Broncos and Clady to resume talks this week


As we mentioned last week, the talks for a new contract between the Broncos and left tackle Ryan Clady were expected to hit another gear this week.

And that seems to be the case, as Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos will resume talks toward a long-term contract.

The clock’s ticking, as the two sides have until July 15 to reach a deal, or else Clady will have to play out this year on his $9.823 million franchise tag, which creates the risk of him hitting the open market a year from now.

What makes this one complicated is the notion that the target is moving, as free agent deals have been depressed this offseason.

The five-year, $50 million deal which was offered last offseason (and rejected) fell short of the deal the Browns gave Joe Thomas in 2011. But it also exceeded the money Jake Long got from the Rams this offseason.

And it’s reasonable to assume that Clady’s shoulder injury (which he played through last year) will be used to compare him to Long’s situation.

Clady hasn’t missed any time, and that works in his favor. So does the presence of a 37-year-old quarterback who wasn’t the most mobile to begin with.