Raiders call Kingdon, Kebric age discrimination claims “meritless”

The NFL’s Summer of Law, Part II got a relatively late start.  But the sequel is picking up steam.

Last month, former Raiders scouts Jon Kingdon and Bruce Kebric sued the team for age discrimination.  Both were relieved of their duties in the days following the 2012 draft.  The lawsuit was filed in Alameda County Superior Court.

Kingdon spent 33 years with the Raiders.  He held the position of college scouting director at the time of his termination.

“The Oakland Raiders have a long history of being an equal opportunity employer, without regard to race, gender, or age,” the Raiders said in a statement issued to PFT.  “These claims of age discrimination are meritless.”

Federal and state law protects employees over the age of 40 from adverse employment action.  Employers rarely admit to discriminatory motivations; when it comes to age discrimination, the proof often comes from public or private comments reflecting a desire to go younger, which in many instances also means going cheaper.

When it comes to coaching and front-office jobs in the NFL, those types of statements emerge from time to time, but lawsuits rarely are filed — primarily because those who would file suit become concerned about their ability to be hired by one of the other 31 teams.

37 responses to “Raiders call Kingdon, Kebric age discrimination claims “meritless”

  1. Any judge with half a brain should be able to look back at the Raiders’ draft picks, free agent signings and trades over the past 5 years or so and agree that these firings were a direct result of sheer incompetence. Anyone who’s watched the Raiders play since 2007 or so could tell you those scouts weren’t doing a good job of identifying good football players. These clowns should realize its actually a miracle they lasted this long.

  2. Ridiculous. And what’s wrong with bringing in new blood anyway? Age is one of the few things that SHOULD matter lets face it. Would you want an 80 year old President?

  3. An age discrimination claim carries the high “but for” causation requirement. Very tough to prove. This will likely end very quietly with a nominal settlement amount.

  4. Apparently, they aren’t hearing the phone ringing off the hook with offers.
    I doubt there would be a lawsuit if they had any reasonable prospects.

  5. This story is pointless….

    1) The Raiders have long been the first to break grounds on equality. To include the first black coach, Hispanic Coach, seek black players, black and Indian QB’s, and lets not forget the first lady of football Amy Trask.

    2) The last ten years of draft classes have been publicly made a joke by the media. Picks like Robert Gallery, Stuart Schweigert, Fabin Washington, stanford Routt, Michael Huff, JaMarcus Russell, Mike Mitchell, and Rolando McClain have kept sites like this alive.

    3) The Raiders draft was so predictable about speed and position that guys like Mel Kipper actually started to look smart.

    4) The Raiders have been systematically cleaning house with the staff, players, front office, contracts, and legal department from the moment Reggie McKenzie walked through the front door.

    “The greatness of the Raiders is in their future.” Al Davis

  6. The Raiders also employee fatties who just cash checks. I’m sure the ghost of Al still thinks” JaMarcus Russell is a great quarterback”.

  7. I dont get it…. management can decide to go younger/cheaper etc if they want.. just the same if they wanted older/more expensive. . This is ridiculous… so what’s next, does this mean players over 30 can sue for being cut because a team wants to go younger?

  8. Look at the 1st round picks of the Raiders in the past decade. After you are done chuckling to yourself, and before you want to feel bad for them. Just remember these guys think they did a good job. Now continue laughing.

  9. Sometimes I just don’t understand labor law. So if you’re young and useless, hit the bricks. But if your older and useless, you can’t be fired?

  10. So if you decide to rebuild your company, the minority’s, the women, and the elderly are off limits?

  11. Al Davis and The Raiders set the bar very high for NFL Franchises. Amy Trask, the first female executive, Art Shell the first African American head Coach.

    It is not part of the Raiders DNA to discriminate in any way shape or form.

    Case dismissed.

  12. Going cheaper is perfectly legitimate business practice.

    In a related matter, the union negotiated an agreement where there is minimum salaries for experienced players. They perhaps unwittingly shortened the careers of players who may be a bit above marginal but because they are five or six years vets get cut for cheaper inexperienced players.

    A safety net for one employee is a lost job opportunity for someone else. Be careful whose job you protect by laws it may be your kid that can’t get a job because of it.

    That said, there are a lot of coaches at 70 more creative than those half their age.

  13. I’m pretty sure you can’t sue for age discrimination when the guy calling the shots has a hair style that is 60 years old.

  14. Its called RETIRE or we fire you!??! No retire? Okay, you’re FIRED!

    Reggie McKenzie shedding more dead weight in Oakland!!!!!!


    Put the money saved towards a better stadium!!!!

  15. Couldn’t the Raiders can easily point to new management.

    Raiders brought in McKenzie in January. At the point its too late to fire the scouts you have on staff with the draft in less than 3 months away. You can’t exactly start over from scratch you’d be behind everyone, who’s had a whole year to go nearly ever college player.

    Only after the draft was completed would it be the ideal time to let them go.

  16. LOL, they are still drafting players that are suited for the 1980s NFL.

  17. I’m sure Amy Trask will be their lawyer for free. I wonder if she gave them any advice?

  18. Had they done the same thing to that senile fool Al about 10 years ago maybe they wouldn’t have been such an embarrassment to the league for the last 10 years.

  19. im sure this is the guy who thought Jamarcus , Heyward-bey, mcclain, huff and robert gallery were all worth top 10 picks you got fired for gross incompetence not age, they just want a retirement payday because they know with that track record they will never be hired again.

  20. All well and good, youngsters, unless the goofball son of a legend puts his foot in his mouth. Stay tuned to the trial.

  21. sc49ers: you should have put an apostrophe in “theres” and nobody makes more mistakes “than” the Raiders, not “then”. (I’m guessing the sc stands for South Carolina?)

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