Lito Sheppard says McNabb puked during Super Bowl

One of the great mysteries of the modern age involves not a grassy knoll by something that may or may not have been deposited on the grass crown of a football field.

As legend has it, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb vomited during crunch time of Super Bowl XXXIX.  McNabb has vehemently denied it.  Some teammates have said it didn’t happen.

Now, former teammate Lito Sheppard has supplied an eyewitness account.  Via, Sheppard told WIP radio on Monday morning that he saw McNabb throw up.

“Yes,” Sheppard said.  “He did.”

Sheppard says it didn’t happen in the huddle, but as McNabb was walking to the line of scrimmage.  Sheppard also said it was “subtle.”

If it happened, it surely was subtle.  Because it escaped the notice of any of the many cameras aimed at the action.  (Insert Spygate joke here.)

Whether he did or didn’t, McNabb clearly seemed to have a lack of urgency at a time when the Eagles were trailing by 10 points without a lot of time left in the game.  Moreover, as the photo attached to this story indicates, it wouldn’t have been the first time.

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  1. Any we care because…..Mcnabb is a has been that could never get Philly over the hump!

  2. Only if McNabb had a veteran mentor recently removed from the game to guide him during that critical time. Hopefully RG3 doesn’t repeat the same mistake and takes on McNabb’s indispensable counsel.

    “You can succeed where I failed and I can show you the way young man! So which day of the week would you like to schedule our one-on-ones?”

  3. That’s no secret it was pretty obvious during the SB. This photo is against the Bucs? Hmmn? What does TO have to say about it, “That’s my quaterback you talking about”! ROFLMBO!

  4. maybe he was just trying to fill in the divot from one of his bounce passes?

  5. This wasn’t a secret during the Super Bowl

    Everyone seemed to know

    And while it’s funny (right out of “The Replacements”) even as a Patriots fan I don’t look at this as a true sign of weakness from McNabb.

    His record speaks for itself – and there could have been 20 factors – heat, fatigue, drinking too much, eating too much or not enough – that could cause someone to puke – not just nerves

    He played nearly well enough in that game to win.


  6. I’ve always been and still am a McNabb fan, but when he blew chunks in the SB I couldn’t believe it. Here we are making fun of TO bt the guy came FIT and rdy to play. He ateand slept football. And we have donavon McNabb in the biggest game of his lifebarfing bcuz he just couldn’t handle it lol I Rly wish him and TO could’ve got a title, especially against the spygates errr patriots .

  7. They got 6 and had 2 timeouts left when they inexplicably went for the onside kick. Had they kicked deep, they conceivably could have gotten the ball around the minus 40 with 30-40 seconds left. If you were an Eagles fan you knew that AR’s playcalling verbiage was very long and they had trouble getting plays into the huddle in all 14 of his seasons. So it wasn’t like McNabb was slowing a Chip Kelly like offense down.

  8. The sad part is he is the best QB the Eagles have ever had. Must be why out of the 12 Superbowl wins the NFC East has, none were won by Philly. Zero. How sad.

  9. He could mentor RG3 on how to vomit without being noticed.

    Never know when it might come in handy……

  10. While he might have thrown up and/or choked… the Pats sure did get ‘lucky’ being in the right place at the right time near the endzone for interceptions. its almost as if they knew what plays were being run. hmm.

  11. Isn’t this story like 7 or 8 years old?

    Either way, it’ll never top the one I saw former Dallas WR Drew Pearson back in the day. After running a fly pattern to the end zone, he projectile vomited like no one I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing the stream traveled about the distance of a Calvin Johnson broad jump (around 11 feet). Truly impressive.

  12. and this will forever be how Philadelphians remember Donovan McNabb
    no matter what app can leave he has he let us down in the biggest moment in sports
    anything else he’s done is easily forgotten

  13. People love to think his throw up was evidence of him choking. But its more likely its evidence of a warrior fighting through exhaustion to try and get it done. It didn’t work out. But if it was Jay Cutler, he probably would have pulled himself from the game if he felt sick.

  14. Gotta love the pic of him puking against the Bucs.. They made him sick several times throughout his career(’03 NFC Championship game most notably).

  15. As a Bucs fan I hated this guy. Hate. We may have another Superbowl if not for his skill set being specifically designed to shred the Cover-2 (Run and run the West Coast offense both). I do think he puts his foot into his mouth almost every time he opens it, but he was a hell of a QB in his prime. Also, he lost this game to the Spygate Patriots who ran screens on almost every play on offense. It’s a matter of who you believe, Eagles defenders saying “we never saw so many screens all season” or Brady saying “of course we ran so many screens they blitz on every play”.

  16. The QB the Jags picked up out of Arizona, Matt Scott, has a puking problem on field, not sure if that was a reason he went undrafted

  17. DMc never did buy into that fitness-craze stuff throughout his career, did he!

  18. he shoulda thrown up too aftr everytime he was at five guys or dunkin dounuts, talk bout heavy load

  19. “Also, he lost this game to the Spygate Patriots who ran screens on almost every play on offense. It’s a matter of who you believe, Eagles defenders saying “we never saw so many screens all season” or Brady saying “of course we ran so many screens they blitz on every play”.”

    This is ONE THOUSAND percent accurate. The GREAT JJ’s defense got fooled by the Pats. No one ever talks about the times JJ’s defense got abused, which was a lot more than people ever admit. Everything always falls on Donovan.

    If we as Bird fans go back & watch the games again, its obvious (if we choose to see it) that the great Johnson defenses are just as much to blame as the offense for no super bowl titles in that 5 year run.

  20. The Super bowl was how many years ago? I don’t hear much mention from Patriot fans of the illigal taping before the Super Bowl? Nor do i see any mention of McNabb taking a late hit out of bounds the play before this “supposed”vomit that 300 camera’s didn’t catch on film. Was I the only one that watched that Super Bowl? Mcnabb was clearly hit late and he was clearly hurt going into the huddle. His reason for not “having a sense of urgency” was he was trying to catch his breath because he just had it knocked out of him, but the warrior in him made him fight thru it and actually throw a perfect pass for a TD the very next play. Mcnabb always gets the blame for bad “big games’..but never the praise for all the good big games he played in. For all the Mcnabb haters..check his stats for the superbowl or better it must have missed 3 quarters of that game !!

  21. I love how every team that ever lost to the Patriots breaks out the “Spygate” thing …… I mean, it’s not like taping was LEGAL up until 2007 , or anything, right?

    Wait ….


    McNabb lifetime stats:
    TD passes
    McNabb 234 ( just 3 shy of Jim Kelly who also never won a Super bowl btw) 21rst place all time
    Steve young 232
    Terry Bradshaw 212
    Ken Stabler 194

    Passing yards:
    McNabb 37,276 (17th place all time)
    Jim Kelly 35,467
    Steve Young 33,124
    Troy Aikman 32,942

    every QB i mentioned is in the HOF..and if you want to argue SuperBowls won..Jim kelly lost 4 and never won any. So yes, IMO Mcnabb is a HOF QB! Also McNabb is top 5 all time in TD’s to INT ratio’s as well..So he took care of the ball too!!

  23. One of the great mysteries of the modern age involves not a grassy knoll ___ by something that may or may not have been deposited on the grass crown of a football field.
    OK, I know I’m going all Adrian Monk, but w.t.f., that’s a great sentence effed up by a tiny typo you didn’t care to catch.

  24. It did happen.

    It matters that he’s so just simply a weird guy that he always needed to lie about everything, even weird things to lie about. It matters because of the hall of fame question.

    What does matter is that fact that anything not gone his way has been major attention/victim grab in/on his part.

    You can see it when it happens, the camera shot on the live tv broadcast is far away, and you can see him suddenly on the left side of the screen suddenly wretching forward; in only a puking or dry heave type motion.

    And there is NFL FILMS footage of it close up because you know they follow every key personell in slow motion. Love love love how it’s never surfaced however.

    What ever happened to truth?

    It doesn’t matter he puked; it matters that if you watched him quarterback the rest of that Super Bowl, it’s a class in how you never be a Qb.

    The why people bring up the puking.

  25. What’s the big deal? He vomits out inane garbage every time he opens his mouth on NFL Network. I find the segments where he and Matt Millen both offer their “expert” analysis particularly nauseating.

  26. McNabb is pretty terrible on NFL network.But is he worst then Warren Sapp, Micheal Irvin and alot of others..Again..why hasn’t anybody mentioned the late hit he took going out of bounds the play before the late hit wasn’t even called ! But whether or not he puked or not isn’t really the issue. Lots of pro athletes have puked on the field. Its the fact that he threw a perfect TD pass on the very next play that mattered the most..If you blame anybody, Blame AR for his once again bad clock management..This whole thing started when Freddie Mitchell ( who sucked and fueded with Mcnabb his time in Philly) that started this whole thing…who cares..Mcnabb has retired and Freddie hasn’t played a down of football since being cut by Philly

  27. One thing is certain.. this has kindof ruined “Chunky Soup” for me.

    The folks at Campbell’s might want to pull that commercial right about now.

  28. How many Conference Championships did McNabb lose? How many did Kelly lose?
    Kelly got his team to the SB numerous times, while McNabb choked numerous times.
    Kelly and evey other HOF QB worked year after year to improve and strengthen their weaknesses with an effort to better their game. That is what elite QB’s do!
    McNabb was consitantly plauged with an inaccurate passing game that he never worked on or tried to improve. If it was not for TO catching every garbage ball thrown at his shins, McNabb would not have had those stellar stats that year.
    While he does have some big stats….you have to look at them all. How many attempts did he make Compared to the rest of them?
    How many INTs?
    What is his completion percentage compared to them?

    He was a good QB that could have been great if he had exerted an effort to improove his weaknesses. But he tried to skate by on his raw talent and consistently fell short when the pressure was on in big games.

  29. i remember all we would hear about is how McNabb was out in Arizona putting in extensive cardio work.

    Then he would show up to camp weighing 265 and looking like a pudgy baby..
    Then we would see him get gassed in each 4th quarter. during the season..

    McNabb blew it.
    any knowledgeable eagles fan can’t deny the truth.

  30. its a shame they never put a team around McNabb in his prime. Todd Stinkston, FredEx, Reggie Brown, those couple of white guys…. only year with a true #1 receiver they went to the super bowl, had they given him help earlier, he could have helped bring a ring to PHI. When your RB is one of your top receivers, there is a problem.

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