The holiday weekend that was

It’s Monday.  You’re back at work, likely after having the last four days off.

You’re bored.  It’s lunch time (in some time zones).  PFT Live doesn’t return for two more weeks.

So instead of requiring you to scroll and click and scroll and click through the various pages of the Rumor Mill, we decided to put together for you a one-stop link dump of the biggest stories you may have missed during the many hours of non-work time, when your likelihood of searching the Internet for non-work reasons is considerably lower.

Here’s a stack of every story that mentioned Aaron Hernandez.  (It would be a good page to bookmark, if you’re looking for unsolicited suggestions.  Which would make the suggestion something other than unsolicited.)

Urban Meyer finally broke his silence regarding Hernandez.

Meyer shouldn’t have.

He really shouldn’t have.

Ditto for his wife and daughter.

The Pats now have a lot of Hernandez jerseys.

Patriots fans could soon be clamoring for the jersey of RB Shane Vereen.

John Harbaugh may have started an expensive new football tradition.

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick opted not to honor a tradition about which Jim Harbaugh apparently feels strongly.

If Kapernick needs a 49ers hat, S Eric Reid can hook him up.

The Packers hope to retire No. 4 at some point in the next three years.

Jimmy isn’t retiring from the Browns.

If you don’t know Cardinals S Yeremiah Bell’s story, you should.

Trent Richardson’s injuries should be sufficiently healed to allow him to participate in training camp, where he may then suffer more injuries.

The Rams will become free agents after the 2014 season; so where will they go?

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has Matthew Stafford in the middle of the pack of NFL starters.  (More than a few of the 15 teams whose starters came in ahead of Stafford would likely be willing to do a straight up trade.)

In Philly, rookie hazing apparently has gone the way of Taco Tuesday.

49ers rookie Lawrence Okoye likely didn’t expect American football to include teammates bashing other teammates with beer bottles.  Allegedly.

Giants QB Eli Manning now has bookend kids to go along with his bookend rings.

A former replacement ref got another gig this weekend.

A Ravens cheerleader died in a motorcycle accident on Friday.

Pat White has reconsidered his refusal to play positions other than quarterback.

Chilo Rachal says he didn’t quit on the Bears when he, you know, quit on the Bears.

The president who said he wasn’t a crook thought the NFL’s blackout policy was crooked.

Ravens LB Jameel McClain is still awaiting clearance to return from a spinal-cord contusion.

The Dirty Birds’ new tailback won’t be getting his uniform very dirty in the preseason.

“That’s not a knife . . . that’s a knife.”

The Steelers want LB Lawrence Timmons to step up.

Former Ravens LB Ray Lewis wasn’t able to step up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Lions DT Ndamukong Suh leads with tenderness.

Jags WR Justin Blackmon had surgery in a fairly tender spot.

The league may bar certain players from the Scouting Combine, but there’s only one way to get teams to take troubled players off the draft board, if that’s what the league wants to accomplish.

For a “lost little puppy” Redskins RB Alfred Morris did a good job of getting fed last year.

Gentlemen, start your Adderall!

RGIII got hitched, and one of the guests was complaining about the Redskins name from the ceremony.

A Native American author has complained about the Commissioner’s support for the Redskins name.

Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson is acting a little like Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.

Someone slightly larger than a Leprechaun wants to play a football game in Ireland.

Rams WR Tavon Austin will let his mother handle his money.

Titans WR Kenny Britt kicked some of his money toward Britt’s high school team.

The squabble between Atlanta and a church over the money it will take to clear the way for a Falcons stadium is going next level.

Bears RB Michael Bush earned his money last season by playing with a bum shoulder.

Redskins FB Eric Kettani got some hate mail for taking NFL money when he otherwise would be on active duty.

Now get back to making your money by doing something other than surfing the Internet.  But we’ll be here when you take your next break.  In about five minutes.