Report: No contract talks expected for Bills, Jairus Byrd


Over the weekend, we passed along a report that there was no progress on a contract for Bills safety Jairus Byrd.

There might not be much need to keep the light on waiting for updates. Tim Graham of the Buffalo News backs up that report with one of his own that the Bills are “not close” to signing Byrd, who got the franchise tag earlier this offseason, and that there aren’t any talks scheduled this week. Players with franchise tags must sign long-term deals with their teams by July 15 or wait until after the 2013 season comes to an end.

Beyond that, Graham reports that no talks are expected between the Bills and agent Eugene Parker this week. That would leave Byrd, who joins Broncos tackle Ryan Clady as the only franchised players yet to sign their tenders, with a couple of choices. He can sign the tag and play out the year for $6.916 million or hold out until the post-Week 10 deadline to report and accrue the season he’d need to become an unrestricted free agent again after the 2013 season.

The first option seems more likely since it would have the best chance of bolstering his case for a big contract in Buffalo or elsewhere, but we’ll find out soon enough which door Byrd decides to walk through.

11 responses to “Report: No contract talks expected for Bills, Jairus Byrd

  1. I am already settling with the idea Byrd is gone. I don’t wait in the edge of my seat for milking the system.

    If everyone comes to terms that Byrd is gone then any productivity we get from him this season is just a bonus.

    Plus we gotta give Spiller the real money.

  2. The writing is on the wall. Moving Aaron Williams to safety plus drafting Duke Williams and Jonathon Meeks this year simply means Byrd has no future in Buffalo. Pure ignorance by Whaley not getting one of the best defenders in the league a long term deal. He’ll be the hottest FA next year.

  3. As a Skins fan in Buffalo I can say that I would love to see him as a Skin next year. 🙂 Much more cap room and we haven’t had anyone even come close to replacing Sean Taylor at FS. 🙁

  4. Spiller is the man for sure!! Any team would want that guy! That’s obvious. Just thought I’d post that because an article regarding the Buffalo Bills wouldn’t get any love at all!! Coming from a Bengals fan lol!

  5. Whaley isn’t the one who doesn’t want to talk, this is pure Parker. I applaud Whaley for not giving into his BS and not letting himself be blackmailed by Parker.

  6. Listen guys, we live in the digital age. These meetings can be scheduled in minutes and completed in hours. Both sides know he will be top 3 paid. Both sides know the contract will be 4-6 years. The only hitch is guaranteed money.

    Last year, Stevie Johnsons agent reportedly hadnt met with the team prior to the week before the deadline. Meaningful talks didnt start until 4 days before. And just 2 days before the FA deadline he signed a long term deal.

    Both Byrd and the Bills have expressed that they want a long term deal. Most of the terms are already set. In all reality, this deal could be completed in 4 hours time once the call is made.

    Ill admit that im concerned, but the pessimists need to understand how these things have been happening in Buffalo.

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