Josh Brent released from jail


Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent, who is awaiting trial for intoxication manslaughter for the car crash that killed a teammate, has been released from jail.

Brent’s bail was revoked on June 27 because of two failed drug tests, but the Dallas Morning News reports that a judge ordered Brent freed on Sunday.

Brent crashed his truck on December 8, and his close friend and teammate Jerry Brown, the only passenger, died. District Attorney Craig Watkins said after Brent failed his second drug test while out on bond that Brent “needs to go to prison.” But the judge apparently thinks Brent deserves to be free until he stands trial.

Although Brent is still on the Cowboys’ roster, he is not expected to be permitted to play until 2014 at the earliest.

33 responses to “Josh Brent released from jail

  1. Uh, 2014? With a likely conviction with the term “manslaughter” attached, he likely won’t see football in 2014 unless it’s on a TV screen in the prison breakroom.

  2. can someone tell me what the hell probation is good for when you can violate it and still be let out of jail?either you abide bt the rules of probation or you don’t, what’s the point of giving these losers multiple chances if they are going to keep getting into trouble? smoking weed may not seem like a big deal but it is if one of the conditions of you getting out of jail is not to do drugs. I guess this means when he is convicted for killing his friend he will be credited with time served for his parole violation and put on double secret probation because that will really teach him a lesson.

  3. How much you want to bet if Aaron Hernandez was a Cowboy, he’d still be on the team. I don’t know if Cowboy fans realize this but ever Al Davis passed, Jerry Jones has taken over as one of the biggest jokes of an owner in the league.

  4. Aaron Hernandez is evil. This guy is just pathetic. Tragically, lethally pathetic to be sure…but pathetic nonetheless.

  5. Great news for Jerrah. I’m sure he will expect him to report to mini camp this month. Carrying on the “Cowboy Way”.

  6. I guess the judge, who has sworn to uphold the law, feels it is ok to break the law while out on bail. Part of the reason our legal system is a joke.

  7. The NFL can’t be proud of this off season. The only way to deal with felony’s is suspension’s until trial and if convicted life time banishment from the league.

  8. I’m not a Patriots fan, but there’s an interesting paradox between the Pats cutting Aaron Hernandez after he was charged with alleged murder and the Cowboys allowing Josh Brent on their sideline after he actually drove a car while actually intoxicated and actually caused an accident that resulted in a teammate actually dying.

  9. How DO you go from killing someone out of negligence back to doing idiotic things so quickly?

    He SHOULD go back to jail. Stay there and not be able to be released until he has had some major counseling.

  10. Kill someone driving drunk and some idiot judge lets him out of jail to do the same thing again.This country has the criminals as the good guys. This scum bag is walking around free and his team mate is dead. Then once again a killer will be playing in the NFL. Only in American can you kill some one and not be held accountable. He will do less time,if any than several NFL killers.

  11. Dude is depressed. He can’t play football, he just has to sit and wait for the system to say you are screwed or you aren’t.

    Yes, his actions killed a human being. He was driving while heavily intoxicated because he thought, as many of us do, that we are okay. Now, he is having a hard time and he has nothing but. Alcohol and drugs (and sex) are what people with a lot of time on their hands but nothing to do with it do.

    Get the man some help, or loosen the reigns. He’s not a murderer, he is just a man that made a really bad mistake/poor choice and believe me he is paying for it whether the justice system gives him jail time or not.

  12. How pathetic is it when this guy has made more of a impact in a courtroom then the football field.
    Look at his mug shot, is he supposed to be some kind of bad-ass? whats more pathetic is how the cowboys stand behind this guy, like he is going to be some kind of star, what the hell do they see in him?

  13. He killed someone while “Under the Influence” violated his parole by being “Under the Influence” and has been released to repeat this again…why on earth was he set free to put the rest of the public in danger of him doing the same thing again!? He clearly hasnt learned his lesson! Double standards….

  14. vick and burress are fuming right about now. both got years behind prison walls, vick bc of “dog fights” and plaxico who shot hisself.

    Meanwhile this chump is walking the streets, how much more chit does he have to do? kill another person?

  15. Still on the roster/payroll. Judge lets him violate parole with little/no consequences. Allowed to join team on the sidelines during the game the week after he KILLED a teammate. Heck, Jerrah may have this guy in the Cowgirls Ring of Honor by the time this all plays out.

  16. Some of these judges or local officials are like teenage girls who are star struck by celebrities or athletes. It’s no wonder athletes or coaches can get away with shooting people, raping, robbing, stealing, fighting, molesting kids in showers, etc when you have judges like the one in Texas (or in LA) letting them go for the “good of the team”.

  17. I might be going out on a limb here, but, I don’t think the Cowboys are going to be doing the whole Josh Brent jersey exchange thing.

  18. The guy attends rookie seminars on how to behave and represent the NFL and his team. Then he decides to get drunk and kill someone by DUI. And then decides to fail multiple drug tests while on probation. Why does he still have a spot on the team. This is what the NFL is becoming.

  19. I think it’s time for Roger Goodell to have a talk with Jerrah as it has become obvious that Jerrah is having some severe adverse reactions to his botox treatments. Maybe the needle hit the brain???

  20. Im prouder now of my patriots and Robert Kraft and the actions they took as soon as hearing Hernandez was arrested. Jerry jones is more concerned about wins. We cut a superstar pro bowler who had hall of fame written all over him. The NFL better get its act together as they are turning off many fans over the criminal acts going on all over the league.

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