Winning Super Bowl means more to Matt Hasselbeck than starting


After he was released by the Titans early this offseason, Matt Hasselbeck had a choice of what to do next.

He could sign somewhere to compete for a starting quarterback job or he could move into the role of an wise old backup to a player on the way up the hill that Hasselbeck climbed long ago in Seattle. Hasselbeck opted for door No. 2 and became the backup to Andrew Luck with the Colts.

“I wanted to start, sure, but more than anything, I wanted to win a Super Bowl,” Hasselbeck said, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “That was my first priority. When it came down to it, that’s what I wanted most. And that’s why I’m here.”

It’s easier for Hasselbeck to say that because there weren’t many appealing teams making moves for veteran starters this offseason, but you can certainly understand why a player with extensive starting experience with good teams might prefer backing up on another one more than being front and center for a team headed for an early pick in the 2014 draft. Not only does it offer Hasselbeck a better chance at that elusive ring, it also offers him a better supporting cast should circumstances force Luck out of the lineup.

It’s also easier for Hasselbeck to say that because he feels convinced that Luck is the kind of quarterback who can win a Super Bowl. He hasn’t been shy about praising Luck since signing in Indy and remains effusive, saying that Luck has the potential to be “one of the greatest of all time.” There are worse wagons to hitch oneself to if a Super Bowl’s what you seek.

21 responses to “Winning Super Bowl means more to Matt Hasselbeck than starting

  1. The Colts need to show they are a complete team with a strong Defense, and a strong running game if they are to even make the playoffs again this year.

  2. Yea right, whatever.
    Then you wouldn’t have picked the Colts.
    Just admit it, you still need that money

  3. Matt Hasselbeck has been a class player his whole career. He got paid well in his time in Seattle and Tennessee and highly doubt he needs the money. There are many teams in the AFC that have shot and the Colts will be one of them.

  4. I have always said that the best positions on an NFL team were the backup QB and the assistant strength coach…but – not gonna happen there -keep trying Matt!

  5. Matt is indeed a class act.
    And, the argument could be made that he DID win a Superbowl (but for the Leavey). just sayin’

  6. Always wish Matt the best , except when his team plays the Hawks . You couldn’t find a better role model for Andrew Luck .

  7. He should have tried to get back in Seattle. They made moves for veteran qbs. If he wanted to be a veteran back up there were more teams out there looking for them than the colts. Did you watch them in postseason last year matt? They arent true contenders with teams like the broncos and pats in the afc.

  8. He is one of the class act players in the league and I believe him. He could start for a bottom tier team (Raiders) or have a shot at a ring. I wouldn’t bet on the Colts winning it all, but it more likely than most teams.

  9. All of Seattle and Pittsburgh know he was the better QB in xl.
    As for his need of cash, me thinks he will rake in the dough when he gets in the brodcast booth. The guy is seriously funny behind the mike and he will probably wind up owning Monday Night Football. You heard it here first hawkstradamus has foretold it.

  10. I wouldn’t care either if I was making millions to sit on the bench and watch. This is really only about money, as an older QB that is no longer starting, how could you really feel like you won a Superbowl without every playing a down during that season? Maybe the reality for him will not set in until he sees how non existant he becomes were they to make it to the Superbowl. With that being said, I think the Colts are a long way off from being contenders, if ever. There will be plenty of rookies this year that figure out what it means to be too successful too quick. Expectations will be high, and everyone knows your game now.

  11. Unfortunately Hawk, it takes more than one man to win the SB. Being the better QB for that one game only takes you so far.

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