Vereen getting looks outside for Patriots


Considering their big-money wide receiver contract this offseason went to the oft-injured Danny Amendola and not Wes Welker, there are reasonable concerns about the Patriots’ first option in the passing game.

But with Aaron Hernandez gone and Rob Gronkowski recovering from back surgery (not to mention Brandon Lloyd being shown the door), the secondary targets for Tom Brady are all question marks at this point.

The Patriots ran through the options on their official website, pointing out that running back Shane Vereen saw time in spring drills split wide, as they hope to use him more in the passing game.

There’s plenty of room for someone to emerge, whether it’s Vereen, drafted wideouts Aaron Dobson or Josh Boyce or their collection of stray veteran pickups (Michael Jenkins, Lavelle Hawkins, Donald Jones, Leon Washington).

As long as they have Brady, there’s a general sense that they’ll figure out a way, as he’s been the best deodorant for iffy groups of receivers before.

But unless Amendola and Gronkowski can stay on the field, Brady’s going to have to work harder than ever to cover up the lack of outside talent.

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  1. Maybe the Pats defense steps up finally…..remember they won Super Bowls with the likes of Givens and Branch as their wideouts…..Brady will be fine but they need the defense to make a stop or two.


  2. Kind of surprised they haven’t re-signed Brandon Lloyd at this point.

    He was a bit shaky early in the year but did much better the 2nd half of the season.

    Sure hope those draft picks are deep in the playbook every day in the run up to camp. They have a huge opportunity this season but the Pats offense is very complex and quite a few receivers have been unable to learn their job properly over the years.

    If either Dobson or Boyce can put together a good rookie season the Pats will be fine at receiver. A lot easier said than done though

  3. They used to line up Faulk and later Ridley or Woodhead in their 5-wide empty backfield formation, off of motion. They almost never threw to the backs out of that formation. They’re gonna need to get something out of the X position from Jenkins, Jones or Boyce or they’re gonna have problems this yr. Boyce and Hawkins are slot guys. I think/hope the defense is gonna suprise and the running game should be good. Hopefully that makes up for the lack of weapons in the passing game.

  4. Does anyone else have the premonition that at some point this season, Brady’s wife will take to twitter, rip Belichick’s legacy into tiny pieces, and then spit on them?

  5. Last time the Patriots were .500…… 2000 when BB took over! No Brady yet, since then worst record 9-7…..2006 no receiver year, AFCCG….
    Finally, you wish!

  6. Pats need that physical outside threat. Driver had it, no more. No deep ball threat on the roster. Their best hope is Gronk gets healthy, or they are a sub-.500 team. Brady has a couple good years left, thats it. They need a future QB on deck now!

  7. Moss back for one more year would be an instant go to guy. It’s up to hoodie ,but they do have options.

  8. The “oft-injured” Amendola played more games in his first 4 years then Wes “I’ve had as many season ending injuries as Amendola” Welker.

  9. Speaking of Gronk, haven’t heard much from him lately. Think he might have finally seen the light since AH is gonna die in prison? Maybe he has figured out that this football gig ain’t so bad a way to make a living and it’s time to start paying attention…the Pats will cut someone in a Jets minute!

  10. The Pats will tailor their offense to the talent that they have on the field. Just like the changed the offense when Gronk and Hernandez got hurt last year. I see another 9-10 win season. it 2006, their receivers were dismal, Brady still passed for 3500 yards and 24 TDs.

  11. Y4eah, 8-8- for these guys, uh huh.
    Because so many Super Bowls are won in early July.
    As someone once sang, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.
    They’ll be a different offense in 2013.
    And that’s likely OK cuz as everyone loves to point out, the offense they have had of late hasn’t been winning ’em any SB’s.
    A much improved D is on the way.

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