Broncos pro personnel director Tom Heckert charged with DUI


For the second time in as many days, news has broken that a member of the Broncos’ front office was arrested for drunk driving.

This time it’s Tom Heckert, the Broncos’ director of pro personnel. According to the Associated Press, Heckert was arrested on June 11 and charged with driving under the influence and careless driving. That news comes a day after the news that Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell was arrested for a DUI over the weekend.

It is unclear why Heckert’s arrest is just coming to light now, four weeks later, and it is also unclear whether the Broncos knew about it before it came to light today.

The Broncos hired Heckert on May 7. Heckert was fired by the Browns in December at the end of his third season as Cleveland’s general manager.

Russell and Heckert could both be fined and suspended by the NFL. If their suspensions were to coincide during training camp, that would put a serious dent in the Broncos’ front office at a busy time for NFL personnel departments.

49 responses to “Broncos pro personnel director Tom Heckert charged with DUI

  1. What a man does away from work is his own business. The legal system will either find him innocent or find him guilty and punish him.

    Why should he have to worry about punishment from his job when he was off the clock

  2. Those Broncos guys are drinking too much because they’re still depressed about that Ravens game.

  3. “nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jul 9, 2013 7:06 PM
    Rocking a white t-shirt while drunk? Very white trash.”

    For copyright reasons they couldn’t photograph his 3XL Broncos Tebow jersey.

  4. I wonder why Matt Russell didn’t tell Heckert about how the thin air affects the speed of alcohol to the brain…oh, wait.

  5. The same thing happened to the Enterprise crew on Star Trek when they got caught in a temporal time loop and repeatedly had to experience a sequence of the same events leading to their crash and destruction. It’s annoying to have to go through that once, let alone more than once. They chose to figure out a way to get out of the loop.

    The Denver front office seems to continuously tighten the noose around their own neck. Cut it out and get some serious football men that are committed to their craft. A craft of winning football games, not boozing it up.

    What kind of example do you want to set for all the players that you keep telling about what they should do to set an example for others?

  6. so what….he had a few drinks and rammed a cop car.

    Honestly, how many of us would have loved to do that at one point in time?????? Drunk or Sober

  7. If only there were some mechanism in place for these guys not to have to drive after drinking. Like a vehicle that would come when you called, and take you home.

  8. Oh, they knew about it. To even insinuate that they didn’t is naivety at best. They just didn’t want it to get out . Something is going on up there in Denver and I don’t mean the greatest play of my life…(mile high miracle)….. sweet .

  9. Apparently he asked for directions, they said take your next right!

    He thought they said, “Coors Light”!

  10. They should make him a “pall bearer” for the poor Clevland fan who just passed.

  11. Waiting for Bill Polian and other nfl teams to come out with “We took Tom Heckert off our personnel director board because we knew better” statements.

  12. In Colorado Russell would be facing a significant amount of time in jail for having a person involved in the accident go to the hospital. I have a friend who spent 20 and it was his first and no one was hurt. I think he could face up to 90 if he didn’t work for the Broncos.

  13. umm guess what no one cares that coaches for denver were arrested for dui. who freakin cares honestly it happens every single day to hundreds of people but because he works for the broncos its news? nope, if you’ve drank 2 beers and drove home youre just as guilty. plain and simple. at least he wasnt out doing drive by shootings like some people…

  14. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Broncos.

    Dean Wormer

  15. I’m not a Broncos fan, but the way this country overreacts about DUI is ridiculous. Put the limit back up to 1.0 then we’ll talk about it.

  16. At least he didn’t crash into a police cruiser like the other front office drunk.

  17. Based on that mug shot, it looks like his mom was drinking while she was pregnant with him too.

  18. hi….my name is ________________ and I work in the broncos front office.

    Manning has just started working on his 12 step drop…………..

    oh ….I was supposed to drive ….TO…. mile high

    i’ll be here all week don’t forgrt to tip your waitress

  19. A bunch of sharks in this tank! I thought Tom did a decent job in Cleveland, sorry to hear of this situation. Glad no one was hurt, hope he gets help and his family supports him through this stuff.

  20. There is no excuse for anyone with that type of money to not call a cab or tow truck to come pick them and their car up. The single mom/dad that hits the corner bar for a few suds, I can almost understand a simple mistake being made, but for stars, actors, people with money in general it is beyond stupid.

  21. So what exactly is the difference between ” Director of Player Personnel” and ” Director of Pro Personnel”?

  22. Wait, the broncos wanted the browns gm?

    I’m not broncos fan, but as a football fan, why would anyone want to hire the browns gm for anything but grounds keeping?

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