Former Bengals cheerleader gets another shot at bankrupting website that allegedly defamed her

With the George Zimmerman trial still happening and the Aaron Hernandez courtroom drama looming for 2014, another case of somewhat lower profile returns to the halls of justice today in Covington, Kentucky.

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones sued for defamation based on certain things posted at the website in 2009 regarding Jones’ alleged sexual proclivities with Bengals players and students at the high school where she taught.  Jones later pleaded guilty to having sex with a student at Dixie Heights High School.

Jones and the victim, Cody York, currently are engaged to be married.

The first time the case went to trial, a jury was unable to reach a verdict.  Of the 10 jurors, one or two resisted finding in the plaintiff’s favor.

“The hangup everybody couldn’t get past was her criminal side of her life, which really had nothing to do with this case,” juror Debra Spencer told FOX News, via WCPO-TV.  “There was a couple that couldn’t get beyond it and that she lied.”

Former Bengals kicker Shayne Graham appears on Jones’ list of potential witnesses.  His testimony was recorded via a pre-trial deposition, which may be played for the jury.  Graham, according to the witness disclosure, is expected “to deny the allegations posted by the Defendants.”

Adding to the intrigue is a fairly public pissing match among some of the key players.  Jones is represented by Eric Deters, who once claimed after questioning former Bengals receiver Chad Johnson in a different matter than Johnson has “the mental agility of a small soap dish.”  And Deters has called Nik Richie, owner of a “scuzzball” and vowed to “finish him off at the retrial.”  Richie has vowed to never pay Jones a dime, and he has taunted Deters for a recent 60-day suspension from the Kentucky Supreme Court.  (Deters is able to handle this trial because he’s appealing the decision.)

While the goal of every civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages is to collect as much money as possible (and anyone who says otherwise is lying), Deters recently said that his primary goal is to run out of business.

“We specifically asked the jury at her last trial for whatever the jury wanted to give her:  $50,000 on up to whatever amount they thought would bankrupt the site, whatever they thought,” Deters said.

But here’s the biggest potential problem arising from the Robin Hood realities of the civil justice system.  Even if the jury wants to take money away from the defendant, the jury has to feel good about giving it to the plaintiff.  Given that the plaintiff in this specific case pleaded guilty to having sex with a student while working as a teacher, it’s going to be difficult to get anyone to be willing to give her a significant award, even if the jury finds that she was indeed defamed.

20 responses to “Former Bengals cheerleader gets another shot at bankrupting website that allegedly defamed her

  1. I love people that do brain dead things, and then get upset when someone “defames” them. Gimme a break, there is nothing more damaging that taking a child’s innocence. In the moment they may not seem like a child, until you fart and they can’t stop laughing.

  2. But didn’t you read that her and the victim are engaged? That means they are in love, and rules be damned when it comes to love.

  3. @romoscollarbone

    “…there is nothing more damaging that taking a child’s innocence.”

    What fairy tale dream world do you live in that an 18 year old man is an “innocent child”? I remember being 18, and I also remember my friends, we were anything but innocent. Am i condoning what Sarah Jones did? Not quite. I feel she broke a trust between teacher and parents, a trust that these people have the parents children’s best interest in mind to teach and guild them. But to act like she was sleeping with a 4 year old is absurd. And the same people that laugh at fart jokes, have the same IQ as the people who make handles online about physical injuries that happen to grown men. Both need to grow up, peter pan.

  4. It is not defamation if the accusations are true. All the defendant has to do is provide the exact evidence that the interviewed juror said didn’t matter, and present information that shows Miss Jones has a questionable virtue. Case closed. Good luck getting a jury to find in your favor if your track record is like that of Miss Jones.

  5. I am fairly certain I speak for many, who feel that soap dishes of every shape, type and location are TRULY insulted!!

  6. The “victim?” Poor kid. He got to bang an NFL cheerleader. God what a horrific fate. So glad I missed out on that action when I was 16. It would have ruined me for life.

  7. Seems to me like this skankola defamed HERSELF. Don’t seem like she needed any help

  8. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  9. I am not defending here, but for the record, the defamation happened before she was arrested or that incident even happened. It was for saying that she slept with members of the team, other students at an earlier job, and that she had various STDs. This was not about her conviction, as that has been admitted to, of course.

  10. Not sure what the crime was if the kid was 18 when she slept with him, and since they are now engaged, it appears no harm was done to young Mr. York.

    That said, websites like are sleazeball operations, and I would not mind if all of them went belly-up.

  11. There is no telling the damage was done to this kid’s self esteem! The kid bagged a teacher who was a cheerleader and now is engaged to her! Bad move there kid but the rest is priceless as the commercial says

  12. Lol given his total inability to learn and understand the Pats play book after months of trying I think she’s right about Ocho Stinko’s mental abilities.

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