After four years, Matthew Stafford’s mechanics still an issue

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It’s been four years since the Lions selected quarterback Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick in the NFL draft. And there are still bad habits Stafford needs to break.

Although Stafford insists there’s nothing wrong with his mechanics, it would be hard for anyone who has watched him to accept that. He frequently delivers the ball sidearm, or without his feet set, and he often looks skittish in the pocket. Ron Jaworski of ESPN, who spends as much time watching tape of quarterbacks as anyone, says he likes Stafford’s arm, but not his throwing motion.

“Too many forced throws. Overall, he just threw too many passes with poor balance and bad footwork, with a tendency to fall away from the throws,” Jaworski said. “He needs more consistent mechanics to play at a higher level week in and week out.”

Jaworski ranked Stafford as the No. 16 starting quarterback in the NFL, which isn’t exactly what the Lions were hoping for when they spent the first pick in the draft on him. Fixing those mechanics may be what Stafford needs to do to become an elite passer. Whether Stafford thinks so or not.

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  1. I don’t get why people are so high on this guy. He had 20 TDs to 17 INTs last year; I don’t care how many yards he throws for, that’s what it boils down to.

    He was unable to throw over 60% completions despite having Megatron. Also, he had 727 attempts, which might be the highest in the league (correct me if I’m wrong) and only threw 20 TDs? The 79 passer rating speaks for itself.

    I’ll get thumbs downs, but these are facts.

  2. Us Lions fans are plenty happy with Stafford and don’t care what Ron or MDS think. Take away Calvin and Stafford passed for as many yards as Cutler. No Javhid Best last year either. Instead of blaming poor mechanics, Stafford should be praised for getting the ball out in unconventional ways with guys in his face all the time.

  3. It’s not just his mechanics, he has a lot of work to do with his reading and decision making. He leaves a lot on the table and he misses a lot in terms of things that are easily correctable with the right focus.

    The arm mechanics are a non-issue in comparison to those 2 issues. That’s where he needs to improve.

  4. Not a huge fan of the Lions, but if anyone has watched a game, he’s constantly running for his life and has yet to have a decent running back. Hard to have “perfect” mechanics when you’ve got no time and everyone knows you’re throwing it.

  5. Jaws was a average qb at best. Who is he to judge anyone.

    Stafford had over 5000 yards last year. I do not think the Lions give a hoot as to what Jaws thinks.

  6. What?! He is already twice the QB that Jaws ever was. He has thrown for more than 10,000 yards the last two seasons. Last year with only one receiver he was only a few yards shy of 5000 yards. There are many reasons that the Lions had a losing season last year but Stafford is not one of them.

  7. Long time Lions fan here,

    Yes, Stafford has some maturity issues. Last year as the team was losing you could see him yelling at WRs after ints or incompletions. In one example he was screaming at an undrafted WR who was forced to start his second game due to injuries on the Lions roster. The guy wasnt even practicing 4 weeks early. The WR ran the wrong route and Stafford tore into him on national t.v.

    Staff did the same thing to Pettigrew, who in his very first game back from injury did not cut quick enough and missed a pass. Staff had a tendency to blame his teammates rather than himself late in the season, which I found a bit ugly.

    That being said, Stafford is still one of the best young QBs in the league. He can make any throw. He just needs to grow up a little, take responsibility, and stop acting like he has nothing to learn. Hell, even Peyton will tell you he has more to learn, and that is the attitude Stafford needs to develop.

  8. His list is a front runner list. Of course it is easy to pick on Stafford and his mechanics after last year.
    He is Favre-esque in his mechanics and when the team is losing it is going to draw extra ire.
    He had Calvin Johnson as the only reliable target to throw to and nobody else. Not a run game. Nothing. By the end of the season he was the QB who had the most drops by his receivers , he was throwing to Kris Durham, who was added from the practice squad for criminey’s sake.
    He is still only 25 and I guarantee that if an expansion were drafting for the first time, a qb like Stafford would not drop to 17.

  9. Sounds like a description of Farve. Bet lions fans would take that

  10. His mechanics aren’t changing at this point in his career. Same goes for Rivers, Roethlisberger, Vince Young, Tebow, etc. They’ve gotten as far as they are with the mechanics they have and it’s not going to change now that they’re all several years into the NFL.

  11. Actually, I’m pretty sure the Lions don’t care where Jaws ranks Stafford in his list.

    Our interior O-line (especially RG) gave up a ton of pressure which forced Stafford to throw from positions that weren’t exactly ideal. We also lost every WR we had on the roster except for CJ, so most of the time there weren’t many wide open throws for Stafford to make.

  12. I will admit as Lions fan that his footwork can get sloppy. But you try to make perfect form throws with a pocket collapsing all around you and no run game. The coaches had the run-pass ratio all out of balance and no teams respected our run threat. He is not a top guy, but 16 is way too low. Jaworski has had been over-harping the mechanics thing for the last two years. It’s a factor in the bad decisions, but so is the fact the coaches call pass 70% of the time.

  13. Matt Stafford threw sidearm passes more times last season than I have ever seen from a QB. A lot of them were still accurate…but obviously not as accurate as previous seasons.

  14. I have watched every start of Stafford’s career thanks to Sunday Ticket. I don’t think mechanics are his problem; actually I think the sidearm motion helps him make some throws that aren’t possible from a standard motion. I think he runs into problems when he forces passes that aren’t there, it’s that stupid gunslinger mentality.

    Remember in 2011 when he threw for five thousand yards? Megatron helps a lot, but let’s not pretend like any clown could show up and do that. He took a step back in 2012 for sure, but Detroit started Kris freaking Durham at receiver for several games.

    Bottom line, I’m a realistic Lions fan and I think we know what they have with Stafford: a guy with a cannon who can make some amazing plays but is prone to game-killing fits of stupidity. As fans we just have to hope that Burleson stays healthy, Broyles continues to improve, and the new line isn’t as bad as they look on paper.

  15. “He frequently delivers the ball sidearm, or without his feet set, and he often looks skittish in the pocket.”

    Perhaps that results in large measure from the quality of his offensive line. Put New England’s offensive line in front of Stafford. I suspect that his mechanics would improve considerably.

  16. Also he hasn’t butt-fumbled yet. Never forget: Stafford vs. Sanchez was a legitimate debate once upon a time.

  17. This guy has thrown for 5,000 yards. His mechanics are fine. He just makes some poor decisions at times while trying to make plays…like Favre once did. Stafford has thrown the ball in just about every angle possible based on the stuff happening around him. When he is back in the pocket with time to throw his mechanics are just fine. Fix some of the decision making but don’t mess with something that is obviously working.

  18. Very overrated player IMO. It only makes sense that he racks up tons of yards with the best WR in the game and being down by huge margins. He threw 727 passes, had almost 5000 yards, and managed 20 TDs.

  19. Biggest lions fan here…

    Stafford is definitely not overrated, and yes he does need some improvement. Is that bad? Does that mean he’s a bad qb? Not even close. I’m glad to have him as a lion. Just kind of wish he was more of a leader out there. Guys like Rivers, Cutler……like them or not those guys are leaders.

  20. At the end of the day, Seadderal Fans and fans of Adrian PEDerson’s squad are the same:

    Fans of cheating teams/players that won’t win a Super Bowl any time soon.

  21. Yes, he threw for a ton of yards. But why not touchdowns? If he’s getting you to the redzone, why aren’t you scoring? That’s a glaring issue.

  22. What’s more important:
    1. How many yards a QB throws for?
    2. How many wins the team gets?

    If #1 is the most important thing, Stafford is “elite.”
    If #2 is the most important thing, Joe Flacco is elite. He has been in the league only one year longer than Stafford, and has 9 playoff wins.

    I’m not knocking Stafford, and I wish the Lions well, but individual stats are overblown in a team sport where team performance is all that counts.

  23. Stafford is the prime example of how fantasy football is warping perceptions of good play.

    He puts up big stats so he must be great right?

    Wrong. Jeff George used to put up good stats, so did lots of guys. It doesn’t automatically mean you are a good QB.

    Stafford just forces it to Megatron way too often. He’s like Culpepper when he had Moss in his prime. What happened to Culpepper when Moss went away? His career was done.

    It’s not all Stafford’s fault. His coaches seem to encourage his reckless play. He still has time to learn to be a good QB instead of just a big stat guy.

  24. Forget the mechanics and forget the stats, Stafford has a way of choking in the game’s biggest moments. He is almost Viking-est in that regard.

  25. First of all, Who in the hell made Ron Jaworski a expert on qb mechanics?…. He was a tough son of a gun. but as I recall, he was never that impressive as a passer and seemed to choke on the big stage.

  26. Take away Megatron and he is horrible. Even with him last year Stafford was bottom third of NFL QB’s. Massive cap space devoted to a below avg QB that has the best WR in football and had a losing season again, sorry Lions fans but he is not even close to elite QB range. You can keep paying him like he is elite but it will not make him elite and all you are doing is hurting your chances of keeping your quality players in the long run.

  27. A running game certainly wouldn’t hurt his throwing mechanics any. The guy is just trying to keep the play alive or keep himself alive half the time.

  28. Until Matt throws for the yards and TD’s and the end of his career and gets the wins lets not compare him to Favre just yet.

    As far as Jaws, his playing career has nothing to do with his analysts of players in the NFL today. Some can play, some can coach, very few do both great. Lest we forget Jaws was Eagles holder of many records and did start in a SB for them. If you watched him in his era, you might have a different outlook.

    Also, Jaws has access @ NFL Films and the time to break down things few of us do, and that is to look at every single throw over and over and study it from all angles.

    There is a lot wrong in Detroit, if they got some of it fixed and a HC that was dedicated to his QB instead of Gunther Cunningham and drafting D-lineman, I think Stafford will be a top 5 guy some day. I hope The Lions don’t waste this
    opportunity with a franchise QB.

  29. Stafford is hardly overrated. He threw for 5,000 yards and 36 TD’s in 2011. Let’s see what he does this year with a full crew of healthy receivers plus Reggie Bush.

  30. I’m very happy with Stafford at qb. I don’t really care much about lists the the media comes out with all off season to get everyone talking. I care about wins this year and nothing else.

  31. Clearly, Stafford is the best qb the Lions have had for decades and is a legit starter in the NFL but for anyone watching him, play by play, game to game, one must conclude that both his physical and mental mechanics need to be tweaked. He’s got great arm strength and delivers the ball quickly but doesn’t always use the whole field, failing to identify open receivers and too often forces the ball. He also doesn’t throw an easily catchable ball often enough. Jaws may be a blowhard but GB, ATL, NYG, SF, HOU, NO, NE, WASH, PITT, SEA, IND, DEN, CIN and CAR would prefer their current qb so his ranking isn’t too far off. Hopefully, he takes the step forward this year that would cause us Lion fans to unanimously feel the same way.

  32. I never thought Jaws was that smart anyway, but if the Lions finish under .500 again, talks about a change will be coming….again.

  33. When was the last time someone had a debate about Jaworski being the best NFL QB? Seriously I’m tired of hearing him critiquing these NFL QBs when he wasnt that great himself!

  34. I suppose if he gets his mechanics straight he may throw for 6,000 yards with a 70% completion rate.

    His mechanics are fine. His mechanics should be judged to that of a shortstop, not a pitcher. He was hardly a pure pocket passer and was constantly facing a packed secondary.

  35. His biggest problem since he’s been there is that stinky offensive line and no running game. If you know you’re going to drop back 50 times behind a shaky offensive line, your mechanics would get a little funky, too.

  36. You lions fans should be happy with stafford as your QB, better than a guy like tebow. Now I’ve watch a hand full of lions games every season and what I see so far from Matthew is that he can make the throws but sometimes his decision making can be off. One commenter said that Stafford tends to blame others before himself, I agree that you must own up in order o correct and improve. Passing for 5000 yards is good but o have over 700 attempts and 20 TDs to go with 17 ints is unacceptable but can be corrected with the right work ethics. Some of you commenters blames his lack of wideouts to throw it to, he threw for 10,000 yards in 2 seasons and I’m sure megatron wasn’t accounted for half that total so he’s gotta be getting production from somewhere. Now with the addition of bush, things should be a bit better for that offense

  37. I just knew by looking at the headline that it was going to be Jaws complaining about Stafford’s mechanics.

    Yeah, the mechanics ARE goofy – he goes into that funky sidearm when he gets pressured, but so have many great QBs. The problem is, it worked for him two years ago. Last year he wasn’t solid mentally and it wouldn’t have mattered what style of mechanics he used. The fact that he got the yardage he did was only due to the fact that he got the yardage he did out of Calvin Johnson. His yardage out of everyone else was weak at best. And most importantly, check out the Red Zone stats. In the end, the TDs just weren’t there, and that’s what really matters.

    Complete polar opposite of what it was the year before. Matt needs to work on his head, not his mechanics. And Jaws needs to work on some new material.

  38. I’m a lifelong Lions fan/observer and most of these responses make me giggle. Detroiters — and really this goes for anything sports-related or not — get so freakin’ defensive when anyone criticizes the city or one of their own. It’s always someone else’s fault — the offensive line, lack of a running back. There is always an excuse. Someone is always out to get them. Same deal last year in the Trout vs. Cabrera MVP debate. HOW DARE SOMEONE DISAGREE WITH THEM!!

    Look, I like Stafford a ton. Liked him at Georgia, liked the draft pick. Kid has an absolute rocket launcher attached to his shoulder and seems like a good teammate and a decent human being and a great competitor. But his mechanics are flat awful and sometimes I get the sense he’s pretty happy to be an NFL QB and maybe not the student of the film room that a Manning or Brady is. And you know what they say: perception is often reality.

    I think Stafford has a lot to prove this year. His accuracy is mediocre at best, he improvises too much and I don’t think he’s been good at reading defenses. Either have a huge year and bust out or I’m gonna have major concerns about whether he ever will. Stop whining and crying about the running game and the offensive line.


  39. Also, as a preemptive strike for all “but but but 5,000 yards!” replies, who gives a rip. The league has seen an absolute passing explosion in the last few years. No one cares about raw yardage totals. Win playoff games or shut the hell up.

  40. if any of you watched “nfl edge’ when it was around, then you know no one can break down tape like jaworski. no one. if he says he sees something on tape, it’s there. that being said, i don’t get to see the lions play very often but i think stafford probably deserves better than #16.

  41. I prefer to think about QB mechanics like I think about golf: a swing that works great for one golfer is not going to work as well for another golfer.

    With the possible exception of Brady, the prototypical QB doesn’t really exist. RG3 and Vick take off running, RW3 is too short to be drafted so high, Alex Smith was a complete bust until Harbaugh came along, Garcia doesn’t actually quack like a duck…the list goes on.

    Personally, I like the way Stafford plays, he’s fun to watch. I’m not a Lion’s fan, but I am a Stafford fan. He makes the Lions games exciting.

  42. Not to mention but Stafford also is getting fat – he is on his way to being significantly overweight in the second half of his career. He’s already puffed out. The only way he will avoid a pass rush is to roll away from it.

  43. For every commenter suggesting that Stafford would be awful without CJ…an elite receiver doesn’t make a crappy quarterback good. Or perhaps you haven’t watched Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals since Kurt Warner retired.

  44. 5,000+ yards is no big deal you say? Then how come only 3 QB’s besides Stafford have ever done it? Dan Marino, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady.

  45. BTW Lions fans, you’re not used to winning so you may not know this but a QB throwing for 5000 yards is not a good thing. It’s a sign something is wrong.

    Brees threw for 5000 yards 3 times and missed the playoffs 2 out of 3. Brees threw for 4300 in his Super Bowl season.

  46. What a QB with mechanics issues needs is a running game that is consistent and provides the ability to play action pass. Passes on play action by an offense with a potent running game are more likely to be complete and time of possession increases.

    Detroit has basically just had bad luck with running backs since Barry Sanders left. If Bush can combine with Leshoure to give the offense more balance, Stafford will be better…no more forced passes despite mechanics and although Megatron may not have the ridiculous fantasy numbers, other receivers can shine. Then this team can talk about being a contender.

    That defense is another issue altogether…ugh.

  47. To be honest, ever since Matthew Stafford was drafted and ended up paired with Calvin, I’ve been scared that the Lions will rise up and punish my Packers with too many touchdowns. To my surprise, it hasn’t happened yet, despite some years there when our defensive unit had well-documented injuries and other problems.

    I had not paid attention to Matthew’s TD/INT ratio until reading this article. Seeing that, maybe Mr. Stafford will never emerge as the kind of threat I expected him to be in our division.

    I am worried that Ponder is going to break out. In that one game last year, he definitely added to the running threat with some very well-delivered passes.

    I don’t know about Cutler. To be candid, my principle worry in Bear contests for the last few years has been the kick return game, not the passing game. Mr. Cutler always seems to invent or fall into some jam he can’t fight his way back out of and the game end up going OK for us.

    Should be a fun year. I just can’t believe we’ll go 6-0 in the division again this year. That would be incredible. Yes, it could happen, but sometimes the ball bounces in a very unexpected way.

  48. I always thought Stafford was overrated. He throws too many picks. All that yardage is overstated . When your losing games , its called padding stats. Everyone wants him to be great but he will never be elite. Imagine Brady or Flacco for that matter, with a Megatron to throw to….The people who keep comparing Jaws to Stafford are missing the point. His expertise has nothing to do with how good or bad he was as a qb! Get over it…Stafford is slightly above average. He has a cannon for an arm though.

  49. When the Lions will finish dead last in the division…again. What’s the excuse going to be for Stafford this year?

  50. Lol. Take away any QB’s #1 receiver, and what do his stats look like. Stafford’s stats would look like Cutler’s.

    The Lion’s main issue was D last season. That’s all it was. If the D is improved, Stafford, all of a sudden, will get the wins.

  51. He’s not overrated. He’s pretty darn good. For those of you who say 20 tds is all blah blah blah, lets not forget Megatron was tackled inside the 2 yard line 9 times last year and Lions not named Tron dropped 5 touchdown passes, now i know woulda coulda shoulda, but there is 14 touchdowns off the board. Lets not forget the recievers that were not there, you had Burelson, Young, and Broyles all missing over 8 games. You had Stone Hands Pettigrew, and the dancing Tight End Scheffler. He’ll be fine. Just need someone besides Megatron to step up and, If the Run game opens up, this team will be hard to stop.

  52. “I don’t care about 5,000 yards, I care about wins”

    Great, I don’t care about yards either. But wins are a team stat. Neither are even close to being a good measurement.

    “Without Calvin, he would have done nothing”

    Great, with Kris Durham, Titus Young, Brian Robiskie, a newly acquired Mike Thomas, and no running support whatsoever, you’re favorite quarterback would have also done nothing

  53. sorry but the dudes complete full of crap. 1 guy here says with megatron and he cant break 60%. that’s all he had last year. amazing stats with only 1 receiver and no backs. he now has 4 very good recievers[megatron, broyls,burl. and a very good pass catching rb who runs great]. instead of having his throws blocked he throws around them. look at the great gunslingers in the nfl they threw whichever way they could to get the ball to the receiver. Stafford will lead the nfl this year in tds and yards. also lions finally win a po game.

  54. All this criticism from a guy with a career 72.8 QB rating. Jaworski is a hack. Stafford was injured his first two years and was basically a rookie in 2012.

  55. In 2011, we saw Stafford’s potential and it was one of the most productive seasons by an NFL quarterback EVER. 63.5% completion rate, 5038 yards, 7.6 per attempt, 41 TDs and only 17 INTs.

    Last year, we saw the worst of Stafford but consider this: no Jahvid Best, Titus Young disrupting the offense (assumed #2), injuries to the #2 and #3 WRs and more drops by his WRs than any other team but he still managed nearly 5k yards.

    Haters will hate but any Lions fan knows what this man is capable of and it is nothing short of greatness.

  56. If this idiot could figure out how to throw a fade pattern, Megatron would lead the league in TD’s every year, without fail.

    This is coming from a Packer fan.

  57. It is funny after all the losing the Lions have gone thru

    But look at all the Lions fans defending a guy who needed 727 passes to get just above the 5000 yard mark. that’s like 7 yards a pass. That is not a good ratio compared to many other qb’s in the league.

    Jaws is right the sidearm throwing is a liability most of the time. His feet are jittery. And yes, he has to improves his decision making and reads.

    It’s not just Stafford’s mechanics, he has a lot of work to do with his reading and decision making. He leaves a lot on the table and he misses a lot in terms of things that are easily correctable with the right focus.

    The arm mechanics are a non-issue in comparison to those 2 issues. That’s where he needs to improve.

    Combine that with a garbage front office, salary cap issues, bad drafting in rounds 2 thru 7, Linehan’s crappy play calling, the non use of a fullback, the use of the pistol all the time basically,garbage defense, the garbage wide 9. and non existant run blocking ( hopefully Raiola does not start at center ), forcing the Lions to throw, throw and throw, like the Packers, just the Packers have better play calling on both sides of the ball, and a better secondary, your gonna have issues.

    This is not a playoff team in 2013.

    This team with the brutal schedule it has in 2013 will be lucky to win more than 4 games.

  58. Detroit is going to need more than a weak QB… a cartoon and a hand full of criminals to win in the north
    and now that Im thinking a real coach wouldnt hurt.

  59. He is a great qb & even with all those bad machanics.. lol he delivered it good the year before… teams should be scared of wha ts coming this year.. recieving corps back, running option available… secondary with options… defensive line gelling… its gonna be a show & I’m there already.. I’m more worried about the L. Backer corps & s. Teams…. we know stafford can score & bush can run…. why all the petty stuff? Stop puttin pressure where it don’t need to be….

  60. I like Matthew Stafford, but he’s certainly no Brett Favre. Detroit needs to bring in a competent coordinator, QB coach, or both. The fault for this one lies with the front office…

  61. His mechanics are fine. When he has a chance to square up and throw off his front foot, he does. The guy was running for his life last season.
    I’m glad he has the ability and confidence to throw sidearm and flick passes 30 yards with his wrist. The Lions would have done even worse without some of his “bad” mechanics.
    Stafford is a lot of fun to watch. The Lions are going to have a great season.

  62. Yards thrown don’t mean much, its win’s that count.
    This has to be a make or break year for him. The Lions have all the pieces in place now and if he ends up being the achiles heel, I think his honeymoon ends and they bring in someone else. Then again, we are talking the Lions: Wayne Fonte, Marty Morning wag?

  63. Robinson –

    Not a bad summation, but the gunslinger mentality is only one variety of his mental mistakes. He has a few of those types of varieties as well.

    And I agree with you about the sidearm passes. Sure it’s not ideal but that is one of the byproducts of having a unique skill. Stafford is definitely the best sidearm passer in the NFL, so I don’t freak out as much as the next person when he breaks it out. If his mindset can be tweaked to learn where he needs to improve, then his natural logic circuits firing more properly would naturally help to alleviate the frequency of those types of passes as his execution points would sometimes happen before he gets to the point of wanting to break out the sidearm.

    So if you can help coach the man to think better at the core, then you can wipe out some of those sidearm errors or gunslinger errors as well as errors of all other types too. It’s all about having a clear pinpointing and understanding with what it takes to be a great QB and having a ooach that can connect and register these sentiments with the player.

    We don’t have that yet and Stafford hasn’t seemed to be able to learn it on his own, so hopefully he and the staff are taking a more refined approach to getting the job done correctly this year. Otherwise Stafford will continue to lag by.

  64. Jaws is a better analyst than quarterback, and since he played the position he knows the challenges and what it takes to win. He could easily analyze his skills and critique his own game tape, but what good would it do him now?

    The guy practically lives at NFL films and has devoted his studies to the game. He’s trying to help Stafford get better. What’s wrong with that?

    I love watching Stafford and think he can be one of the best. But he has to do some things to get there. Some fans take criticism of their players too seriously and don’t see the big picture. If Stafford takes the next step, it’s only good for the Lions.

  65. Not ALL Lions’ fans are comfortable with Stafford and his lack of self-critique of his throwing mechanics. I’ve been following the Lions for nearly 40 years, and believe me I’ve been patient. Not only with this team, but with Stafford as well. I recognize that he had injury shortened seasons which may have some impact on his maturity in regards to being an elite NFL QB. But, with the crop of young QB’s who have come into the league with him and since he’s been there playing “fresh outta the box” at a high level, I really can’t give him any more excuses. He has a mechanical problem and he needs to fix it. Not only to better lead the team, but to justify the huge salary extension he’s gonna ask for. Other teams are watching dude.

  66. youarejealousof6rings says:
    Jul 7, 2013 8:54 PM
    I don’t get why people are so high on this guy. He had 20 TDs to 17 INTs last year; I don’t care how many yards he throws for, that’s what it boils down to.

    He was unable to throw over 60% completions despite having Megatron. Also, he had 727 attempts, which might be the highest in the league (correct me if I’m wrong) and only threw 20 TDs? The 79 passer rating speaks for itself.

    I’ll get thumbs downs, but these are facts.”

    those are not facts…they’re stats. drew brees has better stats than tom brady, but he’s not a better quarterback than tom brady. stats are not the entire story. some of us watch football and don’t just read the box score. try it some time.

  67. Ron and company can talk all day about his mechanics. Bottom line, the Lions were at the top in dropped passes last year. He had 20 TD’s and 42 the year before. That was 42 with more than ONE good receiver out there. When your one good receiver is always double and triple covered, what do you expect? If I was Stafford, I would be FRUSTRATED. I believe that with an improvement in the running game and some nice WR picks, the Lions will become something special.

  68. Give us a DIFFERENT coordinator that doesn’t rely so much on the passing game. Does Linehan even have running plays? Think about the passing ratio that Matt has to endure. Bottom line, other teams have the Lions figured out. Pass! Pass! Pass! They need the ability to spread the ball to other talents and create a running game.

  69. Brett Farve like mechanics? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Favre one of the best passers of all time and soon to be HoF? I’ll take the side arm

  70. A throwing motion does not win championships. A championship is won when the perfect storm of talent and luck are brewed together. Its a formula that is always evolving. To win a championship there can literally be no holes in your game. AT ALL. Gotta have and offensive line that is consistant, a Defensive line that comes up with that clutch sack, a defensive set that bends and does not break, wide receivers that dont drop passes and a running game that can convert in short yardage situation. Mechanics had little to do with staffords interceptions last year. Its because the defense knew for certain he was going to pass and there was a high probability that they knew the target (like its even a question.)

  71. How many 5000 yard seasons did Jaws have?

    I’ll give you a clue … it’s a number that rhymes with zero.

    I’m not saying that Stafford can’t conclude, I’m just pointing out that it wasn’t that long ago that Chris Carter, another stupid jock said Calvin Johnson’s not a top tier receiver.

    Just because these guys get paid to flap their gums, doesn’t mean that anything meaningful is coming out.

  72. They should have gotten o-line guys the year they drafted him and taken Bradford the following year. Or maybe they should have kept Donte around for one more year and worked on Staffords’ issues. The Lions front office was given a golden opportunity to put together a really good team over these last 4 years and they didn’t. At least they are now starting to think outside of the box and taking risk (Reggie Bush).

  73. The jury is still out on Stafford truthfully.

    Wins/Loses, its a team stat, not an individual stat. When you need to score to 40 points cause thats what your defense gives up, youre going to lose a lot of games.

    You say he has Megatron to inflate his stats, peyton manning never threw for 500 yards in a pass first offense in Indy playing most of his career with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, two elite WR’s. Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson, two other elite receivers, never had a QB pass for 5000 yards on their team.

    5000 yards no big deal on 727 attempts its only 7.6 yards per attempt? Peyton Manning has a career average of 7.6 yards per attempt. Joe Flacco the highest paid QB in the NFL, has a career average of 7.0 yards per attempt.

    Chokes when the game is on the line? In only 2 seasons as a starter, he has 8-4th quarter comeback win, 2 less than Joe Flacco who has been a starter for 5 years and is the highest paid QB in the league.

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