He had daily bible study with him, looks like he tried. For most people especially murderers that will not work but what do expect a coach over 90 players and 20 assistants to do? Blame him for being an idiot and thinking the bible would help but not that he didnt try

  56. How couldn’t Urban Meyer know what Hernandez was doing? He didn’t want to know as long as his team kept winning.

  57. somewhere bellicheck just mumbled

    “urban meyer did a good job. he made more plays than we did”

    florio’s bald! florio’s bald!

  58. If this is true then Meyer deserves to be ridiculed. What is it with college coaches? Are their egos that large that they must win at all costs? There were two nobel laureates on the Florida State faculty yet Bobby Bowden was probably paid ten times more. As much as I like college football the whole business smells of corruption-including the NCAA and it’s staff. They charge the schools with miniscule offensives yet ignore the major ones. College football is a joke!

  59. I got a great idea! why don’t we go and get O.J.’S old coach and rae carruths old coach and everybody else’s old coach who ever screwed up and blast them for their former players actions and while were at it we should be able to place suit against them for showing us a false product on the field because those players should never have set foot on a field and if they did then by all means the coach should have completely cleared that players mind of ever even thinking about ever committing any sort of crime so the coach is still 100% guilty of everything and we as fans should be compensated for this.
    and as long as we are going down this road I say we sue all auto makers for people that are hurt in car wrecks after all they made the car and it should never have hurt us it wasn’t made to do that it must be the cars fault not the moron going 90 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone . and lets go ahead and sue god because he causes earthquakes,tornados,etc…etc… really some of you posters out there need to stop and think about what you are saying I really have a hard time trying to figure out how you can sit there and openly blame another person for what someone else has done. urban Meyer may be a complete jack ass but he didn’t make A.H. or anyone else do anything even if he looked the other way SO WHAT!!!!! all he did was give them rope they are the ones who hung themselves but somehow or another you people just wont accept that FACT.

  60. I’d sure like to know why anyone would care what Meyer’s wife and daughter are saying on Twitter. I’m sure they’ve never hesitated to spend the money he made, and when you make all that money and you’re high profile, enhanced scrutiny comes with this. Duh.

    Besides, if they were trying to make a point, why not include Belichek and the Pats?

  61. I think that the parents should be able to take a more active role in a punishment for their children in college. I think coaches should include parents on what the punishment should be. I believe that parents that are responsible would want their children punished before they become players in an professional sport. A sports athlete in college needs to know they are not untouchable for any law broken.

  62. you people talking about how wins were more important than character with meyer are hypocrites. you would be the first person screaming for his head if he or your coach had a losing record regardless of the grad rate or if it was a team of great guys. myer did not do anything different than any other coach would do if he wanted to build a winner.

  63. He’s had more criminals and convicts on his team than the Cincinnati Bengals……no, the Bengals are up by two.

  64. I get it. Someone has to have fingers pointed at them when players do wrong. The bad is what everyone will talk about….I get it. Also, know that I am not an Urban Meyer fan. BUT…..

    If you are going to blame him for 31 of his players getting arrested, are you going to credit him for over 150 of his players being named SEC Academic All Americans?

    If you are going to blame him for Aaron Hernandez, are you going to credit him for the quality of individual that a Tim Tebow is? What about a guy like Chris Leak, who is another standout person? What’s that you say? Tim Tebow and Chris Leak’s parents are why they are who they are? What about Aaron’s parents? Oh, his Dad was killed…that’s why he ended up the way he did.

    No. Bottom line…..the only person who should have any blame in this whole situation is Aaron Hernandez. It looks like he might be a crappy person who has negatively affected everyone around him, all the way from taking someone’s life to affecting the perception of those who took a risk on him. Please don’t think I am comparing the two.

    Coaches get way too much credit when things go good and way too much blame when things go bad.

  65. The argument that because Meyer had daily “bible study” sessions with some of his players, he did what he could to help them develop character is hilarious!

    Some folks are preconditioned to believe what they are told. They have no desire to challenge themselves or their beliefs. I have no sympathy for them.

  66. **notoriousjebus says: Jul 5, 2013 6:57 PM**

    ” The system is set up to where the football program needs to be good or else the coach will get fired, from his multimillion dollar job, the athletic director will get fired and in some cases the chancellor of the school even faces firing if the football program underachieved for a protracted period of time….

    …What do you think would happen at an SEC school if they really focused on behavior and academics?”

    That’s a great point, notorious. You know, no one expects Harvard or Yale (and other similar academic-focused schools, including and perhaps especially the 4 armed forces schools, where character is a major focus as well) to have winning programs, so fans, the NCAA, television networks, parents and high school coaches have thrown their money and attention to the public colleges. Expectations are through the roof in the SEC, the Big Ten, etc., as those programs generate millions in revenue.

    As you said, if I may paraphrase, “Money talks, and accountability all to often walks.”

  67. Kinda funny how Coach Meyer (with his unwillingness to discuss Hernandez), and now his Wife and Daughter, have taken such offense to his name being involved. Per an article on PFT earlier this week, Tebow has been implicated as having had some role in a Bar Fight with Hernandez, yet he has been mum and has kinda let it blow over.

    Which of the two do you think has something to hide?

  68. No one would ever think that Meyer or anyone else was trying to help some of these KIDS get past a few mistakes they made. Not saying he’s a saint, but I had a few people help me past my youthful mistakes and I’ve learned to help others past theirs. This new era of instant and worldwide media exposes every zit, and none of us would want our zits exposed.

  69. If the NCAA followed the same logic they applied to the PSU scandal then Meyer would be fired and disciplined like Paterno was.

    Paterno did nothing wrong legally but was buried under the assumption that he knew about a previous investigation of Sandusky and did nothing which made Paterno responsible for all Sandusky’s future actions.

    That same precedent would apply to Meyer. Hernandez had several incidents at Florida and Meyer made them go away. Therefore in the NCAA’s view Meyer is responsible for these murders.

    That’s what would happen if the NCAA was consistent and had real rules, but it’s obvious they just make their rules up as they go.

    Reggie Bush gets free rent, he’s stripped of a Heisman.

    Cam Newton’s dad admits to soliciting money from schools for his son’s recruitment, and NCAA says nothing to see here, move on.

  70. The money that Robert Kraft gave to Hernandez probably paid for each and every bullet that ripped through Odin Lloyd, suppose we blame him instead of a football coach? He surely didn’t tackle him.

  71. A patriots football player is accused of murder and David Michael Smith thinks is appropriate to criticize his college coach. You know, you left off his current current coaching staff and ownership, and forgot to toss his mother and father under the bus, and perhaps his high school football coach deserves scrutiny as well? Would it not be most appropriate to criticize Hernandez? Must be a slow news day.

  72. Sorry Shelly but it comes with the territory. Prolific coach in a prolific program who makes huge bucks, must take the good with the bad. Quit bellyaching. Your not crying bout the big house in the country are you??

  73. Coach Meyer and family:

    After The Gators defeated Florida Atlantic, I planned on buying an Urban Meyer autograph at Gator Fever… Even though I was completely sober, I somehow lost the $100.00 to make that purchase…

    I want the world to know that I do not hold Coach Meyer or anyone on his staff at the time, responsible…

    Now… To blame Coach Meyer for anything related to the Aaron Hernandez case (or any case that involves any player he’s ever coached) is irresponsible…

    If ANYONE has made poor decisions in their lives and wants to know who, what, when, where and why they have problems, the answer is located at the nearest mirror…

    For the record… I found a mirror and chewed that goofball out for losing that money…

    Best wishes to the entire Urban Meyer family !!!!!

  74. I applaud your statements. Many forget that Notre Dame wanted Urban…but put limitations on the athletes he could recruit. Urban knew full well that the the door was wide open that is why he, and, Florida needs to step up. As long as universities, coaches, conferences and the NCAA continue to allow this conduct to persist without institutional and coaching repercussions it will continue. The NCAA slammed Penn State for the criminal behavior of a coach yet looks the other way when a coach like Urban runs a reform school…..can’t have it both ways. I’m sorry but Urban’s family benefited from his success ….they also need to recognize the responsibility for his downside. Can’t have it both ways!

  75. Next year, when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady retire, the Pateiots are going to become the Gators North! Urban Meyer will become the Head Coach (with the personal recommendation of his good buddy Belichick) and Tim Tebow will become the QB.

    Just remember, you heard it here first!

  76. Let’s start blaming Hernandez’s parents and then blame everyone else that has ever come in contact with him. Let’s face it. This guy, just like most guys in the NFL, got away with breaking the rules probably since pop warner. It’s the society. He is an idiot for killing someone and now he has to pay the price. He’s the one who has made all of these bad decisions. AKA: Hey I messed up. Someone else fix it.

  77. I certainly don’t blame Urban for this guy (allegedly-but looking pretty bad) being a punk, but I do blame him for reinforcing a culture of elitism for athletes.

  78. I’m sorry, Les Miles is looking better and better because of this story and how he handled the honey badger in comparison to a no name (at the time) in AH. He kicked a defensive player of the year and a Heisman candidate off of the team because of his drug history, meanwhile Urban Meyer kept AH on his team and only suspended him 1 game for all of his multiple drug violation, the same number that saw Tyranne Mathieu get publicly ridiculed for his past digressions.

    Les forced a troubled player to fix his life, while Meyer decided national titles were more important, didn’t discipline AH the same way Miles did for a much for prominent athlete then AH… Meyer is about titles, Miles is about the program, this aspect of the AH story will probably never see the light of day but I’m sure those close it will take notes about it.

  79. 1 we’re talking about family, duh. 2 does it really matter anymore today. Look at Joe Pa, man was all about his players and making sure they did right on and off the field. Yet Joe Pa’s memory and legend is tarnished because of his God like symbol and not doing more than he should of against a grown man. So think about it does it really matter anymore? There’s a possibility any coach will get tarnished but the best part is, if someone violates recruiting laws or breaks the rules of the game everyone makes the excuse, “He was trying to win at all cost and did so.” Yet Joe Pa will forever be cast out by a sick man who hasn’t even coached since 2002. Can you blame Meyer? Lol sorry but when everyone is accountable on the same level, I just don’t care

  80. typical BS…throw a guy off the team for smoking a pain-relieving plant in a painful sport…yet keep the guy going around getting into fights, with rumours going around he’s performing drivebys. & why would a Christian be against weed? didn’t god create it?

  81. Given what has been widely reported, I think what people may be questioning is why was Hernandez aloud to stay in college in the first place?

    As for Meyer, he ought to stand up and take the heat himself. At some point he needs to talk. Same goes with Patriot ownership, Belichek, and Goodell.

    As for Meyer’s wife and daughter, boohooing and whining in the social media world never comes off well at all.

  82. correction:
    allowed not aloud.

    Proofreading is my friend, and I still screw it up. smh.

  83. whodey13 says:
    Jul 5, 2013 8:21 PM
    “Urban was not the cause of AH trouble but he did nothing to curtail his behavior or help him become a better person just a better football player.”

    He had daily bible study with him, looks like he tried. For most people especially murderers that will not work but what do expect a coach over 90 players and 20 assistants to do? Blame him for being an idiot and thinking the bible would help but not that he didnt try


    Daily bible study was just the fodder for the media to fawn over. Let’s face it, his players were getting arrested left and right. They were never punished. Praying for players who were more religious isn’t the same as holding players accountable for their actions.

    So no, he didn’t try to help the players, he only tried to help himself and people fooled themselves into believing he was such a great guy because winning was the most important thing to them. Winning causes people to ignore many things.

  84. He cares more about winning than molding young men? Unfortunately he has too somewhat because most fans and university officials are more concerned about his wins than his teaching successes. Duh! Not enough wins will result in list employment and no longer having the potential to mold.

  85. So it didn’t bother the gals while in Florida that 31 arrests for his players occurred? Oh because it wasn’t in the news. They should take the opp. to tell dad/ hubbie to keep things clean now. Aim for good character as well as talent.

  86. WOW! This meyer move is getting better all the time. I have long figured that he would not be out of football for long and when he got the job at ohio, I,like most of the country, saw him as the second coming of jim tressel. It looks like he is getting off to good start that way…

  87. It shows the quality of the kid he recruited when the kid ratted on him… Oh mr. meyer, we thank you for proving us right that ohio has NOT learned the proper way to run a football program… you DO NOT hire people like the past prez and coach and also the current A.D. AND MEYER TOO…

  88. All you need to know about this bum Meyer is that he blew the whistle for a recruiting violation on an assistant coach that HE HIRED at Florida, just so he could get the upper hand with an Ohio State recruit. (Meyer probably taught the assistant everything he knows.)

    His whiny wife and daughter had better be careful. I once said Meyers would sell his own mother to win a football game. Well, I am betting that applies to wives and daughters, too.

  89. while Meyer may not be directly to blame forwhat has happened, indirectly if he had put his morals ahead of his own self serving interests and maybe suspended the kid for the entire yr maybe Hernandez would have gotten the message or maybe not. the point is Im almost certain Meyer and the rest of the Administration at FL. knew what was going on and turned a blind eye, thus sending the message that the rules dont apply to you because your an elite athlete. so much for setting a good example as a good decent human being which is abundantly clear that Meyer is concerned about nothing more than wins and losses.

  90. But what about that shooting in Gainesville in ’07 that Urban knew about and covered…? He wasn’t held accountable for that. And just taught Hernandez tht since he’s good at football someone will bail him out of trouble.

    Urban’s a fraud people.

  91. Florida’s academic all-americans are a reflection of those kids-not Urban Meyer. They probably would have succeeded anywhere. The issue is not what Meyer did but what he didn’t do. The same goes for the parents of these kids. However, in the final analysis the kids are responsible. Juan Dixon and his brother were all-americans in division 1 and 3 basketball. They both graduated. Their parents were heroin users infested with HIV and died. They were raised by a grandmother. They succeeded regardless of their situation. The parents or guardians of kids like Hernandez are responsible for raising those kids. Coaches like Meyer and all others are responsible not for the action of others but for the trust they were charged with. If they have resources to help correct the situation then use them and manage the results if they do not then they are a fraud to their profession. Did Meyer and other coaches shirk the responsibility-it sounds like he did. If winning is more important than removing a bad kid from your team then he is a fraud. The university should also have ghiven Meyer the assets or support to help turn Aaron around. Kids like Hernandez should have been alloweed to hit rock bottom to save his life and it looks like the life of Odin.

  92. Urban Meyer is a slimeball. Nobody is holding him accountable for Hernandez, but there were more than enough “incidents” that arose in Gainesville that he shouldn’t have been on your team anymore.

    It’s bad enough that you brought a kid with such questionable character to the campus, but to cover up so many incidents involving him because you were winning games is deplorable. This isn’t about child’s play stuff like underage drinking or smoking weed; this guy was doing serious damage.

  93. Meyer is not to blame specifically for any incidents but… If he and his program fostered an atmoshpere that was win at all cost without providing consequences for the kids when they commited crimes he is partially to blame. 31 arrests during his tenure? That’s seems like a big number.

  94. Hmmn? Where there’s smoke there is fire last I checked! College sports is big time business and very few focus on the personal development of young men. To the Meyers ladies, your level of comfort in life is directly attributed to the success both on and off the field of the UF program headed by the man in your lives and if actions occurred during his tenture then he is open to scrutiny and accountability also. It’s all part of leading organizations and developing young men. That’s why he was paid the big bucks! It obviously you all will be alright with your comfortable lifestyle but what about the young men who played for him: What training and development where they given outside of the playing field; what standard of personal conduct and academic performance where these young men held to? Yes, Hernandez will be held accountable for his actions but Meyers should be scrutinized for his too.

  95. sfm073 says:
    Jul 5, 2013 4:43 PM
    Who has blamed urban for any of the murders?

    262 20

    They’re blaming him for ENABLING an (alleged)
    murderer by way of his permissive, look-the-other-way coaching/management style.

  96. I’m sorry, I just don’t see how Meyer can be blamed for the actions of a former player. Hernandez is a grown man. His conduct alone landed him in jail. Meyer gave him every opportunity to succeed and he was drafted by the NFL.

    It’s fine if you want to criticize the way Meyer ran the Florida program, but, that is a separate issue entirely.

  97. Yes, Urban Meyer cares more about winning than anything else, THAT’S WHAT HE IS PAID TO DO! It is not his job to make sure these guys don’t get in trouble or do their school work, he’s not their father! As for the off the field issues his players had at Florida, maybe he should have disciplined them better or maybe Florida’s athletic Director and the athletic program as a whole should have taken the steps to make sure these kids were getting the additional support they needed! Either way, Urban did his job, he recruited good football players and won football games! Urban has a way of getting his players to play together and give him 100% on the football field, I think Urban should be commended for getting a team full of derelicts to play together and winning a National Title! Why don’t all you people blaming Urban for this crap go back to blaming rape victims as being responsible for their assailant’s crimes and leave Urban Meyer and his family alone.

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