Browns to add weiner dog races this season


For years, the Browns have celebrated the Dawg Pound persona.

This year, they will officially go to the dogs.

As part of efforts to help modernize and personalize the fan experience, the Browns are rolling out a number of new initiatives, including bringing actual canines onto the field.

According to Will Burge of, there will be actual weiner dog races at Browns games this year.

The idea is apparently the brainchild of Kevin Griffin, the team’s new vice president of fan experience and marketing (and the nephew of Ohio State legend Archie Griffin). Griffin worked with the Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders, and apparently the dachsund dashes were a hit there.

That’s just one of the events they have in store, as they hope to modernize player introductions, and have other events to engage fans.

But weiner dogs, gang. If they can find a way to get Barkevious Mingo involved in this promotion, somebody needs to get a raise.

50 responses to “Browns to add weiner dog races this season

  1. I wish I still had my weiner dog. Her father was a miniature dachshund, her mother was a full-sized doberman, and she looked like a weiner dog on steroids. She ran with the horses, somewhat diagonal but very fast.

  2. How about modernizing the experience by getting some wins. That’ll be the biggest boost to the fan who still attend.

  3. THIS is exactly what I needed to start going to games again. smart move NFL. Weiner Dog Races make me want to leave the warmth of my home and the HD of my TV.

  4. Michael ConVick is now looking to get traded to the Browns so he can electrocute the losing dog, after he slams it against the frozen ground.

  5. If only the Rooneys had thought of holding weiner dog races at football games, perhaps the Steelers would have a chance to be as good as the mighty Browns. Ha ha ha…

  6. Nothing will perk things up at the Factory of Sadness quite like the Weiner Dog Winternationals, brought to you by Miller Light.

  7. Nothing quite says “fan engagement” and “modernization of player introductions” quite like a good old wiener dog race…

    The Mistake by the Lake is alive and continues to roll onward and downward…


  8. What the heck is a ‘weiner’ dog? A dog that whines?

    Now it would be interesting if they held wiener dog races. That would be funny. Who wants to see a bunch of whiners? Might as well go see a Steeler game for that.

  9. So will fans be trying to kick weiner dog field goals?
    If so, I’ll definitely buy club seats if I can kick a few times.

  10. “raiderapologist says: Jul 9, 2013 12:29 PM
    I entered my weiner dog in a weiner dog race. She sprinted ahead, then turned around and attacked the other weiner dogs. Nobody won.”

    Why are we not surprised that this dog is owned by a Raiders fan?

  11. Actually…punting the weiner dogs works better.
    They don’t stay on the tee for field goals

  12. Browns to add weiner dog races this season

    Unfortunately the weiner dogs will be featured heavily on the Browns 2013 highlight videos too.

    Mostly because they will probably score more touchdowns than Cleveland’s offense.

  13. Does anyone care what the Browns do? Why don’t they put this much effort into winning a few games? Have they even been to a SB yet, except as a guest?

  14. *yawn* Really? How about becoming a relevant team again? Win games, make the playoffs etc. and the people will come. This circus sideshow crap is ridiculous

  15. Bark-evious Mingo.

    Get it?

    weiner dog races? Man, that is so the reason why it would rather get out of my bark-o-lounger and watch the games at the stadium. Not.

    The main reason fans watch games at home vs in the stadium is the teams have priced us out. Between tickets in decent seats (where you can see players that don’t look like ants), parking, and food/drinks you are looking at $400-500 for one afternoon. It’s too much. If you want us out of our seats you are going to have to come much better than weiner dogs.

  16. What’s the over-under on home wins for the highest-favored weiner dog?

    I bet it’s higher than the actual football team.

  17. Maybe they’ll send six wiener dogs to that guy’s funeral to be his pallbearers… yeah that’d definitely be another let down.

  18. Win games, make the playoffs etc. and the people will come.


    Like 80% of the problem is WE ALWAYS COME.

    Everybody parlayed their love & devotion of the stolen team into this crap replacement franchise. And even worse gave the 3 owners tons of money.

    I follow & support em but won’t give em dime one til they produce 2 winning seasons in a row….

  19. Like 80% of the problem is WE ALWAYS COME.


    I agree with that statement. Still though, I believe if they want to figure out a way to make more money, winning football games and making the playoffs is the best way to do it. You said it yourself, you ain’t spending a dime til they win consistently. Fans come to games, spend money on team merchandise etc. to see the team win, not watch puppies race, clowns do cartwheels or people drive motorcycles through flaming hoops. That’s circus crap.

  20. It is all part of the game day experience. So, because the team has posted several losing seasons in a row, they shouldn’t pay any attention to anything else until they have a winning season? You can’t be serious.

    Why did they clean these restrooms? That’s effort they should make cleaning up the roster and winning games! Yeah right. Because the janitor does that, and he ought to be on the field calling plays.

    Now, if Coach Chud were organizing these dog races, that would be different. I don’t see that here. It’s the “new vice president of fan experience and marketing” – who I imagine does not have input in the roster, coaching, playbook, or any of those matters that directly lead to winning or losing football games, nor should he.

  21. You know what the fans are NOT calling for? Weiner dog races, wifi, voyeuristic locker room cameras, NFL redzone during games, etc.

    You know what the fans are ACTUALLY calling for? Lower prices for tickets, concessions, and parking.

    Maybe the NFL should listen to their customers for once.

  22. Better idea: allow wagering on the dog races. All winners get Flying J discount fuel cards.

  23. Is this part of the “wheels will keep turning if/when Haslam is incarcerated” plan? What a bizarre franchise. Owner is getting ready for the trial of his life, Browns pall bearers letting a deceased fan down one more time now wiener dog matches.

    Modell is laughing posthumously

  24. If the browns know what’s best for , they better make sure all the weiner dogs are male and over the age of 25 (in dog years) when Big Ben comes to town. That guy will mount anything young and female.

  25. I think the comment about fans not wanting wifi is naive. I’ve been to many Browns games where I wished I could be watching NFL Ticket on my phone instead.

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