Report: Dolphins still haven’t extended formal offer to Vonta Leach

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Training camp for the Miami Dolphins is scheduled to open in just under two weeks as players report on June 20. Free agent fullback Vonta Leach seems to be leaning toward the Dolphins in hopes of joining the team for the upcoming season.

However, Leach still needs one little thing; a contract.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have yet to formally offer Leach a contract despite mutual interest from both sides. The two sides have only spoke in general terms about a contract up to this point.

While Leach’s agent, Ralph Vitolo, hasn’t ruled out other teams seeking to acquire Leach, the focus clearly seems to be with the Dolphins. It’s where Vitolo believes Leach will ultimately end up but it can’t happen if the Dolphins decide not to offer him a deal.

The Houston Texans, New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens continue to show interest in Leach as well. The Ravens have an offer on the table to Leach but he’s seeking a better deal. Per Salguero, Leach is intrigued by the Dolphins but the “money has to be right.

With the season fast approaching, the timetable for both sides to make a decision could be accelerated soon.

27 responses to “Report: Dolphins still haven’t extended formal offer to Vonta Leach

  1. Now that the Giants got the Cruz deal done they need to get a deal done with Leach. Leach would be the icing on the cake for that offense. Cmon Gmen make it happen.

  2. I was looking at some last year Games and the back field protection was terrible. If we indeed want to make big plays , RT needs time and protectionon in the BF. This guy will be a nice acquisition but at the right price.

    I belive this guy wants at least a two year deal. At the end it will be how much front office is willing to pay.

  3. Of course they haven’t… because the Phins, nor any other team for that matter, are interested.

    Just another example of an overzealous, gung-ho agent looking to impress his client by creating a false “buzz” about him… hoping for someone to bite

  4. His team, the defending SB champs, offered him a deal and he’s not taking it. Not sure what that speaks more to: a dysfunctional franchise that veterans can’t leave fast enough, or the fact that he’s not very smart. My money is on the former, though I also doubt he’s attending many Mensa meetings.

  5. He’d better take what he can get…..these days teams are more than happy to go with NO fullback and just line the 3rd or 4th TE (or an extra O-lineman) up in the backfield when they need a fullback. Leach is a great blocker but that’s ALL. Not an effective runner or pass catcher. Guys like Oakland’s Marcel Reece and Philly’s James Casey are the future of the Fullback position: guys that can run, block and catch well, with the speed to run tight end routes. Blocking backs like Leach are going the way of the dodo

  6. Rumor had it htat the miami brass was away on vacation last week. Watch for things to happen this week if anything is going to get done.

  7. The Dolphins have been masterful this offseason with acquiring talent and in cap management.

    They are in good shape for next season and should move closer to taking over the AFC East. And as LeBron said “it’s about damn time.”

  8. If Dolphins are serious they’ve got to make this happen. The Ravens want Leach back, so for him to sign with another team he has to make a lot more money than Baltimore has offered him. His blocking could make the difference for Miami to beat the Patriots and win the division this year. But management needs to quit stalling and get it done. Can’t be a pennypincher in this situation and he’s the best FB in the NFL.

  9. Although he may end up in Miami, he may not get the deal he’s looking for. The Dolphins are going to roll as much cap room as they can into next season. They are going to need it.

  10. So much for “nobody wants to play in Miami”! As a Fins fan it is a nice feeling seeing the coveted free agents wanting to join the team. Hopefully some playoff appearances will be forthcoming!

  11. Ireland needs to get this done . Leach would be a huge upgrade blocking for Lamar Miller would be the Cherry on top of a great offseason.

  12. I really wish the Ravens would hold on to Leach. He’s one more pair a cleats to help pound the Steelers’ withering DL into the dirt where they belong.

  13. Last offer was $2M from Ozzie. I’m guesing he doesnt get more than that. Not this year. Not for a fullback. Even the best one in the league.

  14. Keep in mind that the Miami Dolphins players with only this yr left on their contract will be watching this. I talking bout the Paul Soliai, Reshad Jones, Randy Stark and Chris Clemmons. These Guys are the core of the Miami Defense and they have had no contract talks about their furture in Miami and to sign this guy is like a slap in their face

  15. for a fan of a team that employs plax, ben, and the hefty linebacker and has recently employed santonio, mendy, wallace and psycho james to call another team disfunctional…thats rich. come back to baltimore vontae and lets try for another ring

  16. He knows his best chance to improve the proposed terms are when a team suffers an injury at FB, which won’t happen until training camp starts. He doesn’t need a lot of reps to learn his job. On the other end, he just needs not to hold out too long hoping for that eventuality.

    Odds are he will sign about 7-10 days into training camp.

  17. I think a deal has been cut somewhere and the team is allowing him to sit out the 1st couple weeks of training camp while keeping it quiet. Seasoned veterans can pull that off sometimes. I hope it’s Miami that announces they get this well rested FB, maybe shortly after the HOF game.

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