Ron Jaworski, Herm Edwards rip Kaepernick’s hat


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick got some grief from fans last week for wearing a Dolphins hat, and he was defiant in his response. That was probably the wrong tack to take if he wanted to make the issue disappear.

On Monday, Kaepernick was the subject of some fairly harsh criticism on ESPN, where analysts Ron Jaworski and Herm Edwards both said Kaepernick’s decision to wear another team’s gear was unacceptable.

“You’re the face of the football team, you’re the future of the football team, you’re being paid handsomely by the San Francisco 49ers,” Jaworski said. “It’s an immaturity thing, in my opinion. This is a great football player, the ceiling is very high, but this is something you just don’t do as a leader of a football team.”

Added Edwards, “Steve Young and Joe Montana wouldn’t do that. They get it. You’re the quarterback. You are the face of the franchise, and whether you like it or not, on the field or off the field, you’ve got to act that way.”

Now, you might think Jaworski and Edwards are just stirring up a controversy to have something to talk about during the slowest point in the offseason. And there are some ESPN commentators who would do exactly that: If Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith had a discussion about Kaepernick’s hat, I’d figure it was just another lame attempt to “embrace debate,” and I’d change the channel. But Jaworski and Edwards are both straight shooters who don’t talk about things like this just to get attention.

Jaworski and Edwards also both came into the NFL at an earlier time and have old-school mentalities not unlike that of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. Which reinforces the idea that Harbaugh might have something to say about Kaepernick’s hat.

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  1. Kaepernick was well within his rights to do this but in the end wearing another football team’s hat was just a poor decision. Instead of saying he can wear whatever hat he wants it would be a good idea to take to the airwaves admit he made a mistake and say he’s all in with the Niners and won’t wear another NFL teams gear while he’s there.

    He may not want to do it but when you’re given the opportunity to play in the nfl sometimes you have to give up a few of the things you’d like to do.

  2. They are absolutely right. This kid is a example of how these kids are being raised, with zero respect . Also Montana and ellway didn’t look like him either .. Get it?

  3. This situation confuses me, I think anyone should be free to wear whatever they want. I like Kaepernik and think he is a good guy, still not 100% sure he should wear a Dolphin’s cap.

  4. He’s the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. He should act the part.

  5. Harbaugh is two faced and hypocritical. The guy is as phony as a Nine dollar bill.
    He is stuck with this immature, obnoxious, swollen headed clone of himself…………… he will not say a damn thing.
    What a classless organization. Totally embarassing

  6. Kaep is an injury away from wishing he never wore that hat. See how cool that looks when you’re wearing it on injured reserve.

  7. It appears that almost everyone(players, coaches, fans) think that tattoolongneck is in the wrong except those delusional, obnoxious Whiner fans that hold on to some ridiculous excuse like “he wanted to match his outfit”

    Look, the arrogant, obnoxious kid has a serious case of Swollen Head. It was one thing to disrespect your employer, teammates, and fanbase, but to then to basically tell everyone afterwards he will STILL do it?

    That is total classless, immature behavior. I’m telling you now. his kid isn’t a leader. He is all about himself. Harbaugh kept the wrong QB folks.

    Russel Wilson is studying his playbook, and hosting free camps across the country for inner city kids. doing charity work. This clown is getting more tattoos and punking the whole 49er nation.

    And to think, Harbaugh could have had Russel Wilson, and he could have had Alex Smith still. Those 2 QBS are taking their teams to multiple AFC and NFC titles.
    Yea. that Harbaugh sure is a genius.


  8. After KC wins the Super Bowl this season , he will be wearing an Alex Smith jersey


  9. @sampsonswag01 says:
    Jul 8, 2013 9:00 PM
    Wake me when he wears a Seahawks hat……
    Meh, who cares. 49ers real rivals are the cowboys, rams. I loved the rivalry with Saints too.

    Seahawks have never had a true rival or rivalry. Even when they were in AFC W, no one cared. The rivalry was between Broncos, Raiders, and Chiefs.

  10. It would be one thing if he wore a non-SF baseball hat, but he’s an NFL player. You can’t wear some other NFL team’s gear.

    Imagine Brady was wearing a SF hat because that’s where he grew up, or Peyton wore a Indy hat now he’s in Denver? Who knows what would happen to Rodgers or Big Ben if they were wearing another teams hat. Those cities are ruthless about their football.

    These guys would never wear another NFL teams hat.

    Kaepernick is getting off easy because he’s young. If he were older and more experienced there wouldn’t be any forgiveness.

  11. If the 49ers have a big issue with him wearing the hat, they can call him Andorra his agent and let him know. Kap can then either choose to obey the teams wishes or ignore them. In turn the 49ers can decide to extend, trade or release him depending on his appeal choices.

    To a thinking person this is a total non issue. He hasn’t signed a $100 million contract, and only started a handful of games. And if the 49ers get off to a hot start Herm, Jaws, and all the people that are going nuts over this hat issue right now will be gushing about how amazing Kap is and you won’t hear about this ever again, except from Seahawks fans.

  12. atwatercrushesokoye says:
    Jul 8, 2013 8:54 PM


    Great handle name! Man, that was a vicious hit that Okoye never recovered from either. Kudos on the name……and I’m #49ers fan!

  13. I disagree with both of them. They state opinions like as if they are rules or musts and I don’t believe that is the case. Kaepernick is doing it his way, and according to what these guys say that is impossible. Steve Young and Joe Montana never did the impossible. But apparently Kaep has already been there and done that. The legend will continue to grow as long as there are dissenters in the face of value players that are making accomplishments.

  14. All things considered, it doesn’t make him look very bright. Kinda reinforces the impression I get listening to him speak during an interview. Like a teen skateboarder who’s a fan of the wake ‘n bake.

    Not completely uncommon among millennials….

    “I came to work… and you wan’t me to DO something too?”

  15. When Harbaugh was with the Chargers, he openly refused to answer questions from a media member who wore a SF 49ers shirt to a Charger press conference.

    You get the feeling that after the next sit-down with the head coach, this won’t be an issue for young Mr. Kaepernick anymore. Until then, he’s open for criticism. He basically asked for it.

  16. He is well within his rights to wear the clothing… but that doesnt mean he should. First of all he should be smarter than that. You are the face of a franchise, you are getting paid by them, and you just throw that in their faces? That is bad enough. But then his response. I DO WHAT I WANT is the most immature thing ever. How many football players out there had favorite teams growing up? How many wear that teams gear while playing for another team? Even practice squad guys arent as dumb as Kaep. He already looks like a meathead, but to add to it this way just shows how dumb he can be.

  17. Seems like he HAD to know it would cause a stink, especially after his response. I don’t really give a crap what he wears but it does seem like he was trying to stir up the hornet’s nest a bit, which is kind of a dbag attitude to have

  18. kaeperpuke is a complete D-bag
    the writing is on his arms.
    shows no respect for the company that pays him.
    get a clue loser.

  19. I was at a Ravens event the year that Ed Reed was drafted. He walked into the event in a Cleveland browns jersey. Within 10 minutes he was “asked” to change into Ravens tshirt. These guys don’t have the good sense that God gave a snail. No understanding of what they have to lose.

  20. Couldn’t care less, but if he’s an executive for, say, Coke and wears a Pepsi hat to work, he’s going to be sent to the office. A brand is a brand, and you just don’t advertise the competition, period, it’s unprofessional. Sorry Kaep, but you’re wrong on this one. But if it makes him feel better, I still don’t care.

    Go Niners!

  21. He should have just said “he lost a bet” and that would have ended it. Understandably though he loves the Phins. Don’t we all?

  22. This is a common sense issue – would any of you want pictures posted of you wearing the apparel of your company’s competitor? It’s a matter of professional respect and etiquette.

  23. I look forward to the day when I have nothing else to worry about than things like this. People are blowing it out of proportion. Was it a dumb decision? Yes. Does it deserve to still be a topic of conversation? No.

  24. Young & Montana are also from an era where youth didn’t really wear NFL gear, nor were hats “stylish” wardrobe accessories. Baseball caps? Yeah. I’m a few years older than Kaepernick & NFL/NBA/NHL hats didn’t really become a thing until the early 90s and even then most NFL gear were replica jerseys & Starter Jackets.

    Should he have responded more sympathetically (no matter how dumb the outrage still is…this isn’t flying a Nazi flag during WWI, it’s a logo for teams that play a freaking game as a job) to angry fans? Absolutely. However I think it’s important to remember that he’s also just a few years removed from just being an average kid that liked to collect & wear apparel from NFL teams that weren’t necessarily the one he’d end up playing for.

    We have to keep in mind that fans will get just as mouthbreathingly irate when an athlete that plays for one of their city’s teams wears gear from another city’s team in another sport. At least this is in San Francisco though, if he were a Patriot wearing Jets gear or a Steeler wearing Ravens gear his family would be under 24 hour armed police protection.

  25. He can wear what he wants, but he should have some common sense.

    Imagine Michael Jordan wearing a Knicks hat because it matched one those ugly multi-colored shirts guys wore in the 90s. Even he would’ve been ripped by his elders.

  26. Don’t really care about the guy one way or the other, but in what job would this be acceptable? If he worked at McDonalds and wore a Burger King hat, he would have been fired.

  27. I would never wear a Dolphins hat. Or a Marlins hat. Or a Heat hat. or a Red Socks hat or a…Run down the list. NYGiants, NYMets, NY Knoicks. That’s it for me.

    Even if I was employed by the Dallas Cowboys, I’d wear my NYGiants hat,

  28. Ronny, he gets paid handsomely compared to me,but I work in a factory. He can’t get a new deal until after this season. “Jaws” should speak to Andrew Brandt about this.

  29. there are 32 teams fighting it out for the big prize. 32 teams in competition. he is the starting qb for one of those 32 teams, and should wear the gear of the team that is paying him. To then go and try to defend it, is just ridiculous.

  30. Kopernik had 1st and goal in the Red Zone with 2 minutes and 2 timeouts left in the Super Bowl and couldn’t score. He lost me that day. You do the math. Geaux Saints!

  31. Imagine going to war with this guy as your leader, and he’s in the trenches with you wearing a S Korea helmet. I’d be embarrassed of this guy if i were a Niner fan, but to the rest of us, he’s just an easy punchline……for a long time.

  32. Sounds like Kaepernick has a deep seated desire to want to play for the Dolphins….

    Make some ridiculous contract demands after this season, keep slapping your team and teammates in the face with these antics, and you may just get your wish!

  33. As a young male, he probably wore the hat to match his shirt/sneakers. Many a people do it nowadays (even if he can find other orange and teal colored accessories). But I think Jaws and Herm are right. You simply can’t rock the gear of another team in your own sport if you’re a professional athlete. At first I thought “who cares?”, but then thought if a Cowboy player worea Pats or Panthers or any other team’s hat. It’s not a good look.

  34. cap is a PUNK.!!!!!! After his defiance answer on the cap. Lost respect for him. On my PUNK list is now wilson, kap and cam.!!!!!! All will be out of football in 3 years at the latest.

  35. To me this makes last year even more impressive. To go out and take your team to the superbowl having been born yesterday… 🙁

  36. Oh ya but its ok for athletes in other sports to wear other teams they should kingjames not to wear other teams logo he does make about 10 times more then alot of other players….

  37. If the guy wants to wear a Dolphins hat the question becomes, Why? Is it because you like the colors? you like smart mammals?….. Or, would you like to play for the team in South Beach?…..Either way, if S.F. is paying this dude tons of money you should be the face of “That Franchise”………Period.

  38. Way too much flack about B.S. guy is on his own time ,out and about ,chilling and gets called out about a stupid hat.
    Well could have murdered someone, no that’s not it.
    Could have beat his woman’s ass no that’s not it.
    Could have been involved in drugs ,no that’s not it.
    Did he get a D.U.I. no that’s not it.
    Was he involved in a night club incident, no that’s not it.
    O.M.G he wore a Dolphins’ hat and on his own time, wasn’t on clock.
    O.M.G. he cant root for a team or wear the Teams hat on his own private time.
    O.M.G. what a concept, you work for your employer but you have no say in your private life
    everything dictates that even while making love you must wear 49ers condoms and cant do 69
    unless you owe your partner 20.
    Bad thing about it, 99% of posters on this subject cheat on their wives, steal. lie extort yet hold this Young man to extremes they themselves couldn’t abide to.
    But then that’s a hat of a different color.

  39. it was a way dumb thing to do.. Whats gonna happen if san fran plays the dolphins, and the dolphins win the game, hes gonna look like a super idiot then and maybe be called out for other factors, if u get my drift

  40. Not the end of the world, but still. Wear 49ers stuff, man. You’re one of the 32 most important people in sports – act like the face of the franchise that you are. You’re not some 4th string player.

  41. Not wearing another team’s gear is not an “old school mentality”. It’s common sense.

    The fact that Kap then defended his poor decision just compounded that he doesn’t get it.

  42. Here’s a little experiment:

    Show up at your job tomorrow wearing the competitions logo. See how that goes over with your co-workers, customers, and the people that sign your checks.

  43. Hahaha this is so dumb. Sinnce when were the dolphins the 9ers competitors?? I mean I think it’d be A LOT different if it were a rams,Seahawks,cardinals, or cowboys hat, but a dolphins hat?! Herm and jaws couldn’t tell me the score to the last game the dolphins/9ers played. All youngsters wear matching hats nowadays. Get the stick outta your asphalt and let them be them for crying out loud!

  44. The author of this article was right, it’s because Edwards and Jaws are older and old school.

    Kids today don’t get many of the things they should. Then the lash out and defend themselves. Those around their age defend them too and say us old timers don’t get it anymore and on and on.

    Kap seemed like a throwback to me and he is in many ways. Working out first, last, driving right away to the complex after being drafted… He’s a hard worker.

    This bad decision has more to do with being young in today’s society where anything goes and it is OK.

    Anything didn’t used to go and that’t why Montana and others didn’t do and wouldn’t have even considered doing it.

    Many things that change are good and for the better, but not everything is…

  45. This kid has issues. You’re getting paid to represent your team and city and then he threw a hissy fit in the aftermath. You wouldn’t see a 5 star general from the US wear an I heart al qaeda hat.

  46. Some may think this is being blown out of proportion, but his actions as well as his response are not only immature but also unprofessional. Its just a cap, but it sends out a very wrong message or what he stands for, then again its what I believe.

  47. Not what a “pros pro” would do. Not the kind of limelight you want shining on you

    At least he didn’t shoot anybody!

  48. Kaepernick thinks he is re-inventing the NFL quarterback image. Funny that RGIII has the same mentality.
    They need to speak with Cam.

    It takes a T E A M to win in the NFL.

    Being an individual is fine. When personal conduct disrespects your team, the team may not perform as well with such leadership.

  49. As a 49ers fan I really don’t care. It’s just fashion. I’m a huge 49ers fan, been one my whole life, will be one to the day I die. I have a Reggie Bush Saints jersey because I like the way it looks. Doesn’t mean I ever wanted to be a Saints fan or ever will. Just that I like the way it looks.

  50. Wish I had a nickel for every time Jaworski utters the word “football.” He’s so freakin’ annoying…
    Remember when COACH Jeff Fisher wore a Peyton Manning jersey at some sort of banquet or team function when he coached the Titans? To me, that was much more offensive than some tattooed, gangsta-wannabe wearing a Dolphins cap.

  51. You just don’t wear another team’s hat. Lebron got ripped for wearing a freakin Yankees cap, why would you think its okay to wear another NFL team’s gear?

    But for me its not really about the hat, its about the “kissing my muscles” celebration and the douchy pic he posted in response to his fans. The kid is immature and kind of an ass.

  52. We want to know WHY Kap wore the fish hat!! did he lose a bet? Kap Speak up!!! Do you have a good reason?

    Also Harbaugh should give him a little spankin!! Maybe Singletary can come back and slap Kap around!!

    Kap is talented but like lots of people said, your the STAR QB, you need to Rep and act the part! Now if you lost a bet… maybe his Grandpa passed away and that was Grandaddy’s hat?? if theres a good reason then ppl wont care. But if he is just being a young punk, then thats lame!!

    If not then he is going to me the next Te’o!!

    So Kap whats the reason?

    – Got a concussion? Grab the wrong hat?
    – Lost a bet?
    – Match your “OUTFIT”?
    – Dead realitive hat? (friend)
    – You want to play for a Dead last team?
    – You want to be the next Te’o?
    – Your just a dump kid?
    – Hernadez paid you to take the spotlight off of him?

    Please Colin dont do ISH like that again!!

  53. I think this so-called “Dolphins cap flap” is downright comical. Moreover, I have a hunch that it’s being driven largely by those who are NOT 49ers fans, who are as deeply loyal to their quarterback as he is to them. Let’s get real here. If “Kap” was sporting, say, a Seahawks or Packers cap, then I can understand how this might be less amusing. But if you agree with me that the Miami Dolphins have slightly better odds than the Miami Heat of winning Super Bowl XLVIII, then should this even register a blip on the controversy meter?

  54. I hear what some of you guys are saying but I respectfully disagree!!! Just because a guy is paid handsomely, it does’n’t give an employer the right to impose a particular dress code!!!! Especially during the off season. I could see a problem if he attended mini-camp with a Dolphins hat on or even showed up for a autograph signing with another teams swag on. I even find what Jaws and Herm said ridiculous!!!!! Neither one of them has any clue whether or not Montana/Young has ever worn an opposing teams hat!!!! LOL It’s only because of now that we are in the “social media age” atheletes/celebrities(all humans for that matter) are overly scrutinized and personal lives are displayed for the entire universe to judge. Frankly I’m sick and tired and OVER it all…….

  55. Do the Dolphins even have a quarterback? Who is it and what kind of hat does he or she have?

  56. The Dolphins and 49ers rarely play each other. They aren’t rivals. They don’t play anywhere near each other. The Dolphins won’t be in the playoffs or even competitive. I can’t think of any team less threatening to the 49ers than the Dolphins. Tomorrow he should wear a hat that says “Rozelle”.

  57. Folks truly don’t understand this young generation…Kap was just color coordinating his attire which matches fins colors…pure harmless and not a big deal…Older generation just don’t understand and making something harmless into this big drama…geez folks leave Kap alone, not that serious!

  58. I’m with them. Are you a 49er or not? I cannot remember a player putting on another pro team’s colors, can you? It’s unheard of, and directly disrespectful to the 49ers fanbase.

  59. I’m a long time 9ers fan (even through the miserable decade) and maybe I’m old-school, but I think it was a bad decision on Kaep’s part. Yes, it is “just a hat” that matches whatever outfit he was wearing, but it’s practically an unwritten rule that a player not wear another teams’ gear. Hindsight being what it is, if he had apologized (unfounded or not) and said he had lost a bet or something, it would have gone over better. No one is questioning the young man’s loyalty to his team or his work ethic or desire to achieve success with the 49ers organization. Come out of the gates strong when the games begin and everybody will forget about this real quick.

  60. Talking about peyton manning .was he the guy who was in the ravens locker room asking for rays autograph after they lost to them in the playoff game???? hmmm I think I would rather have kapp wear the hat,,,thats like kapp asking Sherman for his autograph …..that would never happen!!!!!!

  61. Lets see if harbaugh is the tough guy he thinks he is. Kap does’nt get it so jim better make him get it. i would take this little brat to my office and set him straight or he could turn into a cancer and loose part of the locker room. seriously kap don’t be a punk. many fans think he looks like one allready so why lrove them right? RG3,lu k and wilson whom kap is compared to are out doing things for charity and your doing this? you better get it cause the majority of niner fans were chearing for this team before you were born. prove it to us ,that your the real deal.

  62. It’s all you see now! Like these people who wear band shirts yet they don’t listen to Zeppelin, or the Beatles; or ACDC. Quite a few of my own pals where other teams stuff and I’m like, huh? When I was a kid that was a good way to get labled a bandwagon, or get a snowball to the face; like we needed a reason in those days.

  63. There is simply no loyalty left on earth. My old man would have kicked me right in the a$$.

  64. Ooh, I got the solution for you Kaep! How about you come out and say you’ll only wear the hat and post a pic from each team that you beat, and you randomly selected Miami to start with? Future hats will be Chicago, New Orleans, New England, Arizona, Green Bay and Atlanta. I, for one, have a strong suspicion your NFL hat collection will be greatly expanding very soon…

  65. I understand both sides.. people get crazy over their football teams. He needs to know the microscope in witch he lives now is all. . But it is just a hat. .

  66. Come on my man, at the end of the day, you’re a friggin 49er! Act like it, petulant boys fail. So as a huge 49er fan, lose the petulance and kick some Seattle Seagull hiney!!!

  67. I’m in my early 20s and I fully agree with Jaworski. Unfortunately, Kaep just doesn’t get it. He has a LOT to learn.

  68. its just a cultural/generational thing.. in previous years people wore team apparel to show allegiance.. but now days people wear team apparel that matches their ensembles.

  69. he probably wears 49er hats every other day the year, and needed to make a change the 49ers gear is an OLD one he needed a NEW one! no better choice than a dolphins and if you know ron jawski you know he freaks out over anything!!!

  70. My biggest hope is that he wears a vintage Seattle SuperSonics hat. 49er fans would say that supports the city of their rival. Seahawk fans would take it as an insult, as the Sonics are no longer. Hence we have a double edged sword of outrage for the general population to laugh while watching. Make it happen Colin!

  71. You people are once again biting on the bait.. This is just another blown outa proportion article. Im sure this man owns hats of all 32 teams because hes a fan of the sport as well not just a player. I dont see you all complaining when other players go watch other teams !!

  72. This should be a question on the wonderlic: “Would you show support to a rival team?”

  73. Who that lives in the real world doesn’t get this, and yeh this means you kids who have respect for nothing and feel in-titled to everything. He sold himself and his image for zillions to a professional sports team. He owes them. He is the image the team leads with, then you act like a street punk. How old is this tattooed freak.

  74. They pretend to care. Then you pretend to care about their pretending to care. This keeps you all employed, keeps our society distracted and stupid.

  75. I see their point, but it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it were the Browns or Bills. Now that the Dolphins are being pegged as the new dream team…

  76. Kaep lacks a savvy agent advisor.
    In letting his emotions get the best of himself…. he’s exposing himself &…..defensive coordinators are taking note.

  77. Hmmm…at the end of this next season, Kaep will be eligible to renegotiate his contract.

    If he does a great job this season, he likely gets what he wants (or close to it). He does a mediocre job, or for whatever reason the 9ers don’t make the post-season (heaven forbid…), the front office may think they can get him under an extended contract for less.

    If it’s a low-ball offer, Kaep might want to try and pull off a Flacco. But that scenario almost never happens, with a SB win and huge contract afterward. In which case, he might end up either tagged franchise (pretty good money) or FA (unemployed).

    And who knows…maybe he’d rather live in Miami. What better way to tell the ‘fins he’d like to be considered a candidate for a future employment position, should he become available? Wear their gear, of course. Can’t be more obvious than that. It takes “networking” to a whole new level.

    But then again, I’m such a conspiracy theorist. Probably nothing there, right? Total lunacy on my part.

    Well, maybe not as looney as wearing another team’s colors…

  78. No brainer that its pretty dumb to wear another NFL teams hat. I do give him props for repping Milwaukee with Bucks and Brewers hats tho! That being said Go Pack Go!

  79. Thats hilarious. I always turn ESPN’s First Take to. If only they knew a lil about football. #letsyell@eachother #thencallitdebate

  80. If you give him crap about wearing a Dolphins hat, you are old, and should probably be worried about who is on your lawns. He is an young NFL player in his 20’s, and as someone who is almost thirty, I wear teams gear that I don’t root for, (hi Pirates, Mavericks and Bears) that have been well marketed that go with my outfits, oh and I am also white and have a very well paying job, and I’ve loved the Niners since the late 80’s. Calm down old people, stop talking about respect when you haven’t walked one foot in this kids shoes. You talk about Steve Young, what respect did he give to Jeff Garcia, and what respect did Montana give to Young? NONE. Yet this kid at every turn praised Alex Smith, #stopbeingold #the80sareover #dealwithit

  81. With the emergence of Russell Wilson and how good their d is, I started kinda rooting for the hawks. Then I would come to pft & see some of the hawk “fans” that came out of the woodwork and the constant sh!+ they talk. Now I hope the hawks go 0-16 just to shut the new “most obnoxious fan base” the hell up. Especially that moronic self proclaimed knower of everything. Good God his/her posts are stupid. We get it. You love the chiefs & hawks. Which makes you twice as pathetic.

  82. Anyone who thinks its wrong of him to wear a fins hat is borderline retarded! He puts his health and future on the line every Sunday for an organization (like every other orginization), that would forget about him if he has a catastrophic injury that would end his career. Especially with his playing style, the way he dodges defenders as opposed to skipping out of bounds. The 49ers aren’t likely to meet the fins in the Superbowl…and I’m a Dolphins fan…so WTF cares what he wears?! At least he isn’t killing people. NFL…No Fun League…They are entertainers…and most of them do it well. If he was on the sidelines wearing a fins hat that would be one thing…but c’mon…its the offseason.

  83. The young 49ers QB doesn’t get it..But I think he is one their fans deserve. Keep rocking other NFL teams hats and treating those guys with disdain. Its fabulous entertainment for the rest of us!

  84. It was naive of Kaepernick to think 49ers fans shouldn’t or wouldn’t care about the hat. That’s as far as it goes. It was a bad decision and he’ll come correct. The rest is drama. Those trying to convince others that Kaepernick is a punk are ignorant and a waste of time.

  85. Oh… and I’m sure down the stretch of the season people will forget about this… Then he’ll do something stupid and all will remember. For the title though.. it would have been cleaver if they called him ‘Cap-ernick’… Just sayin…

  86. I think players should be able to wear the uniform of any team they want when playing in games. The field would be so colorful with all the different teams and logos. It would add another element of difficulty to the game as well, making it more entertaining to watch. And if you got a penalty, you would have to wear a pink jersey sponsoring breast cancer awareness!

  87. You can’t compare kapernick to Montana and young…..he’s not white, doing dumb stuff is in his DNA!!!

  88. Its been a while since Herm Edwards said anything worth listening to. he did a great job as HC in his last stint. luh-hoo-ser.

  89. Many players wear other teams caps, if the Super Bowl Loser 49ers don’t like it, the Dolphins would be quite happy to Kaep off their hands!!!

  90. People will forget all about this little bump in the road when the season starts and he only has one person to throw to (Vernon Davis). Unless you count that 1st round stud they took in the 2012 draft A.J. Jenkins from Illinois. I think he played in 3 games last year and his season totals were: 0 catches for 0 yards and 0 TD’s. Not bad for a 1st round pick!
    Better hope Anquan Boldin can stay healthy. Even if he does I’m not sure he can run around long enough for 60-70 offensive snaps per game.

  91. BTW does anyone really give a $hit was Ron Jaworski thinks!!?? Isn’t he that guy that wishes he was remembered for having his leg snapped by Lawrence Taylor!!??

  92. There are more important things in life to be upset about than a young professional athlete wearing a hat of a team that his team probably won’t face for another four years. Jaws and Herm Edwards are legends in their own minds.

  93. Pretty obvious Colin was a finfan prior to being grafted by the 49rs. Doesn’t make him a less loyal 49r!
    On a side note, take a look at the picture and then the instagram pic, they are different caps.

  94. Ron Jaworski and Herm Edwards are not the sharpest pencils in the box. This stuff happens all the time. Keenan Allen posted a picture of himself wearing a Raider hat a few weeks after being drfated by the Chargers, and those are division rivals. Its a different generation. Maybe its dumb, but that’s what this generation of players is about. Players don’t have much team loyalty because they typically don’t play for the same team very long. Stop talking about Montana and Young. They retired a long time ago. You can’t put your values on this generation. I wonder what Chuck Bednarick thought about you two guys that didn’t play offense AND defense. BTW – Not sure why Kaepernick choose a Dolphin hat. He was born in WI, grew up in CA and went to school in NV. I don’t see the Miami connection unless he just likes the colors.

  95. OK, it was dumb. But this isn’t the same as a McDonald’s employee wearing a Burger King hat. The 32 teams are competitors on the field, but they are in business together. Even the bitterest of rivalries is, on the basest level, a business arrangement. Of course, wearing the hat of your business partner, in this business, would be bad for business.

    Now if the NFL had a real competitor, and he wore a hat from that competing league, now THAT would be a real problem.

  96. Such a non-issue. Jaworski should stick to analyzing NFL players… wait… isn’t Jaworski the guy who said that “Pat White has as good fundamentals as any quarterback in this year’s draft.” On second thought, Ron keep expounding about Kaepernick’s hat.

  97. As the QB of the team. Don’t know the circumstances surrounding him putting on the Dolphins cap, I personally would not do it, but he can wear what he wants, but now at least he knows the repercussions.

  98. To put this in a real life perspective: McDonald’s managers are not allowed to wear Burger King gear. And that’s fast food.

  99. If you want to sport another team gear, then go to your local Hospital and buy every kid there a team hat of their Choosing. Be a good guy, not a punk!!

  100. I personally didn’t expect Cap to do something that stupid. You have to have a little more common sense than that. I would expect this from Chad Johnson.

  101. Sure, call it freedom of expression or whatever..

    But remember this Kappy: ‘Dont poop where you eat, my friend’…

    Next time the 9ers play the fins, just for one play, the O-line should let all the rushers through untouched, just to prove a point

  102. With the ‘Phins on the upswing and the Niners already there. I wonder if this would come-up if the two faced each other in a Superbowl in the near future??? Saaaaay… Suberbowl L that Miami lost out on hosting to San Fran???

    Until then, I’m voting Kaepernick for Team “Cap”-tain


  103. @ ravensbob

    You do know that the Ravens used to be the Browns, right? Granted, Cleveland had a team again in 2002, and Reed shouldn’t have worn that jersey. But, you should hit your knees that the Browns moved to Baltimore because you wouldn’t have a team otherwise. Maybe Reed was paying homage to the city where it all started for the Ravens.

  104. Iknoweverything says: Jul 8, 2013 9:05 PM

    Harbaugh is two faced and hypocritical. The guy is as phony as a Nine dollar bill.
    He is stuck with this immature, obnoxious, swollen headed clone of himself…………… he will not say a damn thing.
    What a classless organization. Totally embarrassing

    I always appreciate having people who give me the opportunity to laugh at them each & everyday for their nonsensical crap. Thank you yet again, Iknoweverything. 🙂

  105. …and another thing! I’m getting pretty tired of the younger generations crying and b!tching about “no one respects us!” when they obviously don’t even respect themselves. You know that cute little Tweety Bird tattoo when you’re twenty is going to look more like Big Bird when you’re forty-five. And what are you going to do with your gaping earlobes that rest on your shoulders.

    Those people on here that say that older people can’t project the values of their generation on the younger are ignorant. My parent’s instilled their generation’s values on me and I am very thankful for it. The bumper sticker is right. “Life’s hard, when you’re stupid!” Now be a Man!!! Many younger men than you have died protecting your right to be stupid, but that doesn’t mean you should flaunt it.

  106. It’s a hat, ESPN. There’s a ton of NHL free agents you could talk about…

  107. this is a total non-event, but…….

    instead of a Dolphins hat, what if he wore a different AFC team – the Ravens.

    Would anyone feel differently.

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