Buccaneers will break out the throwbacks for one game this year


When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were formed in 1976, they unveiled a garish uniform with two shades of orange and the “Bucco Bruce” logo on the helmet. Those uniforms were put on the shelf in 1998, and most people thought the new Pewter uniforms were an improvement.

But as time has passed and throwback jerseys have become more popular, a lot of people have come to like the old “Creamsicle” style. So when the Buccaneers announced today that individual game tickets will go on sale July 17, they made a special point of highlighting the Throwback Game.

Yes, on September 29 against the Cardinals, the Bucs will wear the old-school uniforms that they wore as an expansion team that lost its first 26 games — and also that they wore as quarterback Doug Williams and Hall of Fame defensive end Lee Roy Selmon were leading them to an NFC Championship Game.

Some people love the throwbacks, and Erik Kuselias even wanted to put Bucco Bruce on the Bucs’ Mt. Rushmore. Others think they’re hideous. PFT Planet, tell us what you think.

44 responses to “Buccaneers will break out the throwbacks for one game this year

  1. There are far more hideous uniforms as throwbacks than good ole bucco bruce:

    The steelers jailbreak and packers imitation leather helmet ones come to mind…

  2. I think they have quite horrible looking uniforms and should do something drastically different. I’d rather see the Creamsicle than the current one, but my vote is for an entirely new design to something that is unlike any other uniform in the NFL. Although my advice is pretty much the same for almost every team since not many uniforms appeal to me. I think every team has old-fashioned and outdated stuff and should go through updating to something more revolutionary.

  3. Ummm, they’ve been doing this since like 2009. In fact in 2009 they were 0-7 when they busted those bad boys out, and of course they won.

  4. Throwback jerseys: “We had to find another way to extract a few hundred dollars from your wallet.”

  5. love the old uniforms. U have to consider where a team plays when dealing with the uni’s. the throwbacks just looks like a Florida uniform…..light colors and Florida orange. yes they lost a lot of games wearing those however the Doug Williams, Ricky bell, and selmon brothers teams were great.

  6. As a Packer fan who grew up in the days of the NFC Central, I do miss the creamsicle jerseys. First game I saw at Lambeau was against Tampa in ’93. A fan on the call-in show after the game was shocked about how many Bucs fans were in the crowd, but then was reminded it was the last day of hunting season in Green Bay.

    Plus they’re the only NFL jersey that’s returned an Aaron Rodgers interception for a touchdown. And I couldn’t even be mad about that loss because they’re just so darn cute.

  7. My recollection was that they rarely wore the orange jerseys, usually going all-white. Have I lost that many brain cells?

  8. Those uniforms remind of some terrible Buccaneers teams of the 80’s and early 90’s. So does the half empty stadium every home game.

  9. One has to wonder why they are doing it during the worst game on the home schedule.

  10. @shackdelrio:

    Those awesome tarps that the team hides behind up in Jacksonville remind everyone of what a 3rd place relevant franchise they have in the state of Florida alone. And then throw in all those SB rings the Jags own and….wait a minute…….

  11. The Creamsickles rule, but the Pewter aren’t bad either!! At least they aren’t Hunter green and white, you know who I’m talking about buttfumblers!

  12. The Cardinals, then St Louis, were the first team that the Bucs beat at home. Last game of 1977 season. I think the final was 14-7.

  13. I always liked the buc’s throwbacks. I wish Kansas City had something cooler than the old texans helmets…

    The worst throwbacks in the league is a close tie between the Eagles and the Broncos.

  14. .

    I would like to see the Tampa ” Creamsicles ” vs the San Diego ” Powder Blues”. It could be called The Pastel Bowl.


  15. My favorite team uniforms of all time: #1 Houston Oilers, #2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers throwbacks, #3 San Diego Chargers (Dan Fouts era). Uniforms, not teams….except the Houston Oilers – Love Ya Blue! If the Texans were able to revert to become the Oilers I would become a fan of them, but since ’78 I have been an Oilers/Titans fan ever since….
    Earl Campbell #34 the Tyler Rose !
    Signed —-Titans Fan Dan

  16. And really the Bucs did away with Bucco Bruce after the 1996 season before the 1997 draft. Bucs drafted Warrick Dunn and made the playoffs in 97, also last year at the old Sombrero.. all while wearing pewter and red

  17. @thestrategyexpert says: Jul 9, 2013 12:46 PM

    I think you need to start following ice skating. That sounds like a better fit.

  18. The Pittsburg jailbird uniforms with the mugshoot/rodeo numbers are probably the worst, the Broncos striped socks/leggings and the Eagles blue and yellow tie for second. I like the old Dolphins, Rams and Chargers uniforms better than the current ones.

  19. I dig the hell outta those creamsicle throwbacks. Like Pittsburgh’s and the Jets throwbacks too. Not too crazy bout the Chargers’ powder blues or the Patriots throwbacks

  20. “pb420 says:
    Jul 9, 2013 1:49 PM

    Those awesome tarps that the team hides behind up in Jacksonville remind everyone of what a 3rd place relevant franchise they have in the state of Florida alone. And then throw in all those SB rings the Jags own and….wait a minute…….”

    Which team in Florida has the highest attendance? The Jaguars had 9,800 more fans per game than Tampa. That’s over 78,000 for the entire season.

  21. Where is the choice that all throwback jerseys do not make a game more interesting, and to me personally … I abhor them. While we are at it, do away with pink uniform items for the breast cancer awareness month. I appreciate the meaning, but wearing pink is the best they can do? This is the NFL, I think they could do a lot better without pink. There could be a special color designated for every tragic disease. I say they put it all over the stadiums, and make sure the broadcasters bring awareness to the special settings around the stadium, and sidelines.

    Why pay to uniform an entire football team for one game? Use the savings to lower the cost of a hot dog, parking, a brewski, or donate the entire cost of the uniforms to a worthy cause.

    Throwback uniforms are just plain gimmicky.

    Anyway, a lot could be done better than goofing up the uniforms … for a game, or a month. It is the NFL, not a carnival circus clown car.


    Am I the only one that hates the throwback jersey game?

  22. Most teams that have changed uniforms in the last 20y have been for the worst. I emjoy the Florida Orange Bucs, and Royal & Yellow Rams the most though.

  23. @shackdelrio:

    Nice try but not even close. Honestly that’s a horrible try. Jacksonville had an attendance of 64,984 patrons during the 2012 season. Tampa Bay had 55,102. Congratulations, you beat us by 9,882 patrons. That’s for the ENTIRE season. You then took that number and multiplied it by 8 home games which is fuzzy math at its finest. Just google 2012 NFL attendance to get factual info.

    Bottom line is that it reeks of sour grapes when a Jags fan comes on a Bucs thread to knock the home attendance when your franchise tarps half the stadium to skirt by the NFL blackout rule. The league even let up and said you wouldn’t have to use them in 2012.

  24. Here’s some more fuzzy math fun! The next time the Bucs play the Jags the game will hopefully be in Tampa Bay. Otherwise, it won’t be in the state of Fl. Let’s see, if the Bucs can average 62,000 fans in attendance that season, than 62,000 x 8 = 496,000!! That means that Raymond James Stadium will best EverBank Field by almost 500,000 in that first season alone. Yipppeeeee!!!!!

  25. It was 1997 when the Bucs switched to red & pewter, not ’98. They went 10-6 and made the playoffs that season in Dungy’s second year.

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