No progress between Bills, Jairus Byrd


Bills franchise player Jairus Byrd doesn’t appear to be making any progress toward a long-term contract.

All has been quiet on both sides, according to James Walker of ESPN.

Byrd, a free safety who started 16 games, intercepted five passes and forced four fumbles last year, has not signed the one-year, $6.9 million franchise tender offer. He and Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady are the only franchise players who have not signed their tenders.

The Bills and Byrd have until July 15 to agree to a multi-year extension. If he doesn’t sign by then, he can only sign a one-year contract.

20 responses to “No progress between Bills, Jairus Byrd

  1. The reason it is taking so slow is cause Buffalo has a GM that doesn’t have a clue about football! He is a marketing man!

    What is it with the GM’s of the Buffalo sports teams??

  2. using James walker as a source is laughable.

    just because its quiet how does that denote no progress? do the agents and team reps need to announce every little meeting, phone call etc to the media? that would be the last thing you do.

    frankly, the opposite is true. if there was no progress you would go to the media hoping to jump start things no?

  3. Jairus Byrd not going anywhere,him Bills thru and thru. And I believe,a deal would be reached before the start of the regular season. But this business is crazy,so u never knows,but as a die hard Buffalo Bills,I be pissed to see Byrd in another team jersey

  4. Byrd has shown he is one of the best, if not THE BEST safties the last 3 seasons in The NFL. Stats do not lie. If the Bills do not pay him 40/5 yrs- 19 guarantee with a good signing bonus, then i will keep living and CRYING with The BILLS. Maybe my numbers are off a bit, but i am not a GM… JUST A FAN WHO WANTS BYRD IN CAMP AND HAPPY FOR THE NEXT 5


  5. Come on! Let’s get this done! Excellent player, new coach, new DC…. fresh start.

  6. Byrd doesn’t want to be a Bill. Only conclusion. Because Whaley is making the right moves.

  7. Still some runway left…pay the man…and go into training camp fired up and ready to prove that the team isn’t the doormat underachievers that many think they are…gotta keep the home grown elite players if you want to be taken seriously…otherwise why would you expect anything other than mediocre results…Russ, get it done….

  8. Buffalo,

    Please get this done. Jairus is not even in the prime of his career and he is one of the bright spots of a defense that needs more of them, not less. I know you don’t want to overpay, but there comes a time when you need to sign your best players to long term deals. Let your fringe starters wait if they are greedy for more cash, then let them walk. Byrd is not a fringe starter, he is a fringe All Pro on an emerging team with cap space. Please get this done.


    The die hards

  9. “The reason it is taking so slow is cause Buffalo has a GM that doesn’t have a clue about football! He is a marketing man!
    What is it with the GM’s of the Buffalo sports teams??”

    Earth to buffalomafia: Russ Brandon (The “Marketing Guy”) is no longer the GM of The Buffalo Bills. Doug Whaley is. Russ is the President of Football Operations and CEO.
    You remember Doug. He’s from Pittsburgh. He’s a football guy. He replaced another Buffalo GM a few months ago. You remember that guy? Buddy Nix. That’s who was GM for three years before Doug got the job.

    You might want to take a look at the roster too. Jim Kelly is no longer The Bills QB.

  10. I wasn’t worried earlier this year, the team and Byrd looked primed to get a deal done. A month ago, I started to get a little more nervous each day that passed. Now, I am sitting on the edge of my seat with my fingers crossed.
    Byrd is an important piece to the re-build of this team. Get the contract signed Buffalo!

  11. With the new scheme on defense you would think they would want their best young player signed and in camp!! The guy is a ballhawk and can cover and make open field tackles. He would allow the bills more space and an opportunity to blitz more.
    Please please sign him! The only thing I can think is the Bills don’t want to pay a safety that much $$. The fact is he has been the only consistent bright spot the last couple of seasons. As a Buffalo sports fan and seeing the mistakes of the past… I want to think the worst!! Please prove me wrong!!!

  12. A natural leader who has a knack for coming up with the ball, even when his opponent is a foot taller. He is a sure tackler, great in run support and knows exactly where to be on the field to inflict the most damage. Don’t you think a player with his resume deserves to be paid?

  13. I see Bryd as possibly having HOF potential at the saftey position. He has gotten better every year, and now hes not with his team this off season hurting both sides. Get him signed. You don’t let guys like that walk. Jason Peters part 2 is not good.

  14. C’mon Bills FO, you need to sign this guy. He’s possibly the best all around player you’ve drafted in a decade, keep him in Buffalo for the long term.

    He’s won the accolades, he’s sold the jerseys/tickets, he’s stayed outta trouble, he’s been a leader, he’s gotten better every year, he’s reached the top level of guys at his position…what more do you want out of a 2nd rounder??

    Can’t wait to hear their rationale if they blow this….

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