Giants say Connor is cooperating with team, authorities


On Saturday, Giants linebacker Dan Connor was arrested with a switchblade in his luggage at the Philadelphia International Airport.

On Sunday, the Giants said Connor has spoken with the team about that situation, and that Connor is cooperating with authorities in Philadelphia, via the New York Daily News.

Frankly, Connor has little choice but to cooperate.  He had the weapon in his luggage, and the only way out of this one is to talk.

It’s not the first time someone has taken a gun or another weapon through airport security.  Former Cowboys coach Barry Switzer did it.  More recently, Buccaneers defensive end Da’Quan Bowers did it, with the charges reduced to disorderly conduct.

It’s stupid and arguably reckless, but absent evidence of intent to actually use the weapon while on the plane, it’s the kind of thing that should result in a fine and probation.

Still, hopefully the attention paid to these incidents will prompt folks with guns and switchblades to store them in a place other than their luggage.