Tony Romo still on track for training camp

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There’s been no news about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s recovery from surgery to remove a cyst in his back for a while and it looks like a situation where no news is good news.

The last we heard was that Romo was making some throws as the Cowboys wound down minicamp last month and the team was feeling good about his chances of making a total recovery in time for camp. Nothing appears to have changed since the calendar flipped to July.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Romo remains on track to open up camp with his teammates when it opens on July 20. Per Werder, Romo has been “rehabbing daily and throwing regularly” to ensure he’s able to make it onto the field right away.

The big story about the Cowboys offense this offseason other than Romo’s surgery and contract extension has been the switch in play callers from head coach Jason Garrett to offensive coordinator Bill Callahan. While it was covered as a move of massive importance, it’s unclear how much impact that change will have but at least it doesn’t seem like the Cowboys will have to worry about their quarterback’s health while figuring out how everything will work on offense this season.

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  1. Tony is not the player I’d be worried about showing up in camp. However I am curious to see who emerges as safety opposite Barry Church and who the emerges as a starters for the O Line…

  2. They will hype this team up to go deep in the playoffs,which is a giant illusion,On the real side of things Dallas needs a qb that doesnt throw 19 ints a year and a RB that can get over 1000 yds rushing.Demarcco Murray cannot stay healthy enough to do this

  3. The offensive coordinator has cost the Cowboys more games than the QB had. Not saying the QB is perfect, but the mechanics that caused the interceptions are the same that avoided 500 sacks. If you have to fight swords with clubs, you have to accept that the clubs will get cut or will break in the battle.

    Romo is one of the physically more talented players in the league, and has the arm that puts him as an elite arm as well. Give him a good organized OC and, as dirtydrynn says a running back, and I’ll put money on them.

  4. Rehabbing from a Cyst?! Last time I had one, I sterilized a razor blade and dug it out myself. Couldn’t take off work to have it lanced! And went to work that night. Rehab for a cyst…what a wussy

  5. Once camp starts, the Cowboys only have about 10 practices before the HOF game with the Dolphins. Romo needs to get in there and work on timing with some of the new guys like Williams, Randle, and Escobar.

  6. I wish they’d elaborate on the type of cyst. Sure a topical sebaceous cyst is minimal in terms of recovery. However a pilonidal cyst at the base of the spine takes 8 weeks to fully close. (I know from experience with both).

    Rest up Tone you’re the only chance for success.

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