Fans line up to trade in Hernandez jerseys

It’ roughly two hours in to the two-day Hernandez jersey exchange, and plenty of fans have shown up at Gillette Stadium to swap out the accused killer’s uniform top for a new jersey bearing a different name and number.

The folks at have compiled various tweets illustrating the length of the lines at the Patriots ProShop.  Austin Tedesco, an intern at and the sports editor at the Boston College newspaper, has posted photos and a Vine video on Twitter.

Per Tedesco, the most popular jersey that fans are getting in return for their Hernandez gear is Vince Wilfork.  And Tedesco says he overheard this gem from one of the customers:  “If Wilfork gets arrested for murder now I’m going to kill that MFer.”

The selection is fairly limited; for the high-end “authentic” jerseys, the options are only Wilfork, Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski.

Tim Tebow isn’t among the various options for the four types of jerseys:  replica, authentic, replica women’s, and youth.

The exchange continues until 9:00 p.m. tonight, and from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.

34 responses to “Fans line up to trade in Hernandez jerseys

  1. Can I get an Alfonso Denard? He’s due to kill someone any day now.

    Stay Classy NE

  2. Second story about this topic in just 24 hours.

    I can hardly wait for the followup where you give us the stats on what jerseys they were traded for…

  3. Patriots are classless. Spy rings and assassinations galore. PR fronts cannot mask it, or maybe they can.

  4. I guess if you could have picked up one of the Hernandez jerseys cheap on eBay before the massive run on them and subsequent announcement of trade in, you could have had an authentic jersey pretty cheap.

  5. I think this shows the Pats have no class. Your already telling people u think Aaron is guilty. We are suppose to live in a place where your innocent until proven guilty.

  6. The patriots are only doing this to get the
    most Hernandez jerseys they can, then they
    are going to put them on Ebay …

  7. I heard there were several people who are trying to trade in their Kaepernick jerseys.

    Heres a question, why on earth would you waste your money on a Kaepernick jersey in the first place?

  8. Trading in for a Tebow jersey isn’t an option ? Hmmm, I wonder why.

    Anything to do with money maybe ?

    I understand it from a business perspective but let’s not gloss this whole thing over as something the Pats are doing as being the “right” thing to do.

    Money Grab !!!

  9. Wow. People need to get a life. A lot of class from a classless organization. Remember spy gate. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

  10. They’re probably planning on cutting tebow, maybe that’s the reason behind why they’re not offering his jersey as a trade option

  11. The Patriots have ZERO class, and it begins with the owner.
    And their fans that continue to deny and make excuses for everything scummy about that team just explains how they were raised

  12. Wow there are a lot of stupid people on here calling this classless. I can’t stand the Patriots but in no way is this classless. The organization has already cut ties with Hernandez and whether he is innocent or guilty there is now a stigma about Hernandez so the Patriots rather than leave their fans with a jersey of an ex patriot accused of murder their offering them a chance to trade in their jersey for a current player. Thats not classless that’s win-win. The fans get a relevant jersey they can wear in public and the Patriots have their fans still wearing jerseys in support of the team.

  13. this was a classy thing for the pats to do. I only wish the Falcons would have thought of this when the Mike Vick thing happened. To this day I still have 2 worthless number 7 jerseys hanging around in my closet. I was able to sell my autographed vick jersey on ebay when he signed with Philly so that took some of the sting out of that situation. I personally met Vick during his rookie season and got his signature on the classic black jersey before the team changed the logo and got $300 for it! before anyone says a single word, yes I am aware it is not the same situation…… Murdered dogs and accused of killing a human or 3 but as that whole thing unfolded 6 years ago to the biggest star this city had seen in decades, it was huge. As I watch this AH thing unfold it feels much like what we went thru here in Atlanta. Lucky for the pats that it wasn’t your starting qb! Lucky for Atlanta that we won that coin toss with KC in the 2008 draft and Matt Ryan was sitting there for our pick. Then again whos to say that KC would have even taken Ryan, I remember they were high on Glen Dorsey and may have taken him with the 3rd pick anyway. Either way I recall how it felt like I personally had been betrayed and was worried that the vick thing was gonna set back this franchise 10 years! Funny how things worked out pretty well for this team! Over this last 5 yeats we have been one of the most consistent teams in the league and that bum Vick getting busted turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Falcons franchise! yea im still mad at Vick.

  14. I suspect that means Wilfork will not be a Patriot in a year or two, just like Gronkowski and Brady who will retire.

    Nice move Patriots…offer replacements that have a limited shelf life.

  15. Whether Hernandez is guilty or not, the Patriots cut him for being involved. He implicated himself by destroying the cell phone and surveillance footage, the keys to the rental in Hernandez’ name being taken from Odin Lloyd’s pockets plus the organization isn’t stupid. They know him extremely well. They witnessed his actions within the locker room. They chose to cut ties with him not because he’s “guilty” of murder but because he was a distraction and involved in some capacity. Either way, he’s not worth keeping on the team. As always, they did “what is best for the football team”.

    For anyone to think they are doing any of this for profit or selling them on ebay is a complete and total moron. They’re already the 2nd best merchandising franchise in the NFL. They’re losing money by handing out these jerseys. Tebow is the 3rd string Quarterback. Why would they offer his jerseys? They sell them but Brady, Wilfork and Gronkowski are staples in the organization and sell more jerseys than anyone else on the team. Gronk may be a goofball but he’s a good kid and is well liked within the organization.

  16. Don’t think they make jerseys for a given player until he actually makes the 53 man roster.

    Sorry Tebow fans you have to wait a little while longer. Maybe a lot longer since the Pats often carry only 2 QBs and pick up an extra just for training camp.

  17. allhailkingflacco says: Jul 6, 2013 12:46 PM

    Trading in for a Tebow jersey isn’t an option ? Hmmm, I wonder why.

    Anything to do with money maybe ?

    I understand it from a business perspective but let’s not gloss this whole thing over as something the Pats are doing as being the “right” thing to do.

    Money Grab !!!
    If it’s mainly about money, why didn’t the Falcons do it when Vick was convicted? How about the Rams with Leonard Little? Or the Cowboys with Josh Brent(oh wait the last two teams kept the players after their drunk driving murders)?

    I’m sure there’s a business component but it isn’t the biggest factor in my opinion.

  18. It’s so sad people are so jealous of the Patriots. And it’s always the same handful on every patriots thread with the same lame crap.
    Are your lives that pathetic?

  19. Not at all a Pats fan but I give Kraft a lot of credit. That is a cool thing that they are doing for the fans. If I were a Pats fan and I had a Hernandez jersey I would have probably thrown it in the trash so it is nice to know that the fans have a much better option. I wonder if anyone will ever wear #81 for the Pats again?

  20. If its a high priced, embroidered authentic jersey a talented seamstress in any uniform shop can pull off the name plate and/or rearrange the numbers to 1, 8, 18 or keep it at 81. They are very easy to customize.

    Great effort by the Patriots. Whatever you think about them, this is unprecedented as is the way Kraft runs his organization.

    Just amazing the events Boston has had to overcome this year and how they’ve remained steadfast and acted with decorum. Well done.

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