Chilo Rachal denies he quit on the Bears

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Chilo Rachal started eight games at guard for the Bears last year, but in November he left the team for what were termed “personal reasons” shortly after he was demoted from the first-string offensive line. Now Rachal is speaking out and denying that he quit on his team.

I would never quit on my teammates,” Rachal told the Chicago Tribune. “I understand the brotherhood we’ve got and the respect. You’ve got to earn respect.”

So what did happen? Rachal says he left the team only after talking with head coach Lovie Smith about his demotion, and he says it was Smith who told him to take some time off.

“I talked to Lovie like, ‘Coach, what’s going on? I really don’t agree with this,'” Rachal said. “And he was like, ‘I’m going to give you some time to think about this.’ And I was like, ‘All right, Coach.’ So I went home. It wasn’t like I just walked out. I talked to Lovie and he was like ‘I’m going to give you some time to think about this. You go ahead and get away for a minute. We have a team meeting at 3 o’clock. You come back and we go from there.'”

Rachal admits, however, that he missed that 3 o’clock meeting Smith told him to attend. So while Rachal may not have quit on his team, he didn’t exactly do everything that was asked of him, either. And Rachal says he wasn’t in much of a mood to play for then-offensive coordinator Mike Tice after Tice informed him that he and Gabe Carimi were both being benched. Rachal believed Tice should have shown more sensitivity in delivering the news.

“I came in the next day and worked out and then when I got into the offensive line meeting room, Tice didn’t pull me to the side or nothing,” Rachal recalled. “He just said, ‘Chilo and Gabe, you guys are being replaced.’ I just felt that how he went about it . . . I don’t feel like that was right. I felt like he could have at least pulled me to the side, man to man, and told me.”

Rachal is now with the Cardinals, where he’ll have to perform better in training camp than he did last year with the Bears. Or else someone will pull him to the side, man to man, and tell him he’s cut.

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  1. He could have shown more sensitivity? This, gentlemen, is the result of our wussified culture. Children are not taught that not everything is easy and that “news” isn’t always going to be delivered with “sensitivity.” Tough Love doesn’t exist anymore. The result is self-absorbed adolescence that lasts into the late 20’s. I mean, really, you didn’t like the way he shared the news…and you peace out and went home? This is the NFL, which stands for “Not For Long” when it comes to our country.

  2. Jay Cutler is potentially a top five Quarterback , but they have to do a better job of protecting him. Lets hope Trestman’s staff is better in this regard than the last regime.

  3. Did he really expect Tice to pull him aside and tell him what the HC already said the day before? This guy quit. He quit because he couldn’t handle the heat and failed to rise to the occasion. It does not matter what lies he tells himself to feel better. Anyone with half a brain can see the truth based on his own account of what happened. Hopefully he has learned from his mistake and poor attitude. If not, he will quit on the Cardinals and not get another chance in the league.

  4. Not sure how ‘Take a minute to think it over, come back for the 3:00 meeting’ translates to ‘Go home and pout for awhile, we’ll see you whenever you feel like coming back.’ So glad this guy is off the team.

  5. I just hate that he didnt take Ja’ marcus Webb with him. why Emery didnt get rid of that whole O-line from last season is still beyond me. If the Bears give Cutler time he will give Chicago the Superbowl.

  6. When it comes to football, all I really expect is for someone to walk directly to my recliner, and man to man, tell me in perfectly spoken Hawaii Pidgin English, “here’s a cold beer for ya brah.”

  7. I’m pretty sure if my boss told me to take some time off before a 3 o’clock meeting and I didn’t show up for 6 months then they probably assumed that I quit.

  8. He was told to go home and come back to a meeting at 3.

    He missed the meeting.

    Man if that were me. I wouldn’t have gone home, I would have been in the weight room P.O.’d, then I would have gotten to that meeting early.

    Sounds like he just accepted he got demoted and said “I’m done.”

    I wouldn’t want that type of player on my team. I want you to get P’O.’d when you get told your being demoted.

  9. Wah, Wah, grow the hell up. Be at the 3:00 meeting sounds like “Be at the 3:00 meeting or else”. Well sorry Chilo, that’s what I call quitting.

  10. Emery should give Chad Johnson a look. he still has the speed and his hands are still decent. Cutler could use another WR and he would be cheap. as bad as Chad needs money I dont see him rocking the boat in the locker room either. this is a

  11. So he just explained how he quit not that he didnt …. Just the fact he felt he had to argue his case means he quit lol

  12. Has anyone seen video of this interview? Are we sure he’s just not doing an impression of the guy from “office space”.

    “No, I’m not gonna quit. I’m just not gonna go anymore”

  13. There’s a good reason why he was replaced by Adam Snyder in 2011…can’t believe the Niners wasted a high 2nd round pick on that guy!!

  14. Being demoted is tough. Checking out and going home is whimpy. Rachal had less confidence in himself than Smith and Tice. If you were worth anything you’d have stayed, worked and won the job back. Man- up in the future.

  15. He stunk as bad as his OL Coach and OC Mike Tice….nice guy, but the Peter Principle took over as he should never have been an OC…so the travails of Lovie Smith were over his 9 year rein in Chicago, he just couldn’t get the Offense right.

  16. I don’t like that Chilo went home and missed a meeting and then bailed after the team meeting the next day with Tice. Read the article, he came in the next day. But Tice calling the guys out and announcing to the team they have been replaced in a team meeting is a dick thing to do. Nobody gets fired in a staff meeting, that should be done 1:1. Don’t go there with the “wussification” stuff either. Respecting another man or expecting to be respected does not make anyone a wuss.

  17. @filthy:

    Begone, tool! (Or did I mean troll? Ah, well, same difference in any case.)

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