Pats exchange more than 2,500 Hernandez jerseys


It was a busy two days for the Patriots ProShop at Gillette Stadium.  Per a team spokesman, the official number of Aaron Hernandez jerseys returned by customers exceeded 2,500.

Between 30 and 35 percent of the jerseys exchanged were youth models.  The Patriots established the program primarily to give parents the opportunity to replace for their children the Hernandez jersey with a jersey belonging to a different player.

Earlier in the day, owner Robert Kraft pegged the number at roughly 2,500 in a meeting with reporters from, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald.

The cost of the exchange program has been conservatively estimated at $250,000.  It’s unclear whether that’s the out-of-pocket expense to the Patriots from trading new jerseys for the exchanged Hernandez jersey, or the lost revenue resulting from the reality that the fan who exchanged the Hernandez jersey won’t be paying the retail cost for a new one.

The most popular replacements were Vince Wilfork, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Chandler Jones, and Stevan Ridley.  Wilfork was the top choice for the jersey exchanges.

The jersey material will be recycled, and the two-day program officially has ended.

Meanwhile, some of you have asked whether the Patriots will discourage fans from wearing Hernandez jerseys to home games.  We’re told that no effort will be made by the team to dissuade fans from wearing their Hernandez jerseys.

Other Patriots fans may choose to do some dissuading, hopefully without crossing any lines that would dissuade security from allowing the fans to stay in the stadium.

And I’ve now dissuaded myself from using the term dissuade for the next month or so.

45 responses to “Pats exchange more than 2,500 Hernandez jerseys

  1. Trade it in for a Vereen. He will be a more then capable replacement. Look for a monster year out of him!!

  2. Now they sit and wait to see if the buy-off of fans will make this go away!

  3. Smart PR move, but I wonder of they’ll ask Goodell to destroy all video tapes of Hernandez playing for the Pats and effectively erase all memory of his presence with the team?

  4. im hearing the redskins fans want to do the same with IRG3 the player, but the Rams refuse to give back their picks, what a heist by the Rams organization!!!

  5. The jersey exchange was a noble gesture by the Patriots organization, and something they certainly didn’t have to do, but the estimates of lost revenue cannot be accurate. The Patriots unveiled a new logo last week. The old logo was found on the jerseys under the collar. This was just a way to clear some of their excess inventory before the jerseys end up on clearance racks once the 2013 jerseys are released.

  6. Considering you can buy fake authentics (very good ones) for $25, and most of these were probably the cheap “replica” jerseys, the cost to the Patriots is probably about $20,000….but definitely good for publicity.

    As for lost revenue, not necessarily…if they already had a jersey, they probably wouldn’t be getting a new one. Unless they were youth, and they were already grown out of them, in that case they are getting a new one and don’t have to sell their other one on Ebay (taking away a retail sell)

    Just great publicity. Pennies for the owner.

  7. And there will soon be 2,500 impoverished children in like Ghana who have never heard of the NFL wearing a #81 Patriots jersey to go with their Patriots 19-0 t-shirts…

  8. No effort will be made?

    Somebody out there has said “challenge accepted” and will not only wear the jersey, but change their appearance to look like him. The NFL should be sure to put the Pats game of Halloween week on Primetime TV in the evening. How can you not? That would be 10x scarier than the Garfield Halloween special which is already mighty spooky.

    If you can think of a wild-eyed idea in this universe, someday somehow somebody will try out that idea. I’s Newtoneinstein law.

  9. Looks like they pay $10 for a jersey they charge a hundred bucks for. Gotta love it!

  10. Nothing to see here, move along folks. If you don’t have the jersey, you can’t prove we messed this one up. The contract extension never happened. Tomorrow is Dante Stallworth jersey exchange day.

  11. They SHOULD have a bon fire with ALL those jersey’s at halftime this season.

  12. That pre-Halloween game (Oct. 27th) against the Dolphins could be interesting. I wonder how many Pats and UF jerseys there will be in the stands with Jason masks?

  13. $250K for jerseys made in China for $2. I doubt this put a dent in Mr. Kraft’s wallet.

    Love this comment: “And there will soon be 2,500 impoverished children in like Ghana who have never heard of the NFL wearing a #81 Patriots jersey to go with their Patriots 19-0 t-shirts…”

    Can we have a like button on comments please!

  14. Regarding the cost issue –

    2,500 jerseys at 100 bucks a piece (which is around what the sell for). They assume those people would have bought a new 100 dollar jersey, when they may not have.

    Also, those jerseys probably cost only 5-15 dollars to produce, so they really didnt lose all that much

  15. I got a Talib, he’ll be shooting someone next week, then I’ll get and Alfonso Denard.

    Stay Classy NE

  16. I think that all the Pats fans turn their jerseys in after the Bills take the AFC East, fairweather fans.

  17. 1phd says:
    Jul 8, 2013 8:38 PM

    “Looks like they pay $10 for a jersey they charge a hundred bucks for. Gotta love it!”

    Might want to check your math again.

  18. Power of dissuasion. The points above are presented very dissuasively. Youqre right; I’m quitting it too.

  19. This is a great move by the Patriots but we all need to understand one thing. This trade in did not cost the Patriots much. The profit made from selling the initial Hernandez jersey pays for the cost of the one they gave away. Sure, they wont sell a new jersey, but really this just took away some money they already made. They didn’t end up on the losing end of this deal. Still a GREAT move by a classy organization!

  20. Did the NFLPA agree to take the loss of revenue for the Jerseys that were replaced and NOT SOLD for profit?

  21. I hate to bring bad news, folks, but Hernandez won’t be in the latest Madden game.


  22. Not a good role model for kids..maybe alot of those kid should buy a #52 paterick w… jersey not thats a real player n a role model..

  23. the media make this out like the pats are being charitable here.

    returns only from the pats store or pats online, not all the other authorized sellers like stores and other online venues limits the number of jerseys greatly.

    limited availability of alternative jerseys means some guy ive never heard of is on your list.

    this story has been on every broadcast everywhere for two weeks. without the critical comment. so tell me how charitable were they? cynical p.r. at best………………

  24. The funny thing about this you will never see no. 81 on another Pats jersey again. When you think about it Aaron Hernandez had his number retired before Brady did.

  25. fair weather fans! so quick to judge someone who isnt even convictedof anything. When I’m a fan I’m a fan for life. What happened to innocent until proven guilty!? So Sad. Only God judges. God Bless and prayers for justice.

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