John Harbaugh did indeed buy Lombardi Trophies for his entire staff


Football is a game of tradition.  And Ravens coach John Harbaugh has gone all in, setting a precedent that won’t be cheap for others to match in the future.

PFT has confirmed that Harbaugh had replicas of the Vince Lombardi Trophy made for everyone on his staff.  The gesture was first reported by National Football Post.

Everyone on the staff got one, including a couple of the young coaching assistants.  (That group possibly includes Jay Harbaugh, the son of John’s brother and 49ers coach Jim.)

It’s an incredible gesture, and hardly an inexpensive one.  The seven-pound, sterling silver trophy is made by Tiffany & Co. in a low-tech workshop in Parsippany, New Jersey.  Earlier this year, CNBC produced a feature regarding the construction of the iconic representation of NFL excellence.

The name “Harbaugh” quickly has become iconic in football circles.  That kind of generosity will only bolster the impression.

42 responses to “John Harbaugh did indeed buy Lombardi Trophies for his entire staff

  1. Pretty sad that somehow Whinebag Jim did not inherit any of the class that his brother John possess.
    Probably because the parents didn’t care for him as much as John and ignored Jim. Appears to be wise decisions.

  2. As Niner fan I might get blasted for saying this but I love the difference between these two coaches. As brothers they share the same passion for football but exude it in opposite manners. John seems more methodical and reserved while Jim is straight balls to the wall. As I said last year these two coaches will be leading great teams for years to come.

    Go Harbaugh, Go Niners!!!!!

  3. I’m not sure how “iconic” the name is outside of SF and Baltimore. But apparently you can become an icon seemingly overnight now.

  4. Get over it. It’s been months now. Shouldn’t you be thinking about the next Super Bowl? LOLOL

  5. The name “Harbaugh” quickly has become iconic in football circles. That kind of generosity will only bolster the impression.

    The gesture is great, but please the name brings some things to mind like crybabies,poor sports,hot heads and don’t forget dirt bags. Come on both these guys are hated by their coaching counterparts as pariahs…..not piranhas …close but pariahs is more apt.

  6. This is a very well-meaning gesture that should nevertheless be stopped immediately. The NFL is (and should remain) the only entity that can award Lombardi trophies. There’s a reason that they are displayed proudly and prominently in team facilities — only one trophy is awarded per year and their value should not be diminished by this very type of thing.

  7. Some guys literally play for trophies I guess. Sounds like an inefficient waste of time, money and resources for building a paperweight though. Well I guess you have to have something for dust to collect to.

  8. Very few of my Steeler brothers will agree with this – but you gotta respect a lot of about John Harbaugh. Just like his style – coaches hard play-through-the-echo-of-the-whistle football and seems to embody a sense of loyalty.

    Let’s beat his backside – but as best I can tell from my nosebleed seat in this, he deserves real props for how he coaches and what he stands for.

  9. Goodell should drop lombardi & rename the trophy to The Harbaugh.
    In fact, he should do this the same day the skins switch to the Red Tails. HTTRT!

  10. Should have bought them for the Denver Bronco’s secondary since they’re the ones responsible for Harbaugh getting there.

  11. I wonder how much that set him back I’m sure it was a lot but I bet he gets back more in the form of loyalty and effort from his staff and the added respect of his players for this show of class.
    btw I am a dolphins fan not a ravens fan

  12. Man, some of you losers can’t get off of your knees for the NFL. Let them worry about a replica of the trophy being made. For the sake of us all, remove Roger from your throats.

  13. very nice gesture by harbaugh. im sure his staff appreciated it. and my apologies to nofool. i had no idea he knew all the coaches in the nfl and what they thought of the harbaugh brothers. that dude is connected

  14. The key word here is REPLICA people. You do realize you can go to Amazon or eBay and buy the exact same thing right? Some sellers will even doing custom engravings for you. People like atthemurph and geoffcrittendon need to lighten up.

  15. Classy act and yes, I bet this will start an NFL trend.

    But slow down on the cost estimates – your article included the word “replicas” which means they are likely NOT made of silver or made by Tiffany.

  16. Yeah, that’d be a great gesture vincentbojackson. As long as Peyton and the Broncos’ offense gave the Ravens something of equal value for giving them 14 free special teams points to have even been in the game in the first place. I mean the Ravens obviously wanted it to be a competitive game since they hadn’t given up a single return of more than 40 yards in the 17 games before that. Wait, nevermind. Peyton did already give them something of value in the same game with a knucklehead interception in OT. You’re right the Ravens do owe them a Lombardi replica, my bad.

  17. I think that this is a fantastic idea, and shows a lot of class. (And I am a Steelers fan). I just wonder, did these coaches get REAL Super Bowl rings or the lesser, cheaper ones office staff get?

  18. Im so proud to support the Ravens. Im from NY. Ravens supporter since ’99.

    This team warms my heart, inspires my soul, and makes me proud.

  19. How can anyone disrespect this gesture?
    Even a steelers fan cannot legitimately disrespect it. The man paid for it out of his own pocket and the result is a bunch of Whiney crybabies complaining about it…y’all should be ashamed!

  20. there there larry. maybe one day in the future the coach of the redskins(or whatever they will be called) can do this. not anytime soon, but one day

  21. Better watch it. If the Vikings find out that Lombardi’s can be bought…well, you know where that’ll lead,

  22. He just devalued the Lombardi by flooding the market with a bunch more. Reminds me of those few times the govt gave everyone ‘stimulus’ checks. Most lemmings were happy to get it, not realizing the big picture of weakening our economic society. Nice work Harbs, all you did was weaken our country today.

    Sarcastic melodrama aside, actually kind of a cool move. Probably gets crazy-level loyalty from his staff.

  23. This is nothing less than a classy move. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a sore loser because the head coach of their team couldn’t do the same thing this year. He won a super bowl, he can do whatever he wants to reward his staff. Get over yourselves!

  24. Harbs should have bought them 2 for 1 special considering a REPEAT is INEVITABLE!!!
    “GO RAVENS”!!!

  25. Not a Ravens fan but I gotta say I’m impressed by not only this gesture but by the organization buying police motorcycles for the New Orleans PD, and by the class their fans showed while down here cheering on their team. Maybe I’ll draft Flacco on my fantasy team as the back up to my back up so I’ll have more of a routing interest.

  26. Ok the ravens are going too far, harbaugh is messing without a tradition and I hope the league step in. For Christ sake they’re already getting a ring, why would he get replicas of something as big as the Lombardi trophy. Who could even think of doing this, great coach, dumb move

  27. “The name “Harbaugh” quickly has become iconic in football circles. That kind of generosity will only bolster the impression.”

    The gesture is great, but the name alone cannot adeuately represent the leadership, innovation, determination, and overall good sportsmanship that John Harbaugh has brought to the NFL andthe immense respect he has earned from ALL the other coaches and owners in the league. To take a struggling team and bring it to the AFC championship the first year is no small accomplishment. Then, to make the Ravens the dominant team in the AFCN and put the Steelers in their place (3rd place) is just icing on the cake. Unlike some coaches who get the cushy job of stepping in after a previous head coach wins a Superbowl, Harbaugh started from the ground up with a new quarterback who proved to the world that he was elite by equaling Joe Montana. It’s also a huge plus that Harbaugh has never, and will never allow convicted gun felons or disgusting perverts to play on his team. That’s the Raven code! CAW!

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