Colin Kaepernick’s Dolphins hat recalls an old Jim Harbaugh spat

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick thinks it’s no big deal that he likes to wear a Miami Dolphins hat. His coach may disagree.

When 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was a player, he made it very clear that he didn’t like seeing anyone wearing an opposing team’s colors.

In fact, in 2000, when Harbaugh played for the Chargers, he got angry at Jim Trotter, then a San Diego Union-Tribune reporter, for showing up at Chargers practice wearing a 49ers sweatshirt. Harbaugh said it was “pathetic” that Trotter would wear such a shirt, and he refused to answer any of Trotter’s questions.

I don’t talk to anybody in a San Francisco 49ers shirt,” Harbaugh told Trotter. “How could you wear that out here? . . . Seriously, man. How could you wear that out here to a Chargers facility?”

Trotter responded that he’s not an employee of the Chargers, and Harbaugh said he wouldn’t talk to Trotter as long as he was wearing 49ers gear.

“I don’t answer any questions from anybody wearing the enemy’s jersey,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh may have something to say to Kaepernick about wearing the enemy’s hat.

101 responses to “Colin Kaepernick’s Dolphins hat recalls an old Jim Harbaugh spat

  1. He should be more concerned about Kap’s ability to play an entire season.

    Already been proven mobile most QB’s struggle to stay healthy if they use their legs too much.

  2. Colin better listen to the Niner fanbase because they all know about wearing the proper “colors”. Colin just might find himself in a coma, with body parts missing, after leaving the stadium after those 49er fans see him wearing the enemies colors,

    No player on the KC Chiefs or Seattle Seahawks would EVER do such a thing as show props to an opponent. Too much class and pride in those organizations. Alex Smith and Russell Smith are all class and LEADERS.

    People can you see the similarities between Kaeperneck and Hernandez?? I sure do, both of them resemble the 49er fanbase exactly.
    Class and leadership begins with the Head Coach and extends to your QB. The Chiefs have excellent leadership at both spots, and the Seahawks do also.
    Its clear that the FortyWhiners do not

  3. “The enemy”? Next I swear he was gonna talk about killing heads.

    Drew Breed wants an explanation.

  4. I can hear the whispers starting in the Nasty Bay Area already………..”we should have kept Alex”

  5. I’m sure Kaepernick had a good reason to wear the dolphins hat, the 49ers colors probably didn’t match the rest if his swag

  6. A Seahawk gets a DUI, and barely a peep from a Niners fan on the message boars. A Niners player wears a hat of another team and swarms of Seahawks fans give their two cents.

    Seattle, I know your excited for the season and that this “rivalry” you hope is the beginning of people taking your franchise seriously for the first time in its existence, but relax. (Yes you won 5 NFC West titles, we know, we know, we know) Its the 4th of July weekend. Get outside and enjoy yourselves. You don’t need to occupy yourselves with every Niners article.

  7. I hope he does. Kap wearing that hat was a low blow to die hard, old school 49er fans. Regardless of his nonchalant perspective.

  8. Lets hope he has matured. Sounds like something I once heard at recess …

  9. After Harbaugh chews out knucklehead Kaepernick out for the hat, he should also have Kaep’s tats checked out for possible gang affiliations.

  10. Times have changed. Get over it. Kap was not disrespecting anyone. He wears what matches. That’s the style. Some people need to learn how to adapt.

  11. A big part of me believes that Kaepernick wore the hat to get this response so he could complain about it. Why else would you wear it? Because you like the colors? Your the face of an nfl franchise, who’s probably going to get paid millions of dollars, and your going to wear another teams apparel? Screw off!

  12. I couldn’t care less but you can bank on Harbaugh, Baalke, and York caring

  13. Andy Reid and Pete Carroll are laughing devilishly right now.

    While Russell Wilson and Alex Smith lead their proud franchises to multiple Super Bowls over the next decade while proving Mr. Carroll and Mr. Reid as geniuses.
    The Hernandez wannabe will be kissing his arms while wearing Seahawks and Chiefs hats.
    He will be wearing an Alex Smith Chiefs jersey too


  14. WOW this is real news????? lol!!!! kapp is a beast goo niners
    yes we did beat the falcons un like the cheat hawks
    yes we have won the division 2 times in a roll
    yes we went to a superbowl
    5time superbowl champs
    And yes we have the best qb in the division!!!!!
    gooooo kapp !!! wear what ever hat u want this is a free country

  15. Kap won’t be wearing any other teams colors once Jim & Jed sit him down…. Disrespectful to the fan base that pays his salary.

  16. Colin–in his tiny man voice–“Ya’ll must be bored.”

    He is already setting himself up to be set aside as RG3 reclaims ownership over the Pistol Offense.


  17. I could see if it was a bet he lost. If I was owner of 49ers, I’d be pissed. This is not how to get a new contract.

  18. Where would Kap draw the line? In other words, he’s wearing a Dolphins cap in the offseason.

    Would it be cool with him to wear it during the season as well? If so, what about the week leading up to a Miami game? Or the day after a Miami game?

  19. The more I think about this, the more it bothers me. I love football and especially the 49ers. Having said that I couldn’t care less what non-NFL teams any player follows or what teams appearal they wear. I don’t even care if they are friendly or hang out with players from other teams. None of that bothers me.
    I think what really bothers me about this situation with Kaepernick is that he is supposed to be a leader. He is supposed to be the face of the franchise, the starting QB. The fact that he was wearing a Miami Dolphins hat, then the response he had when people called him out on it makes me feel like he is showing a really worrisome level of immaturity, entitlement, and haughtiness. That scares me to death.
    Could you imagine Peyton Manning wearing a Colts hat now that he’s a Bronco? I can’t either.

  20. I could understand all the “enemy” comments if he was wearing swag from another team in the same division, but the Fins aren’t even in the same conference.

    And for that matter haven’t been successful since Marino retired. Don’t think 9ers fans have much to worry about with this.

  21. I’ll tell you what the Niner Faithful were really offended about. A decade of abysmal play sending the greatest franshice in NFL history into the cellar.

    Harbaugh is a passionate veteran, Kaep is a young talented guy. Anyone who has watched an interview knows he has his head on straight and so long as he shows up on Sunday wearing the red & gold that’s all that matters.

    Slow news week, much ado about nothing.

    Go Niners!!!!!

  22. I don’t know a lot personally about Kaepernick, but I’m getting the impression that he is getting a big HEAD.

    Time will tell. LOL

  23. I’m sure Coach would be upset if Kap was wearing this at the facility or in any official capacity. Otherwise this is a non-story. Anyone who thinks Kap isn’t Niner Faithful is fooling themselves.

  24. I would take kapp wearing a Miami hat taking the 49ers to a superbowl and nfc playoff wins! vs Wilson poor play as a qb lol!!!!! Wilson got beat by the falcons.. but kapp has taken the niners in just 10 games to the superbowl

  25. It’s really stupid that this is an issue. I wear different hats to match my outfit – CRAZY! I would never wear a niners hat, but that is for a different post (Go Hawks).

    If he were my player, I’d be more upset w/ his tattoos all over his body than a piece of clothing. All fans need to just chill out about this kind of stuff.

  26. Ever notice how kids who give themselves names like Iknoweverything and logicalvoicesays are annoying little mommas boys living a sheltered life in the basement? That’s why they Don’tknowanything and are anythingbutlogical. Stick to worrying about your pathetic Chefs there Iknow, they’ll need a shoulder to cry on once the season starts, and so will you.

  27. As a Seahawks fan, I could really care less. He can wear anything he wants. But, you know, if it drives a little wedge between him and his coach…between him and his teammates…between him and his fans….well, then all I can say is “Colin, I have a Seahawks hat you can borrow.”

  28. I dated someone who worked at PepsiCo for a little bit. While I was in Italy, I picked up a cap for her that said “Ciao Bella” in the Coca-Cola script as a gag gift. She laughed. I said she should take it into work as a joke. She said she’d be fired on the spot if she did.

    Even as a joke – don’t wear clothing from competitors.

  29. The fact that a pathetic Seahawks fan who calls himself “IKnowEverything” is trying to compare being accused of murder to wearing a hat that matches your shoes tells you everything you need to know about the intelligence of your Seahawk fan these days.

    Talk about grasping for straws. Seahawks fans have got to be the most ridiculous people around the NFL community these days. Simply amazing.

  30. As a Phins fan, Kap has won my sincere admiration and I wish him a career of great success. Go Phins!

  31. So what happens then when he shows up in an actual rivals hat? Will 9er fans still claim this isn’t news when he rolls out in a Rams hat? I don’t recall Manning, Brady, Brees or Rodgers wearing another teams hat??

  32. Kaep can come into 49ers facilities head to toe in Seahawks attire as long as he keeps playing and improving on the way he played last year for the 49ers.

  33. I see one 49er clown trying to claim that 49er fans don’t TROLL our articles, LMFAO… That comment is so hilarious I literally almost died laughing. I remember tons of you losers on our pages when Lynch originally got the DUI, and millions of you ranting when Irvin got caught taking PED’s… How many Adderall jokes, and cheat Hawk lines did we have to listen to??? Too bad you’ve had numerous players suspended for the same thing since 2010, LOL. I always knew you bay boys Weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. I also see JOEY9ER yapping about how you won 2 division titles in a row, and went to the SB last year, etc. Again, too bad you lost the SB, and according to you guys it doesn’t mean a thing unless you win it. At least that’s what you all said when we lost in 2005. That’s ok though, watching the story change from a bunch of fruit loops is quite comical. Keep talking about the 1980’s while your at it, HAHA… Pathetic!!! BTW, maybe your QB should play an entire season before you assume he is the greatest, LOL!!!

  34. It is not a good idea to wear the hat of an opposing team in your league. It would have been ok to wear a Marlins hat, for example, but to wear a Dolphins hat, Colin, is disrespecting the 49ers. Get it?

  35. Seriously, comparing Kap to a gang-banger up on murder charges? What the hell is wrong with you people? Ahmad Brooks taking a beer bottle to the head of a team mate? Now that is more nwsworthy than this.

  36. It’s obvious from Kap’s twitter tone yesterday that he had been tipping the Independence Day rum bottle a little. Now that the 6th of July hangover has dealt its hand, I’ll bet he’s not a fan of fruity rum drinks any longer, and I’ll go “all in” that you won’t see him rocking Dolphins gear ever again. This kid is obviously an amateur.

  37. Why do kid fans like joey49 talk like football is similar to tennis. Atlanta did not beat RWilson. Wilson was magical with 385 yds passing and driving hawks to 4 – 2nd half Td’s, including the houdiniesque move and toss to Lynch with 40 sexs left. Hawks really missed Chris Clemons, the only eeal pass rush threat who tore his acl vs skins the previous week. We signed Avril n Bennett to shore that up, picked up Winfield for our nickel back woes and Harvin ti exploit thatweal whiner secondary. Btw, Kaep is a dbag and any whiner that supporys him is a metro clown, too.

  38. This year will be a big test for Kaepernick. He was playing in the moment after taking over last year and did great. Teams will have tape of him to watch, they will adjust. Will be a test of his skills, his durability, and mental toughness when everything isn’t win win win. He seems like he could be a little immature to handle everything that comes with being a superstar athlete. The Dolphins cap just shows a little of that immaturity. Employers of any profession do not want to see their people wearing rivals products.

  39. My goodness. Football fans are just the freaking worst. Bunch of 70 year olds with crew cuts yelling at kids to get off their lawns and telling everyone about the way things used to be. its a hat people. The kid was a pubic hair away from leading the niners to a super bowl last year and people are worried that he’s got a dolphins hat on. Freaking insane.

  40. Why does a real man need to wear a matching hat with any attire? Especially a hat laced with turquoise and orange? That is why women root for the Dolphins. They dig the colors. Is Kaep that metro or wants to connect with 15 yo gang bangers that he goes outfit over team? We all know the whiners have the ugliest NFL color scheme but really Kaep, an orange stripe in your sneaks to pull out orange in your shirt is plenty. Donning the color of the Fish to match just verifies what we already knew. Whiner players and fans are !

  41. Why is it so hard for people to understand? In and of itself, the hat means nothing. However, if you are the QB and the face of the franchise and leader of the team, then you have to have common sense. Things like image, respect to the fan base and team play important parts to every day decisions because that is the what you signed up for and is the nature of the beast. Not to mention all the marketing dollars that go into all this. Then adding insult to injury, instead of immature Kaep apologizing, he does the opposite and tells people to shut up about it. Ok, people can shut up, but that goes for their wallets too little Colin.

    Good for Harbaugh.

  42. Why does a any man need to wear a matching hat with any attire? Especially a hat laced with turquoise and orange? That is why women root for the Dolphins. They dig the colors. Is Kaep that metro or wants to connect with 15 yo gang bangers that he goes outfit over team? We all know the whiners have the ugliest NFL color scheme but really Kaep, an orange stripe in your sneaks to pull out orange in your shirt is plenty. Donning the color of the Fish to match just verifies what we already knew. Whiner players and fans are !

  43. What’s worse. Kap wearing a Dolphins hat even though he’s the 49ers QB, or Harbaugh interviewing for the Dolphins job even though he was Stanford’s HC?

  44. Ever see Aaron Rodgers wear a NY Jets hat? How about Drew Brees in a Broncos hat? No, you haven’t and there is a reason for that.

    Ever heard of a guy named Dan Marino? Ever see him wear a 49ers hat? No way, because he understood what it meant to be a professional QB in the NFL and the leader of his team and how to properly conduct yourself when given that type of responsibility.

    I guarantee Kaepernick could have found a 49ers hat to match his outfit that day.

  45. He’ll be wearing something else for a hat before the upcoming season is over.

  46. What a poor way to represent your franchise when your the face of it… I’m willing to bet this pissed a lot of players and personel within that locker room, especially harbaugh.

    You might see Russell Wilson wearing a bronco hat and then acting like a punk about it…… Uh Never.

  47. Kap is a class act and is gonna end up being an excellent player in this league for a long time… Yes I am a Hawks fan but good is good and he is!! Anyone faulting this young man needs to examine his own existence. Get some class for God’s sake!

  48. Next to blaming others for Hernandez being a killer and the ridiculousness that is the Rooney Rule, this is one of the dumbest topics being covered on this site.

  49. Kapernick lead the 49ers to victory over the Dolphins last season, so consider that Dolphins hat a trophy from his victory.

  50. I can’t blame Kapperdoodle. The niners have the worst logo, colors and uni combo in the league. D’jever notice all the niner fans trying to wear the niner gear that is black? It’s because their real colors suck. Hello-you do not have black in your team colors.

    You know the colors are bad when he’s wearing MIA. Their gear is average at best.

  51. Seriously it’s a hat! Franchise qb or not, it’s always ok to show love and respect for other teams in the nfl. If you catch kaep on ped’s or under investigation for murder I could see all this trash talk. But it seems this is mostly coming from hawks fans that are pissed that niners ended up with the better dynamic mobile qb. I’m a niners faithful for thirty years and I respect what the dolphins franchise is doing to turn around their bad years, and have love for any team that works hard to become competitors.

  52. I bet he gets booed at less by 49er fans while wearing that hat than actual dolphins players get booed at by their fans while wearing t hat.

  53. I would hate for one of my teams’ players’ to sport another NFL team merchandise. And then how he responded was just downright disrespectful to the fans.

  54. If you want to match an oufit, I am sure you can afford a hat that (1) matches and (2) is not a competitor’s hat. IBM guys aren’t going to wear Cisco hats to da club (lol at the thought).

  55. Remember when Jeff Fisher wore the Colts jersey and said he just wanted to feel like a winner? Yeah, that was WAY worse than this. Now that is the head coach wearing your division rivals jersey because they win more! Wearing the hat was dumb, his comments made it even worse, yet an apology and another winning season and all will be forgotten. Its not like this is not the same kid who said he wants to play for the Niners back in 5th grade or anything.

  56. You don’t wear another teams anything. You represent your team. Clinton Portis caught a bunch of crap here for wearing a Phillies hat, and rightfully so. I think it’s funny when fans grow up in one area and represent another city. You look and sound like an idiot. Especially this kid I see around with An Eagles shirt on and a Nats hat. Really?

  57. I don’t answer any questions from anybody wearing the enemy’s jersey,” Harbaugh said.

    Immature jerk. Let’s hope that Kap is smarter than his coach. Plus, the Dolphins logo is way cooler.

  58. All u sea chickens run your mouths constantly he was wearing the hat to match his clothes wich I doubt he will do again dont u sea chickens have anything better to do than worry about the kings of the nfc west u should be worrying about getting spanked by the nfc champions next year cant wait to fry some sea chickens

  59. I’m sorry but that is just disrespectful to the Franchise that PAYS you and to the fans that support you and buy your freaking Jersey and Merchandise you get a piece of you freaking moran! I’m a Skins fan and if RG3 did that crap to us…I don’t care how good he is..I’d be wanting Cousins to start! Disrespectful is what it is.

  60. its funny how the media’s “big news” story is about Kaepernicks hat, when noone’s talking about how Marshawn Lynch (someone who already has a hit and run) just avoided punishment for this season, by having his trial delayed. Kinda reminds me of Sherman avoiding punishment for Aderall, no steroids, just in time for the playoffs.

  61. of course the news story of the day is colin kaepernick’s hat, and not how marshawn “hit and run” lynch avoided dui punishment this season….much like richard sherman avoided steroid punishment last year.

    is pete carroll writing these articles?

  62. The only hats, I DO NOT wear is Dodger Blue or Silver and Black. If he likes to wear it to match his clothing, it’s all good, just don’t wear it anywhere on the facility or field. Off the field, I prefer the Red and Gold or the Black and Orange.

  63. Harabaugh is a tool, but he is a good coach, and the QB and leader of your team wearing other teams colors? A BIG no no!! He gets paid to represent the 9ers and I would be as upset as Harbaugh if my Star player wore that too!

  64. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good move…not a big deal to me…but not a oggd move.

    If you are being paid by a team, then there is a lot that they put into you…even when you aren’t on the field. You, IN MY OPINION, are a spokesperson for their product all the time.

    What would Nike have done if Jordan wore Adidas?

    What if D. Rose wore something other than Adidas?

    It would be a slap in the face to the organization that pays them millions….you are constantly a salesperson for the product that you endorse. He should only endorse SF 49ers, as far as the NFL is concerned.

  65. Never thought i would say this… but props to Harbaugh. I dont like you as a head coach but i like that you are willing to stand up for your team.

    Now can you explain the Oakland Athletics hat at the As game? Shouldnt you be going to Giants games?

  66. we should be more concernd about this kids wearing gang attire like backwards baseball hats or pants below the ass,maybe he has been a Miami all his life…

  67. It’s Urban Meyer’s fault. He spoke to Kaepernck once and should have warned him. Regardless, Colin is not responsible for his own actions, Urban is.

  68. Dumb move by Colin
    Kinda thoughtless

    But, don’t worry…
    He’ll be wearing a 49ers helmet when he beats the Seahawks this year
    Both times

  69. The real problem is that he picked the wrong team. Niner QB wore a Dolphins hat? Uh oh; the Niners fans have been swapping Raiders gear for decades.

  70. All Bay Area fans should wear Raiders colors. Bad ass uniforms of the NFL.

  71. If this were my QB it would bother me for sure…because of the leadership position and role the QB of any franchise has, regardless if he wants it or not…. Russell Wilson wouldn’t do something so stupid and careless… By the way… The first of the four young QBs to win a Super Bowl will be Russell Wilson… Not Krappernick, Luck, or R2D2. You can count on it.

  72. The reports last year of this guy being modest and unassuming are history. He seems to now be asserting himself more as an individual than as a San Francisco 49er player. His one-play-away from a possible Super Bowl victory might be as close as he gets again.

  73. As a young male, he probably wore the hat to match his shirt/sneakers. Many a people do it nowadays. But I think Jaws and Herm are right. You simply can’t rock the gear of another team in your own sport if you’re a professional athlete, particularly in the same sport. At first I thought “who cares?”, but then thought of a Cowboy player wearing a Pats or Panthers or any other team’s hat. It’s not a good look.

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