Giants’ Dan Connor arrested with knife at airport


Giants linebacker Dan Connor has reportedly been arrested for carrying a switchblade knife at Philadelphia International Airport.

Philadelphia TV station WPVI reports that Connor, who grew up in the Philadelphia area, was arrested at 9 a.m. on Saturday when TSA agents spotted the knife and called police.

According to, Connor was charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

The 27-year-old Connor signed with the Giants in March. He played last season with the Cowboys after playing his first four NFL seasons with the Panthers, who took him out of Penn State in the third round of the 2008 NFL draft.

78 responses to “Giants’ Dan Connor arrested with knife at airport

  1. Is an arrest necessary? How about confiscate the knife and let him go on his way or take another flight after searching him thoroughly.

  2. Who carries a switchblade in an airport, knowing that they are going to get pawed by the TSA agents?

  3. The number of the professional athletes who are arrested for weapons violations is stunning. Why would a football player need to carry a knife, or a gun? They are already big, scary guys. I could understand women, perhaps. What is going on here?

  4. Would not possession of any weapon be called ‘offensive’.

    Most teams are always looking for an Offensive Weapon, just not a player that shows up at the airport with his favorite one.

    And still the question remains…why do big tough football players need guns and knives to defend themselves? Who is teaching them that?

  5. You would expect to find an old lady who’s 5’1″ tall and weighs 105 pounds to be carrying a gun or a knife, how is it that it’s professional athletes who are 6’4″ tall and weigh 245 pounds or more?

  6. No one was murdered and it was only a knife this time, instead of a gun….
    Does this constitute progress for the NFL???

  7. Patriot42 says:Jul 6, 2013 9:21 PM

    I bet he has tattoos all over too.

    Dude, Hernandez killed those guys, stop being that guy.

  8. Alright I was getting ready to go on the “why” rant but this isn’t too big of a moron move. Obviously he shouldn’t have brought it, but it’s a switchblade. It’s not a gun or anything like that that is used maliciously.

    Not too big of a deal, just one of those moments in everyone’s life where they brain fart.

  9. That’s the knife he carried in college to protect himself from Jerry Sandusky

  10. If the comish. says, that’s it anybody arrested from
    now on will be suspended for one year.

    There would be no football this fall.

  11. The first question they ask at luggage check-in is if they have any weapons in them. Someone who travels as much as he does has to know this. You don’t laugh or joke. You simply say “no.” If you have one it’s okay if not loaded or tried to get through carry-on.

  12. I’m surprised he wasn’t charged with treason, a terroristic threat, carrying a weapon of mass destruction and whatever other patriot act charge they could imagine.

  13. This is one of the most archaic and stupid laws in the US.

    Its perfectly legal to have any of the hundreds of quick opening one handed knives you can buy in any store but a switch blade is illegal.

    Even though a switch blade is no more dangerous than any of the other knives.

    This law goes back to yellow journalism and gang parania in the 50s.

  14. Happy to see that both Fred G. and Aunt Esther have weighed in with their comments….how bout a “c’mon Dan” from Lamont or a “I want my Danny’s switchblade” from Bubba?

  15. To all the people asking why an athlete needs a gun- google Sean Taylor death.

  16. This is dumb. As a panthers fan, I know Connor liked to hunt and fish. Probably coming back from a trip, had a switchblade in his bag for gutting fish, cutting line, etc, and forgot about it.

    People do this all the time, and they aren’t arrested. They just get the knife confiscated. Unless Connor started waving it around, this seems like he was unfairly targeted as a professional athlete due to recent events. Expect this to get dropped, or more details to come out.

  17. Someone needs to check his background, Call his old coaches, Teammates, Relatives, stake out his house…….oh wait he didn’t play for the patriots… bad

  18. The TSA lifted then flinched and changed their minds on the knives on planes ban. Maybe Connor was confused and thought it was OK to bring them on. Either way it’s stupid they should have just confiscated it.

  19. I’ve seen TSA agents make big deals about penknives. A switchblade of course they would freak out about. what do you expect from people who mostly come from poor backgrounds given power? They abuse the hell out of it. TSA overracted like they always do. Worst thing Bush ever did was create the TSA. We are not safer because of it, we just have less freedom.

  20. Cut him. Not with the knife but from our roster. If this is any indicia of his decision making process, I don’t want him making my defensive calls as MLB.

  21. People saying cut him are taking it too far. I myself keep a blade in my back pocket at all times…mine is for work but I know many people who do it’s something handy to keep on you. You just have to remember where you can and can’t carry it.

  22. He was arrested because switchblades are illegal.

    Normally they would let you toss it, or mail it home, but because of that this becomes a special case.

  23. Not even close to the Hernandez deal, but Connor should be discaplined by the league.

    Any incident that brings bad light to the NFL brand is bad news for the NFL. In light of the increasing incidents among NFL players, the NFL can’t turn a blind eye to anything. The NFL must set an example and stick to it no matter what. People will eventually move away from the NFL as a form of entertainment if people do not like what the NFL represents through it’s actions.

  24. This guy should be cut & banned from the league. Even back in April when the giants drafted that drug dealer from tx A&M, Reese said his “character issue” was of no concern & the team was simply concerned about how he produced on the field. It’s a blind eye like this that gets the league in trouble. Roger needs to visit these trouble teams (giants, pats, steelers, etc), and remind them that character DOES matter & having a raping QB, a murdering TE, a gun touting WR and a drug dealing rookie dlineman is NOT OK.

  25. I once got busted taking a knife into an airport, granted it was one of those tiny Swiss Army knives and it was on my keys (and I forgot about it like a moron), but they just asked me if I wanted to ship it or toss it, I chose to toss it. I would imagine a switchblade is a whole different ball game and he was arrested for it, becaue it IS a whole different ball game.

  26. Its amazing how many people trash the Giants for drafting players with character issues. Well Ahmad Bradshaw had character issues before the NFL and he turned out to be one of the best guys in the NFL and caused no type of trouble. DaMontre Moore may have had a bad past, but Giants will not let him to continue to have a bad present. If he does he will be gone. Dan Connor made a stupid mistake but how many of us have not made a stupid mistake in the past that got us in trouble. This one was just to stupid and he will get fined but people are overreacting.

  27. Recently acquired by the NY Giants….
    Formally a Dallas Cowboy….
    I don’t blame him for travelling through Philly armed.

  28. A knife in Philadelphia is not sufficient. A firearm is the only equalizer no matter who you are.

  29. Really, every NFL team has a few knuckle heads. Since 2000, the NYG are the 7th lowest team with the most arrest with 14. In the NFC, they are the 4th lowest team with most arrests. In the NFC first lowest team is the Rams (9), 2nd the Cards (11), 3rd is the Eagles (12).

    Now let’s compare the NYG to the rest of the NFC East. First lowest team the Eagles (12), in the NFC they are 3rd lowest, in the NFL 5th lowest. 2nd NYG (14) in the NFC they are 4th lowest, in the NFL 7th lowest. 3rd the Cowboys (15) in the NFC they are 8th lowest, in the NFL 10th lowest. 4th lowest the Redskins (18) in the NFC they are 11th lowest, in the NFL 16th lowest.

    Skins fans talk about you guys are the classiest that proves they aren’t.

    I am surprise I didn’t read a comment about Mara, erasing all Connor’s problems. It is funny, Mara is the bad guy but the Skins and Cowboys got caught cheating. Before you write something, check the facts, so you don’t look clueless.

  30. A ny

    Ny Giant arrested in Philly?? Didn’t think that TSA agent would discriminate since he might be fan of those loser Eagles?? Hmm interesting.

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