Mark Murphy: Packers will retire Favre’s number before 2016


The Green Bay Packers expect to retire former quarterback Brett Favre’s number before 2016, when Favre will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Answering a fan’s question on the Packers’ website, Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said he thinks the time is coming for Favre to be honored by the team.

“I am often asked questions about Brett Favre, and specifically whether we will retire his number,” Murphy wrote. “We do want to bring Brett back into the fold, and plan on retiring his number. He deserves to have his number retired for what he accomplished, and meant to the Packers, during his time here. I thought Aaron Rodgers and Brett jointly presenting the Comeback Player of the Year Award at the NFL Honors program was a great first step. It is really just a question of timing in terms of retiring his jersey. The timing has to be right for both Brett and the organization. Brett will be a first ballot Hall of Famer in 2016, and we would like to retire his number prior to his induction.”

Murphy said the bad blood that existed between Favre and Packers fans when Favre played for the Vikings is beginning to dissipate.

“I know that many of our fans were upset that Brett played for the Vikings,” Murphy wrote. “As time goes by, though, I think wounds are healed and people focus more on the great things he did for the team during his 16 years here. As the recent signings by Greg Jennings and Desmond Bishop show, many players in the League go on to play for rivals later in their careers.”

And as time passes, most of those players are remembered mostly for their best years. Favre will be remembered as a great Packer.

54 responses to “Mark Murphy: Packers will retire Favre’s number before 2016

  1. I need another commercial of him playing a pick up football with some friends in jeans ASAP.

  2. Despite being a Bears fan I always loved watching Favre play. Packer fans should be ashamed at how they treated him near the end if his career…

  3. As a lifelong Packers fan, do it this year. Don’t delay it but jam it in before the Hall of Fame. I love Brett, and love my Packers.

    Packer fans that dislike Brett are ignorant of the business. Aaron is a great QB and will be a long time Packer favorite, unless they draft someone much younger and a lot of potential later into Aaron’s career.

    NFL teams can’t just let legendary QBs fade into the night at the expense of the franchise. The Packers switched at the right time, as is evident with their Super Bowl win and the fact they are prime contenders every year now. It’s going to happen again.

  4. As a lifelong Packer fan, I believe this honor ought to be bestowed upon Brett posthumously.

  5. Packers fans wouldn’t have had a problem with Favre. But he fake retired from the Jets waited til they drafted Sanchez than came back to force NY to release him to get the team he wanted.

    And he did it for selfish reasons. He saw AP and it wasn’t about winning a SB for the Vikings and their fans it was to get another SB win under Brett Favre’s name. Thats all he cared about himself. And that’s the truth whether people like it or not.

  6. The 2010 Super Bowl ring the Packers won without him helps heal all wounds. That, and the complete vindication of Ted Thompson for doing the right thing for the Packers instead of kissing Favre’s keister for three more years.

  7. Brett is probably the most important player the Packers had since the Lombardi era and I was as mad at him as anybody when he went to the Vikings. But Mark Murphy is right. The bad blood is starting to dissipate (for me anyways) and there is no doubt that Brett deserves the highest honor any ball club can give a former player. I really hope the rest of the fan base thinks the same way.

  8. They should have already done it. I can see letting a year go by because of the juvenile tiff between the team and player but it’s been a while now. Get it done. As a fan of the game for decades, when I think of the Packers, Favre is the first player to come to mind

  9. Yeah, he should be “brought back,” and clearly will be.
    But why should the “shame” be all on the GB organization and fans? There’s a lot more room and reason for Favre to be ashamed of his behavior – and even he now admits he “made some mistakes.” Both sides should just issue the bland “wish things had happened differently” statement. Bring him back, get it over with, and then let it go already. After all, at least until Rodgers finishes his career, #4 is the second-best QB in the history of the franchise.

  10. My Giants should also retire his #after all he hand delivered the sack record to Strahan and a trip to the Superbowl.

  11. Paula Deen admits to using a racial slur 20 years ago and loses everything.

    Favre commits sexual harassment while under NFL contract and is a first ballot hall of famer?

  12. Of course Dino will come on and act all high and mighty. Just wondering, did you enjoy the bears epic slide last season as much as everyone else did?

  13. As a lifelong Packer fan I always loved Brett and always will. Didn’t like the way he held the team hostage every year at the end of his career, but that was Brett! Ted had to Finally let him go that last year because Rodgers was in the last year of his contract and Ted had already committed and promised Aaron that he would be the starting quarterback. If he had kept Favre and gone back on that promise, Rodgers would’ve most likely not re-signed and he would be playing for another team. It was strictly a business decision. They knew they had something special with Aaron Rodgers. Besides it was fun playing the Vikings while Brett was on the team. I’ll cheer for Brett anytime except when he was playing in a purple uniform. Had a lot of fun booing him, but I still love him! As a pure packer fan he gave me 17 years of football bliss! How lucky are Packer fans to gone from a Brett Favre to an Aaron Rodgers?

  14. They should do it very soon and at the same time induct him into the Packer Hall of Fame.

  15. They should invite Christine Scavo and make it a happy ending for the ages.

  16. Cheesebay has turned on so many good players over the years it aint funny no more. thats why they go to Minnesota. and it aint that they get cut by cheesebay.. its how they do it. the players are always pissed off because they are lied too before they go. Dont be surprised if Farve retire with Minnesota

  17. It’s fun watching all the Packer fans do a 180 on this subject.

    Oh how they used to hate him for going to a division rival. Now they act like it never happened.

    What a disgrace.

  18. Thank God!

    Finally, a Favre story instead of the latest tidbit that Aaron Hernandez was being investigated because a childhood friend said he stuck bubble gum behind a girl’s ear when he was in third grade and then called her ugly, dooming her to a life of mental institutions and head shrinkers.

  19. Mark Murphy is really trying to gloss this over. I, and many Packers fans I know, are completely over the fact that he played for the Vikings.

    What still gets me is WHY he played for the Vikings. Yes, they were talented and it was a good fit, but to paraphrase Brett’s own words, he also chose to go there to stick it to the Packers. Despite him recently admitting things were his fault, he was bitter enough to hate the Packers for not caving into his demands.

    He also called the Lions and gave them pointers on how to beat the Packers, and he told Julius Peppers he hoped the Bears would knock the Packers out of the playoffs in 2010.

    Those are some of my reasons for being bitter towards Favre. His admission of guilt is a start, but I still want a sincere apology from him too.

  20. The bear fan that said “Shame on Packer fans “should remember how bears fans treated a ex Bear Super Bowl winning QB that backed up Favre.

  21. Pack fans keep comveniently forgetting that it was the Packers front office under Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy who forced him out of Green Bay.

    They wanted their guy to start at QB ahead of a livig legend who was still playing extremely well. Who does that?

    Packer fans should look no further than theor own front office when looking for someone to blame. Blaming Favre for leaving and wanting to stick it to the Packers front office by taking the Vikings to the Super Bowl is exactly what most of us would have done if the shoe was on the other foot.

  22. Maybe the Packers could do it as Brett did with retirement, like a yearly debate as to weather this will be the year or not. Little dose of his on medicine.

  23. Rick Spielman is a Hermaphrodite is amazed at all the Pack fans who were angered by Favre playing for the lavender larrys. It wasn’t anger as much as it was disappointment in Farve choosing to play for an, at best, 2nd rate team rather sign with a 1st rate winner. It was like seeing Favre wallowing in liquid dung.

  24. Of course they will retire his number prior to the HOF ceremony. It will be in bad form not to. But they plan on waiting till the very end so as to reducing the booing that will be heard on that day.

    I love how the Viking trolls try to characterize this as hating on Favre. Its comparable to getting a divorce and then having your ex wife sleep with the biggest d-bag in town. You don’t hate your ex wife as much as you feel sorry for her. Let’s face it, if the Vikings were going to win a Superbowl, Favre was their best chance and they still couldn’t get it done.

  25. If this were up to Ted Thompson, “The Packers introduce Brett Farve Day, in honor of number 4, it’ll be held every February 29, except during Olympic years.”

  26. The Vikings would gladly reciprocate retiring #4 if tt screws around on the Legend again.
    Also, pregame, post game, commercial breaks; Spielman has been working on bringing over #12 on few years.
    gl tt.

  27. I find it interesting how many Green Bay castoffs land just west of the Wisconsin state line. The numbers are truly impressive. What I find both humorous and tragic is the fans of the team across the Mississippi speak of the hate for green and gold yet have a 24 hour shuttle running from 1265 to Edin Prairie….
    I’d be curious to see a list of any noteworthy (contributing) player even rumored to jump to another NFC North. A direct reflection of an organization which continues to play catchup. After AP.. The best players are former NFC North ” enemies”

  28. Brett Favre is a one of a kind QB.

    His name should be mentioned along with the greats in the games present, and past.

  29. Can someone please explain to me how, in this day and age, when we have so many facts available to how, how some people still believe Brett was pushed out of Green Bay? Either they are the least educated people on the planet or they are trolling, plain and simple.

  30. I am a life long Steeler fan and we went through this same thing with Rod Woodson. He was asked to move from Cornerback to Safety because he was slowing down. He flat out REFUSED!

    Rod left the Steelers for the 49ers so he could play CB. He got burnt a lot during his year for the 49ers. The Ravens asked him would he agree to play Safety for them, and HE AGREED. He wouldn’t do it for the Steelers, but he would for the Ravens? Now that pissed me off. Rod went on that season to win a Superbowl for the Ravens in their killer defense and played 3 more seasons for the Ravens and Raiders.

    Today, Steeler fans love him. He says the Steelers are his one and only team forever, and fans totally forget the fact that he wouldn’t play Safety for us, but he would for other teams. At least Favre has said he is sorry for what he did to the Packers. Rod has went on like this never happened.

  31. People forget that Favre threw 2 of the all-time worst INTs in his last 2 championship games. I would say his 1 for the Packers against the Gmen was the worst because 5 guys were out on a pass route and he threw to the only 1 completely covered giving the Giants the ball right in FG range in overtime.

    So why would’t the Packers move on from him? They sure look smart doing so, best record in the entire NFL over the past 4 seasons with a SB win.

  32. Retire his number? OK, let’s do it the Favre way…
    Number is retired.
    Aww, lets just give it to somebody for a couple more years…
    OK, now it retired again….wait, wait let’s give it to somebody just one more time…
    OK, now this time it’s REALLY, REALLY retired.
    Oh-OH, maybe we can just give that number…

  33. Favre created his own self-centered mess. If the Packers are talking like Favre is “coming around,” Favre should be eternally grateful they are even considering honoring this Benedict Arnold.

    Oh, by the way, the fact that he played for the Vikings does not factor into my disdain for this egomaniac. He would’ve gone to any team he identified as giving himself the best last chance of getting one last SuperBowl. It just happened to be the Vikings. The Viking fans actually think he preferred the Vikings to the Packers, but they don’t know him. It had nothing to do with either team……it was all about him……always has been.

    And it brings me great pleasure that he brought the Vikings to the doorstep of greatness and the Promised Land and then pushed them down the stairs before they had a chance to enter. As a Packer fan, it is hard to describe how sweet that was…..for him and the Vikings and especially the Viking fans.

    Thank you Brett, for the everlasting memories.

  34. Actually, I hope Favre does retire a Viking. Serves you Packer fans right for basically hanging him for wanting to still play. Terrible fans, terrible stadium, terrible city. Oh, and what team was Favre sitting with at the NFL Honors? Oh, yes, the always loyal, classy, Minnesota Vikings.

  35. How coy of the Packers, saying fans are upset that Brett played for the Vikings. Never mind that the Packers themselves are responsible for that. If they had treated Brett with the same respect the Colts gave Peyton Manning, Brett wouldn’t have wanted to stick it to them. I don’t blame him – and I say that as a long-time Packer fan. Let’s retire his number NOW. He resurrected a long-dead franchise – he deserves his moment in the sun.

  36. I find it humorous the Viking trolls make remarks about how moronic Packer fans are about being angry. Let me ask you how you’d feel about AP signing with GB.

    At least the Bear fans on the blog make honest and humble comments. Much how I viewed Walter Payton. Man I wanted the Pack to beat the Bears but I always admired the way Payton played. Talk about a warrior.

    For non NFC North fans commenting, I don’t think you get it. When the face of your franchise goes an plays for your bitter rival, you just don’t turn the other cheek. With all due respect to the Steeler fan, was Rod Woodson the “face of the franchise” when he left Pittsburgh? For 16 years, Brett Favre WAS the GB Packers. I’m not sure if even Brett understood that. I think he probably did when he was booed when he came back to GB I’m guessing he understood.

    I’m finally getting over Brett trying to “stick it” to my team. I think that’s fine if he wanted to say that in his mind but to make it so public was an affront to Packer fans who supported him through his substance abuse, wife’s cancer, his father’s death, and his tearful retirement. The script had been written for Brett to ride off into the sunset like so few have.

    Bottom line: I want Brett back in the fold. I think everyone is moving beyond the past and looking forward to his return. Come on home wayward son.

  37. I am a life long Detroit Lions fan… which is NOT easy! I could not but help to enjoy watching Brett play EVERY sunday for 16 years. Except when he beat the Lions… of course. I have been to Lambeau field many times. I was there when Brett came back in a Vikings uniform, and kicked their a$$. I get the booing at the game… its a part of sports. Unfortunately, i have to hear all the water cooler talk from these ignorant Packer fans that bashed Favre…to the point where they said they “hated” the guy. I know for a fact 99% of those guys cried that day the Favre gave his press conference to say he is retiring. My response is EVERY time “Do you know that every sunday that guy suited up for 16 years and gave you a chance to win?” I know Bears, Lions, and Vikings fans wish they could say the same thing about their QB . They are just ignorant entitled Packer fans. If they did do anything during that process… it proved how little they know about football.

  38. This is what separates the packer fans from the newbs. Just remember Murphy you don’t have an owner to shield you.

  39. Green Bay lost a legend, the legend lost his fans, to some fame and fortion mean more than there friends, he said, I’ll always be a Packer,  with a Jets hat on his head!!    
    Green Bay lost a legend, the legend lost his fans !!!!

  40. 6 years later and I still can’t understand the hatred that so-called “lifelong Packers fans” have for Brett. I am a lifelong Packers fan and I hate the fact that Brett didn’t finish his career as a Packer! I fully accept that there were issues on both sides of the fence… but I, for one, am in the camp that puts the majority of the blame on the organization… specifically, Ted Thompson. From a business stand-point, he absolutely, 100%, made the right decision. He did, and it still sucks. This is the Green Bay Packers we are talking about, from a town of just over 100K people… have people lost their minds??? When you talk about the Packers, you talk about tradition & values & loyalty… not business! Ted Thompson brought “business” to Green Bay… thank God for Mark Murphy, who still seems to understand “Packer Values”. I love Brett… still followed Brett when he played for the Jets & Vikings, but my heart still belonged to the Green & Gold… even if that heart was a little broken. People want to complain that Favre held them hostage year after year. The dude was getting old (very, very old by NFL standards) and he was still one of the best in the game. Seriously, cut him a little slack… in today’s world of “The Business of the NFL”… Favre saved our beloved franchise. Do all you so-called lifelong Packers fans forget the 2 decades before Favre arrived and put the Packers back on the NFL map??? Here is what I remember… the Packers, for many years before I was even born, have always had a deep, deep, deep season ticket waiting list. In the 80’s though, we never had problems getting tickets… and by “getting tickets”, I mean getting tickets… FOR FREE!!! I was 15 years old when Favre game to Green Bay… and I was 30 when Favre left. In my life time, the packers were 92-134 with only 2 winning seasons before Brett put on the Green & Gold… and 161-95 with 13 (of 16) winning seasons with Brett behind center! Hate Brett all you want for flip flopping and/or playing for the Vikings… but don’t come at me with that argument and still try to pass yourself off as a true Packers fan… because you’re not… you’re simply a hater and just another in the long line of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately pseudo football fans that want the claim the Packers as “your” team!

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