Travis Frederick could wind up at guard


When the Cowboys drafted Travis Frederick in the first round, there were two widespread reactions.

The first was that the Cowboys may have reached to take Frederick at that point in the draft. The second grew out of the first as many inferred that Frederick’s selection gave him the prime position in the battle for the starting center job in 2013.

He may have that position, but nothing is set in stone yet. In a preview of the offensive line on the Cowboys website, Rowan Kavner suggests that Frederick could wind up switching to guard if that “proves a better fit” for the rest of the line. Hulk Hogan’s prospective son-in-law Phil Costa would likely handle the center job if such a switch were made while right guard Mackenzy Bernadeau cedes his spot in the starting lineup to Frederick. There doesn’t seem to be any suggestion that Frederick won’t wind up as a starter, although, again, nothing’s written in stone.

However the Cowboys decide to line up come the fall, the players selected for the lineup have to be more effective than they were during the 2012 season. Interior line play was a serious weakness for Dallas and improving it will be essential to a better showing from the offensive unit as a whole.

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  1. If they reached for a center and end up starting him at another position, I can’t see how this draft pick can be considered a success. I don’t care if he makes 10 Pro Bowls at Guard, either. He could have been picked later, for less and the team could have had another pick.

  2. It’s easy for many to sit back and say, “I had such and such as a late round pick”. Fact is, teams constantly send smokescreens about who they really like. So if so many said Frederick is/was a 2nd or 3rd day draftee, why would we really believe what those teams had on their draft boards without actually seeing it?

  3. For them to have drafted Escobar in the second, he better pan out better than Ertz. Because Ertz was there at 31 and we all assume Fred would’ve been at 47.

    Realistically, they should’ve taken Eiffert and stood pat at 18. They must really love JJ Wilcox because that’s the pick they gained from San Fran.

  4. I knew that crap would happen. Phil Costa gets married in Vegas, Now he feels as if the Cowboys organization will show compassion and keep his sorry ass on the roster. So to accommodate him, They give Costa the Center position and the sorry Bastard that the Cowboys drafted in the 1st rd., might switch to Guard..The good ok’ boy system is still in effect…Ronald Leary should be starting at Guard with Livings as the other one. Bernadeau did pretty good as a fill in at Center but I like Ryan Cook better. And Tyron Smith at (Left OT) and Parnell at (Right OT) Free should be back up anywhere on the line..And everyone better keep an eye on Ray Dominguez…But the Dallas Cowboy organization has ALL the writers in their back pockets and those sissys will write whatever Jerry wants.

  5. Ryan cook, just isn’t large/strong enough to be a full-time C when you have other options. I used to be a full-fledged Phil Costa hater, but you cannot deny the performance against Bmore. When his back is good, Costa can take care of business.

    That being said, they pushed all their chips to the center of the table when they drafted Fred, whether he plays C or RG matters. All the talk around draft time was that, he’s this Academic All-American who will handle the line calls and be masterful at reading the defense pre-snap, but by doing that, I don’t see a spot for Costa, because he’s not a big mauling guy. Costa is really good at using a quick first step to get across his man’s face and seal, he’s not out there overpowering guys.

    The one saving grace is that Fred played OG in college as well and from some reports actually projects better at that position. However his slow footspeed may affect pulls and traps.

  6. Drafting Frederick in the first was a reach by any definition. And now if he can’t beat out the often criticised Costa at center, it’s looking more like a bust pick.

    Frederick is slower than a turtle and the Cowboys are moving to a zone run blocking scheme that could use a center with quicker feet like Costa. But Costa gets bull rushed while pass blocking, like he has wheels on his cleats.

    Jerry has made an even bigger mess out of the already suspect O line.

  7. If Dallas can avoid the injury bug, they will be much better.

    I like Frederick at Center, Leary and Livings at G and Smith and Free at the tackles. I expect Free to play much better this year.

    Selecting only one player for the O-line was the right thing to do in any draft. But next year expect another selection based on how good, or bad, the line performs.

    I am interested in the new big D-lineman Dallas has. Any info on him?

  8. What I can’t understand is why the average fan can say oh this guy should start or this guy can start..Nate livings was almost dead to last worst lineman on the cowboys let alone the NFL, Mackenzy got better thru out the season and can also play center. I never like Phil costa but if you look back to when dallas had a good line the center was always the smallest and seeing Costa gettting bigger and be smarter this year, he can be a good player and they had there guards bigger ( and taller for that matter ) also seeing Costa gettting bigger and be smarter this year, he can be a good player if I was looking at this, War need a line to gel and we need replacements to come in play good, here’s my starting lineup -(left to right) LT- Tryon Smith (backup Jeremy Parnell) LG-Ronald Leary (backup Nate Livings) CENTER-Phil Costa (backup Ryan Cook) RG-Travis Frederick (backup Nate Livings) RT-Doug Free (backup Jeremy Parnell)

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