Alfred Morris was a “lost little puppy” last year


Redskins running back Alfred Morris was one of the more surprising rookie success stories in 2012 as he went from a sixth-round pick to the second-most rushing yards in the league while helping his team to the playoffs.

A debut like that would leave many people feeling like they had established themselves, but Morris says he doesn’t have the sense that he made it based on his first season. Morris instead feels like he has to improve on his rookie performance instead of just maintaining it, an effort that could be made easier by Morris’ growing confidence now that he’s had some experience at the professional level.

“Last year, I was going in there like a lost little puppy,” Morris said, via the Pensacola News. “This year, having had that experience and gaining that knowledge of last year, I’m a lot more confident and more comfortable. The more comfortable you get with it, the better you can go out there and do it. It eliminates the thinking process. You can go out there and have some fun.”

The rest of the league has gained some knowledge of Morris that it didn’t have at the start of last season, but, as his monster game in the regular season finale against the Cowboys attests, there was plenty of film on him by the second half last year and defenses weren’t any more successful in stopping him. If Robert Griffin III returns to full speed after knee surgery, we wouldn’t expect things to be much different now that the puppy has found his way.

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  1. I’m a little concerned as a giants fan about the skins this year. Griffin having a year experience, severalro bowl defensivelayers back from injury, beefed up safety position in the draft, they will be a tough out for any team

  2. There’s nothing like coming from a school with a developing football program an having this kind of success. As an Alumni of Florida Atlantic University it’s a real troll to watch this kid succeed. Keep it up Morris!

  3. There’s only one beast mode and he resides In the pacific north west and registers on the richter not at bed bath and beyond.
    However,He could be ala mode to rg3

  4. This year will be telling if he’s Jerome Bettis Jr. Love the attitude, love the heart, love the humility…but I love the bowling ball-try to take me down-running style.

  5. He looked like a lost puppy in the playoffs.
    Marshawn Lynch: 20 rushes, 132 yards, 1 TD, 1 reception, 9 yards
    Alfred Morris: 16 rushes, 80 yards

  6. I have met with and talked to this young man on several occasions this off season here in Pensacola. he is great to have talk to the local hs football teams about what it takes to make it to the nfl. great young man with a good head on his shoulders. @thefox61, the good thing about morris is he is young, your marshawn will be out of the league in a year or two

  7. Sure looked lost when a real team showed up to face him.
    The Legion Of Doom put him in check. In fact Morris looked scared.
    Marshawn Lynch showed him what a real RB can do

  8. “He looked like a lost puppy in the playoffs.

    Marshawn Lynch: 20 rushes, 132 yards, 1 TD, 1 reception, 9 yards

    Alfred Morris: 16 rushes, 80 yards”

    Geez, I wonder if that had ANYTHING to do with Morris’s quarterback playing at 40% while Wilson was fine?

  9. The threat of RGIII keeps defenses from focusing in on Morris. If that passing game becomes just a notch more refined like I think it will this season, Morris will never see a safety come down in the box against him. He’s well positioned for another good season.

  10. Your “Shanny” is going to run this back into the ground like he has done with so many other players. The only difference with this puppy is that he’s going to leave a lot around the house for you to step in.

  11. Redskins are clowns. Two bits worth of success after 20 years and now they won’t shut up. One and done last year … Congrats on being the worst NFC East champ in recent memory.

  12. Seahawks fans are all tools. Pop some PED’s with your team fools. Morris > Lynch. Griffin > Wilson.

  13. If I recall correctly the Skins were up 14-0 before RGIII went down early. Our Defense wouldn’t have been on the field very long had we had RGIII healthy and the Skins would have finished what they started just like Atlanta taking you down with ease.
    27 pts wouldn’t have won that game and we get our Defense back this year, so bring on your bad selves. We want you…the Atlanta game went the same way, the Skins were kicking their butts until we lost our QB to a concussion and only lost by 7.

    The Shehawks were down 27-7 going into the 4th qtr. Even if they only lost by 30-28. They were never in the game.

    The Redskins want some BladeHawk to feast on again. Although they may not make it with Frisco in the division.

    Make no mistake we want to see you clowns again! A lot of loud mouths in Sheattle!

  14. What’s not to like about Morris? You can’t teach the way he runs the ball, he may lack speed but he makes up for it with toughness and power. With a healthy (hopefully) RGIII he could put up another monster season. The Skins are on the rise but its put up or shut up time.

  15. It is funny seeing Seahawk fans acting badass like they have all of this history and have been relevant for so long… oh yeah, that’s right they have neither.

    Too bad the only thing relevant about Seattle is Starbucks, bill gates and grunge… and rain.

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