Victor Cruz got “tired of the back and forth” before signing deal

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The Giants and wide receiver Victor Cruz did a lot of talking before they reached agreement on the five-year extension that Cruz signed on Monday, but it wasn’t a new offer that persuaded Cruz to put his name on the dotted line.

Speaking on a conference call Monday afternoon, Cruz said, via Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, that it would have been “difficult” for him to play out the entire 2013 season under the restricted free agent tender offered by the Giants because of the amount of questions he would have faced about his future. He also said he “got tired of the back and forth” and decided to sign the deal that the Giants had on the table to ensure he remained with the team for the long haul.

Cruz also said that he didn’t receive any offers from other teams before the spring deadline for restricted free agents to shop their wares to other teams, which means there was never much doubt about where he’d be in 2013. The same can’t be said of Hakeem Nicks, who is set to become a free agent after the season although Cruz said he was planning to start lobbying his fellow wideout to stick around for a few more years.

There should be room for a Nicks deal alongside the one that Cruz signed on Monday, but it likely won’t be an easy negotiation. That’s another story for another offseason, though. Today’s about Cruz and the deal that will keep the New Jersey native right at home for years to come.

29 responses to “Victor Cruz got “tired of the back and forth” before signing deal

  1. He is a class act… the giants will be Cruzzzzing into the playoffs… (it maybe a first round loss, but hey – way better than the Eagles will do)

  2. As a Huge Giants fan, I can say that I got tired of his greed, and selfish acts, yes I’m glad he’s signed, but he has distanced himself from his former fans, I can’t root for him as I once did.

    And I will also admit he made out like a bandit, way over paid for a slot receiver, on a team where Eli makes the unlikeliest of below avg receivers look like #1’s in the slot, I hope his greed did not ruin our ability to get a deal done with Nicks, the Giants true #1!

  3. That´s how it´s supposed to be done. Giants did exactly the right thing. A first class organisation!!!

    Go G-men!!!!

  4. The Cruze contract really show how much the Vikings overpayed for a close to 30 often injured receiver in Jennings while Cruze is certainly the younger, healthier, ascending player. Desperate teams do dumb things.

    I say good job Giants he blinked first.

  5. Once Nicks signs his extension before opening day, we’ll have the best WR duo locked up for the majority of Eli’s golden years. To me, that equates to at least one more shiny football.

  6. Giants overpaid. He’s not worth it. He gets tired out from doing contract negotiations. Better they spend the money on the O Line to give Eli more time to throw.

  7. Wow! Cruz got Antonio Brown money despite outperforming him in every way possible.

  8. Good deal for giants. C’mon now don’t count the eagles out just yet. Let the season begin first before counting them out. Last time I checked this division is always a grind.

  9. Way to go Victor!! you deserve every penny you get for being a stand up guy last year, and out performing your naysayers expectations of being a one year wonder.

    couldn’t have happened to a nicer kid!!!

  10. Really surprised at all the negativity towards Cruz from Giants fans. The guy has been a consistent producer and has a knack for making the big play when needed. He’s also been a hard worker ans great locker room presence. He’s used the off-season to negotiate himself a fair- market deal without trying to air any dirty laundry in the press, and won’t miss any training camp. I think maybe the 24 hour news cycle overloads some people with too much info. I for one am very happy Cruz will be with the Giants long term and I’m still a big fan, the kid is still doing it the right way.

  11. The Eagles will lose more than they win this year….maybe MUCH more, but they won’t be boring. I expect a lot of losses in shootouts. Should be fun for those who like 45-37 games. The defense will be their demise.

  12. This kid would be like the #4 receiver in Dallas. His little salsa dancing is what made him popular.

  13. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Jul 8, 2013 6:59 PM

    The one year wonder better take what he can get.

    abninf says: Jul 8, 2013 8:35 PM

    This kid would be like the #4 receiver in Dallas. His little salsa dancing is what made him popular.
    dallascowboydishingthefake, Cruz has 19 tds, 2628 rec yards in 2 seasons, do some research.

    adninf, 4th wr, another dumb comment.

  14. abninf says:
    Jul 8, 2013 8:35 PM
    This kid would be like the #4 receiver in Dallas.

    Only because Jerry Jones is your tallent evaluator.

  15. How did he, or Julio Jone for that matter, make the Pro Bowl over Dez? I know it’s an exhibition but seriously. Dez is the new BEAST of the NFC. Congrats to Cruz though.

  16. Anybody that’s complaining about “greed” and that the Giants “overpaid” (I’m looking at you elisnopunkbitch), hasn’t looked at the contract details. The Giants made out like bandits on it. It’s a front-end, two year deal. It’ll help relieve some of the cap space this year, about 300K if I remember correctly and it alleviates cap space in years to come.

    Great deal for the Giants, especially on structure. Great deal for Cruz, who is one of the few, that way over performed and deserved a raise.

    Oh and abninf? Your butthurt is making you stupid. What did Dallas WRs do in the Super Bowl in the last three years? Nothing. What have the done in the playoffs? More nothing. Cruz put the team on his back in several big games over the past three years.

  17. @ nyfan63

    The negativity isn’t from real fans!! A bunch of chumps that jumped on the bandwagon from our last ring! More to come!

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