Browns send customized jersey to deceased fan

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Browns fan Scott Entsminger one-upped the “Factory of Sadness” guy with a posthumous rip on their favorite team.  But the man who asked in his obituary for six Browns players to serve as pallbearers so that the team “could let him down one more time” will receive a final gift from the franchise.

Browns spokesman Zak Gilbert tells PFT that the team contacted Scott Entsminger’s wife as soon as they learned he’d passed.  She explained that Scott’s favorite player was Lou Groza.  At Tuesday’s memorial service for Scott Entsminger, a Browns representative will deliver to Entsminger’s wife a personalized jersey bearing Groza’s number, 76.

It’s a great gesture by an organization that, under new ownership, is trying to turn things around.

Their fans deserve it.  Through years of futility and frustration, Browns fans remain stubbornly loyal.  Now, they’re coached by a Browns fan who watched games as a youth from outside his house to simulate being in the elements, and who has admitted to consuming a Milk Bone or two.

So better things could be coming for the Browns.  Hopefully, Entsminger will be able to enjoy it from that great Dawg Pound in the sky.

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  1. Hilarious. I can never say anything bad about Browns fans. “Stubbornly loyal” is the perfect way of putting it. Hope they do build a semi decent team. The only team I hope stays bad is the Jets. F the jets

  2. Still should have some of the players or front office come out and grant him his wish.

  3. A great gesture from an organization doing its best to turn things around. There may be hope for us, yet. Great follow-up story, PFT. A good many of us were wondering if the team sent pallbearers, but doing so may have set a presedent that would have been difficult to keep up with all of the Browns fans and likely copycats. The jersey from the team, and the fact that the team contacted his wife after learning he’d passed is a great sign of an organization showing their fans they care.

    Somehow I don’t see something like this happening under the watch of team Holmgren or the irrelevant billionaire Randy Lerner.

  4. Little late for Fan Appreciation Day, isn’t it? Perhaps when the deceased was, you know, alive such a gestured might’ve been more meaningful.

  5. vikingsrulez69 says:
    Jul 9, 2013 9:31 AM
    I’d be more impressed if 6 players showed up to be pallbearers. Although, the jersey was a nice gesture.

    That would have been great. But as with all NFL teams, very few, if any, players are in their “team towns”, since it’s still vacation time league-wide.

  6. “… so that the team “could let him down one more time.”

    Sad, yet hilarious.

  7. I watched a lot of Redskins games when Earnest Byner was on the team and came to greatly admire his toughness and consistency. That said, I think he, more than any current or past Browns player, could make a major statement by showing up at this true fan’s funeral and serving as a pallbearer. After all, it’s likely that no mistake was more traumatic for this Browns fan than Byner’s legendary fumble.

  8. “After all, it’s likely that no mistake was more traumatic for this Browns fan than Byner’s legendary fumble.”

    Actually as a die hard Browns fan who went through both the drive and Ernest’s fumble, I am annoyed that many blame Ernest for the loss. If it was not for his part, the Brown’s would not have made a come back to get to the point of potential victory. Team loss, not individual player loss…IMHO of course.

  9. I don’t understand the Byner hate. He’s beloved in Cleveland. No one but idiots or people who’ve never seen the game blame him for the loss. He’s largely the reason they were even in the game (that and Bernie playing a second half for the ages). If anyone wants to point fingers, Webstar Slaughter is the one who didn’t sell his route. His man, Jeramiah Castille, abandoned coverage and went and stripped Byner after Slaughter stopped to watch the play instead of leading Castille to the corner of the end zone (as far away from Byner as possible).

  10. bruiseddeath & seanpbeck

    I agree with you both. Byner played out of his mind in that game, and seanpbeck you are right. If Slaughter would have either sold the route or…I don’t know blocked his man, then we could have been in the Super Bowl. Of course then we likely would not have seen Doug Williams’ heroics, but as a Browns fan that would have been a healthy sacrifice.

    Byner had 7 catches for 120 yards in that game. We owe him for keeping us in the game, not to tear him down for his mistake…especially when the person who made the play on the fumble was only there because another player failed to do his job.

  11. pacopicopiedra says: Jul 9, 2013 11:09 AM

    To “simulate” being in the elements? I don’t think it’s a simulation if you actually go outside.


    You can say that. OTOH, the Browns have been ‘simulating’ an NFL Franchise for a couple of decades now.

  12. i guess this is the way to not look like a holes for not actually making this guys wish come true (browns players putting him in the ground) good backup though. its a great gesture still.

  13. No one should blame Byner for that loss, but his fumble is what people remember about that game.

    Either way, probably for the best that he not be a pall bearer for this fan.

  14. Full disclosure: I am a Steelers fan.

    Classy act by the team, but it would have been wonderful for the Browns to send a bunch of rookies and undrafted players there, because those guys had never let him down.

    Truth being told, anyone that does not admire the Browns fans has no appreciation of the game of football. This fan base saw their team leave and win 2 Super Bowls, while they were stuck becoming an expansion team.

    The fans have been through horrible owners, horrible coaching staffs, horrible draft picks and horrible decisions over and over and over again.

    Yet, they still sell out every game and pack the stadium.

    As much as I hate the Browns, hats off to the amazing fan base!

  15. That organization doesn’t deserve that fan base. That fan base doesn’t deserve that organization.

    If all’s fair, the team should actually be decent this year. 9-7 and a wildcard would do that city some serious good.

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