Ernest Wallace is on his way to Massachusetts


The man most recently arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd is making his way back to the state where it happened.

Via the Boston Herald, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Ernest Wallace has been “released to Massachusetts.”

No details were provided regarding the process of getting Wallace back to Massachusetts, “[f]or the security of the defendant and the security of the troopers.”

After he arrives in Massachusetts, Wallace will be arraigned.  At that point, prosecutors likely will put a few cards on the table regarding the evidence against him.  He’s charged with being an accessory after the fact.

Aaron Hernandez, accused of the murder, remains jailed without bail.

12 responses to “Ernest Wallace is on his way to Massachusetts

  1. @iknownothing,

    Name one business in the US that the owner was forced to forfeit when one of their employees committed a murder that the business owner had no part in and no knowledge of.

    The answer is zero.

  2. Get over “Spygate”. That would not force an owner to lose his team and Kraft is certainly not to blame for Hernandez anymore than Brady, Belichek etc. Hernandez is responsible for his actions

  3. Someone will flip. They always do. The prospect of years on the inside will do that…

  4. So are you hold your president as accountable, or your congressman as accountable? Funny, how everyone is pointing the finger at everyone but Hernandez and the local law enforcement.

    As for “spy gate”, it was never the issue the Patriot haters or the media made it out to be. They did NOT cheat, nor is it cheating to tape other teams.

  5. As soon as I ink a $42 million dollar contract, I’m gonna call that dude up and hang out and let him mooch off me. Forget the other 52 pro athletes on my team…..

  6. Massachusetts prosecutors know Ernest Wallace will talk, because if he keeps his mouth shut,he goes to prison. but, what if he knows Hernandez is innocent? Hernandez and Wallace may know who really did it, and fear for their families. The killers knew Hernandez was angry, so the took him along with them, but didn’t say what they were going to do, and so they killed Odin Lloyd, knowing the courts will go after Hernandez. Hernandez is guilty of the samething as Wallace.An accessory after the fact.

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