Meyer says he was told players were questioned in 2007 shooting

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Maybe it was better when Urban Meyer wasn’t saying anything about Aaron Hernandez.

The former Florida Gators coach, who now runs the The Ohio State program, initially refused to talk about the former Gator who is accused of murder.  On Saturday, Meyer sent multiple texts to the Columbus Dispatch regarding Hernandez.  But Meyer didn’t address an unsolved 2007 Gainesville shooting.

Since then, Meyer reportedly has said more.  According to Pat Dooley of, Meyer says he was told at the time that Florida players were questioned as witnesses.

“I didn’t think about it again until a couple of days ago,” Meyer said.

According to ABC News, it was more than that.  An eyewitness to the shooting initially said former Florida safety Reggie Nelson was present, and the eyewitness gave a general description of the shooter that seems to match Hernandez.  More importantly, ABC News uncovered information indicating that, when police tried to question Hernandez, the then-17-year-old invoked his right to counsel.

That would be a fairly important fact to share with the head coach.  Meyer’s comments imply that it wasn’t.

To explore the one further, Meyer would have to identify the person who told Meyer that the players were questioned.  Our sense is that Meyer would just as soon pour fresh concrete down the rabbit hole, and move on.

With the national media chasing every angle of the Hernandez story and Meyer saying enough to pique their interest, it won’t be happening any time soon.

23 responses to “Meyer says he was told players were questioned in 2007 shooting

  1. You cant believe anything Meyeer says. The guy just uses kids to further his career, he doesnt give a damn about any player on his teams.
    The guy lies, will cheat, will pimp his own daughter out if he could land a 5 star recruit.
    He is a big part of everything that is wrong in college football today. He is a pathetic, sickening, FRAUD.
    And any program that hires him has no ethics either and therefore just as pathetic.
    But mouthy Buckeye fans will love him, because they all share his same qualities

  2. I’m just gonna wait for his wife and daughter to comment about this new development. Double the manpower of paparazzi on this case and track those spokeswomen down!

  3. Hey, if Hernandez was able to get away with murder once as a teen, why not try it a second time, and a third time? This is starting to get scary!

  4. Meyer might not want to talk about it, but I’m sure coaches that are trying to recruit the same players will when talking to those players families.

  5. This is the messed up world we live in. Here we are trying to blame others instead of the person that is out killing people. If we’re going to dig into Meyer because he was his coach, why not start investigating his mom, dad, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, neighbors, high school coach, etc. Lets try to take down anyone that knew this piece of crap over the terrible choices HE made.

  6. When the police contacted Urban, he reminded them who owns the Gainesville PD. Their response was, “yes sir, Coach Meyer! No excuses, sir!”.

  7. What do you want Meyer to say? The truth? “Well, I got a phone call late one night about a player being involved in a shooting. So I then called a very powerful booster of our program. He then called the governor, and that was that. I went back to bed.”

  8. This has nothing to do with Meyer. Nor the parents. Nor the sisters, brothers, aunts and or uncles. This is ALL about Aaron the killer Hernandez. No one even if they tried can change what ppl do. Maybe in one or two instances, but you are who you are. Blame it on Aaron. He pulled the trigger. No one else.

  9. I have a sneaky feeling that number 81 the former te of the pats was pulling triggers way before this last murder. Shame on UF for giving him a scholarship. if Hernandez was the shooter in the 07 and Meyer had this squashed then he is almost as bad as the d bag who wore number 81. Hernandez should of been no where near a college campus. Sadly he probably thought he was above the law and would get away with this last criminal act. If 07 helped shape this belief then Meyer is interferon in this mess..

  10. It’s not a football coaches responsibility to raise these guys, you learn not to kill people at a fairly early age I would think. Quit stretching for story and trying to make something out of nothing. It’s not his job to investigate their personal lives his job was to win, and as much as I hated it he won a lot.

  11. I’m no Meyer fan, but every other coach in Division I football would do the same thing. Actually, correction: every other coach in Division I HAS done the same thing.

    Doesn’t make it right, of course, but to expect rightness and morality from the billion dollar business that is college football is rather silly.

  12. Meyer is sham and all the fans are just sheep. Stand up and open your eyes buckeye fans.

  13. UF sold its soul for 2 BCS Championships under Urban Meyer, a phony man who is a liar. The program quickly fell apart after Tebow left. Yes, the rebound under Muschamp has been uneven, and UF may not be top 10 this year, but he seems to be an honest man. Ohio State is drunk off of an undefeated season, but Meyer’s teams are built on balsa wood and duct tape. You will think Tressel was a saint by the time Meyer the Liar is done with you.

  14. What if everyone went after Obama’s time spent during the Benghazi terrorist attack and he and Hil Clinton’s sealed emails the way they are going after Urban Meyer?

  15. Playing college football is a privilege not a right . If Hernandez invoked his right to refuse to answer questions about a SHOOTING then he should have been kicked off the team

  16. AH operated without impunity because he was under the watch of 2 win at all cost coaches: Meyer & Belichick. What a shame!

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