Dolphins join list of teams claiming Hernandez was off their board


The New England Patriots were probably not the only team that liked Aaron Hernandez heading into the 2010 NFL draft. But it’s starting to seem that way.

As the appalling stories about Hernandez’s personal life continue, more and more teams are saying that they never would have taken Hernandez, who was involved in some trouble as a college student-athlete at Florida and is now facing a murder charge. Previously, Bengals owner Mike Brown and former Colts General Manager Bill Polian have said they took Hernandez off their board, and now a Dolphins source has told the Sun-Sentinel that they took him off their draft board, too.

The Sun-Sentinel story suggests that the Dolphins had concerns about three incidents during Hernandez’s time with the Florida Gators: Hernandez was questioned after two men were shot, he punched a bar employee and he tested positive for marijuana. That was enough to get him off the Dolphins’ draft board.

Of course, it’s easy for NFL executives to come forward now and say they wouldn’t have drafted Hernandez. A month ago, before all the revelations about Hernandez’s off-field activities began to surface, I don’t remember any NFL executives saying they wouldn’t have drafted Hernandez. That’s why the NFL’s security chief, who knows how teams investigate players’ backgrounds prior to the draft, is calling criticism of the Patriots 20/20 hindsight.

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  1. If Gronk, a Buffalo area native wasn’t picked by Buffalo because of off field concerns, then can I volunteer Buffalo removing Aaron from their board?

  2. Sure they did………and Santa is now busy building toys……at the North Pole!!

  3. If all these teams had the info, how did the Patriots not? Or did they just cross their fingers and look the other way?

  4. Kaepernick will become the gold standard this season. He already beat Brees (in NO), Brady (in NE), Rodgers (first playoff game), and Ryan last season. Everyone tries to bring down the guy on top.

    Plus he was on everyone’s draft board and everyone wanted him after his first season. So many braves teams coming out as brave and heroic with there 20/20 hindsight.

  5. This entire BS story from Kraft about the Patriots being “duped” is complete BS. You knew the kid was a problem, you took a gamble on him, and you got burned…

    We have stories from teammates that said he was not a good guy, we have stories from college…..

    Please stop believing the Patriots, they are full blown LIARS, and have proven such over the last decade.

  6. Wonder if he was taken off their board because Ireland asked him a priceless question.

  7. So what is the point of this exactly? Are all of these teams trying to claim they have better morals than the Patriots or something? I don’t get why they feel this information is relevant.

  8. Just so we’re clear… this is the same “Dolphins” who signed Lawrence Phillips at one point, right?

  9. That’s pretty funny, considering the Dolphins had no problem handing Brandon Marshall a $47.5M contract after he’d been arrested for a DUI and multiple domestic charges for beating his girlfriend.

    Oh, but I’m sure the special snowflake Dolphins have much higher standards than the big mean Patriots.

  10. Of course Miami too Hernandez off their board….. Because he could contribute to making the team better!!!! Miami will still be irrelevant, especially with Eyore coaching.

  11. Ahhh, yeah! He was off my draft board too.


    You wanna impress me, then tell me at the 2010 draft that he was off your board. Not 3 years later AFTER he commits a crime and then say, “See! He was off our board! We’re awesome! We knew it all along!”

    C’mon, man!

  12. If by chance AH is acquitted those same teams that said he wasn’t on their draft board will be bidding for his services.

  13. Sour grapes from teams..that were getting their butts kicked by the duo of Hernandez and Gronk…but thats ok..this stuff happens…when the dolphins lose twice to the PATS again this year..what will the excuse be?

  14. This is stupid (Cincy and Miami boasting about them making the right call on Hernandez)… Even if it is true, it just comes off as kind of sad.

    Here’s a cookie Mike Brown. You also selected Chris Perry over Steven Jackson, so shut up.

  15. So for the record, Cecil Collins is good enough for Miami; Hernandez…not so much. Got it.

    I wouldn’t be so smug Miami. Jimmy Johnson was once your Head Coach as one writer famously stated,; if Jeffrey Dahmer could run a 4.3 forty, J.J. would’ve declared he had a “mild” eating disorder and had him on the practice field that afternoon.

  16. I’d also be willing to bet that these teams were kicking themselves for not taking a chance on Hernandez until a few weeks ago. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  17. Its good to see all these teams like the Dolphins that have experienced so much success on the field claiming how smart they were not to draft Hernandez.

    Based on Hernandez’s stats the past three season’s,one has to wonder if his presence on a roster could not have resulted in more wins for that team.

    Before June 18,2013 most teams would have given up at least a 1st round pick to get Hernandez on their roster.

    Still waiting to hear from Nostradamus who predicted that Hernandez would become a killer?

  18. Is there something I’m missing about the Patriots? Did they rescue children from a burning building or something? Did this organization not cheat to win 3 superbowls? I guess what I’m saying is, why does it seem like the media is so blatantly trying to cover up the burn that the patriots inevitably feels, after knowingly putting faith in a player no other organization was willing to do. You can call it hindsight all you want but the facts are the facts. They, not others, chose this guy. They, not others, felt arrogant enough to disregard the red flags (not1not2not3…etc..) and give him 40million bucks prior to him even finishing his initial contract. If another organization did this , they would get killed(no pun intended). But since Kraft is Goodell’s boy, and the media darling, they get a pass and its absolutely disgusting imo.

  19. Too bad winning is off the board for the Dolphins as well. The Patriots have swept them for three straight years and they’ll make it four in 2013.

    This hindsight 20/20 stuff is weaksauce at its finest. Where were all these teams before Hernandez got arrested? Can we actually see any proof that Hernandez was removed from their draft board?

    The slowest time of the NFL year is surely upon us. Thankfully September is right around the corner and the Dolphins can stop talking and see if they have what it takes to hang with the Patriots. I sincerely doubt they do.

  20. Who cares if he was or wasn’t. He’s sitting in jail now on no ones draft board. Calm down everyone, and worry about people who are relevent. Mr Hernandez certainly is not, he’s sitting there with murder charges hanging over him. He may sit there for a while too. What a “great” guy he is.

  21. I guess they weren’t “duped” either.

    The Mr.Magoo act being portrayed by Bob Kraft is comical but then again we’ve all seen Bob’s acting skills in that video with his young floozy.

  22. Hernandez had a hell of alot more problems than those three examples while at Florida. And even those who did not scout for the NFL new about them. Especially the times he got himself in trouble while visiting Miami.

    This isn’t rocket science people.

  23. I had him on my board for fantasy last year, but I have completely revamped my player selection process so nothing like this should ever happen again.

  24. Mike Brown took Gresham with the 21st overall pick in the draft, first TE taken.
    Never was Hernandez rated higher than Gresham.
    Mike Brown is full of crap.

  25. The Cowboys accidentally disclosed their draft board that year and it didn’t appear to have Hernandez on it.

  26. Isn’t this the team who used a 4th round pick on Cecil Collins who has been in prison since his rookie year?

  27. Jonathon Amaya
    Chad Johnson
    Koa Misi
    Phillip Merling
    Tony McDaniel
    Will Allen
    Ronnie Brown
    Randy Starks
    Brandon Marshall

    The list just goes on and on……..

  28. I think these 20/20 hindsight, holier-than-thou statements seem to have more of a negative effect on public perception than these teams think.

  29. That he lasted until the 4th round tells me that every team had concerns over the kid. The Pats simply decided that the risk was worth it at that point.

    Some others teams had decided that the risk was never worth it and didn’t have him on the board at all. So what?

    NE took the risk and got a couple good years out of the kid and now he’s a major headache. I’d say at this point the risk wasn’t worth it to them. # months ago it was worth it to them.

    Sometimes timing is everything.

  30. Funny how since his arrest, every team in every league known to man claims Hernandez was “off their boards”…

  31. No, but tom brady was also off their draft board and chad henne was at the top….

  32. wte1 says: Jul 9, 2013 2:28 PM

    Says the team who gave Joey Porter a 12 million dollar signing bonus

    Hey troll…. Joey Porter played well for the Dolphins. Do you know what you talking about?

  33. Its very disingenious of the various teams who’ve come out and said they had Hernandez off their boards.

    For one thing all of them have had players arrested on their team various years. Not for murder but often for some pretty ugly spousal abuse or dui incidents.

    For another, Boston talk radio is kicking around the fact that somewhere between 5-9 teams had Hernandez off their boards. That means somewhere from 23-27 teams had him on their boards. Are we now going to criticize all 23-27 of those teams for having bad standards?

    The Pats were far from alone in considering Hernandez and anyone who is claiming that if the Pats hadn’t taken him that no one else would have is living in fantasy land. He was a 1st round talent and a tremendous player on the field. He would have gone somewhere in the draft to one of the teams, or undrafted but signed at the very least.

    Even the Ray Lewis incident can’t be legitimately compared to this one. Rae Carruth is really the only other NFL player in history that seems to have set out to assassinate someone. That’s it. There was no way to predict Hernandez would go off the deep end like this. None at all. One of only 2 players among the 10s of thousands who have played the game.

  34. Well, he was off 32 teams boards through 3 rounds and 14 teams passed in the fourth…I think the only time teams lie is when they talk but might want to take the under on this one…I mean, Hell, his talent was so obvious even the Cowboys couldn’t have missed it…looks like low single digits that would have spent a pick based on their passing to that point…and I am a Boys fan who is starting to relate to the Dear Departed Mr. Entsminger…

  35. whatnojets says: Jul 9, 2013 2:49 PM

    Jonathon Amaya- dud
    Chad Johnson- once good, now dud
    Koa Misi- promising
    Phillip Merling- cost the jets a playoff spot, so good
    Tony McDaniel- good
    Will Allen-good
    Ronnie Brown- Mr. Wildcat. Handed the Pats one of their worst embarrassments
    Randy Starks- Pro Bowl
    Brandon Marshall – Pro Bowl

    I find it funny that any jet fans can talk about their superiors. A failed franchise that hasn’t even broken .500% winning yet. Get back with us afterwards.

  36. I didn’t want to say anything but, I totally dropped him off my board as well.
    I absolutely saw this coming…

    See how easy that is?

  37. That fortuitous Dolphins front office and their diligent scouting work. It’s no wonder they spent their 4th round pick that year on the much more prosperous A.J. Edds.

  38. Dolphin fan here, and while I think it’s petty that all of these teams are supposedly leaking that they didn’t want him…. BUT There is one big difference when you compare the intel on Hernandez to some of the other bad guys the Dolphins drafted or signed…. HE WAS A PERSON OF INTEREST IN A MURDER CASE!!!!! Not saying that breaking into homes (Cecil Collins), Domestic Violence (Lawrence Phillips,Brandon Marshall), is cool, but it ain’t the same as being tied to a MURDER case. Not saying the Dolphins and every other team out there hasn’t drafted peeps with questionable characters, but I would think that that info would be enough for most teams to shy away. The Patriots knew, but they just felt the Risk/Reward was worth it and unfortunately it blew up on them.

  39. LMAO at those who are comparing past Dolphins picks and free agents. Joey Porter? Really? Cecil Collins? OMG, I can’t stop laughing at you idiots. So todays dolphins owner and staff are hypocrites because of what Jimmy Johnson and a different owner did more than 15 years ago?!?!?!?

    Still LMAO…..

  40. I loved this moronic post… “of course Miami too Hernandez off their board… because he could contribute”… contribute to WHAT exactly? This guy is obviously a NE fan and as a Fins fan, I have much respect for that organization. But the writing is on the wall, the trend is reversing and the teams are now headed in opposite directions than they once were, and to each other.

  41. If NFL Fans think only 2 teams took the dude off their board then why did he drop to the 4th round??? Steelers took Decastro who Atkins BEAT LIKE A DRUM in game 2..Cincy took Zeitler..Who graded top 10 at RG in his 1st season…..Pitt needs some humility and Cincy will give it to them in 13’…..I know this…Look at Cincy’s last 4 or 5 drafts and the grades…. Let me know what you find….

  42. So many teams and their BS hindsight… in other news.. 31 other teams had taken Michael Vick off their board…

  43. If they all took players of their board, we wouldn’t have Hernandez’s, Vick’s etc. etc. of the world. This country believes so much in second chance it’s getting ridiculous. I keep on saying there’s “nothing” wrong with the players, it’s the system. NFL and other sports get your act together! It’s you.

  44. hehateme2 says:Jul 9, 2013 3:10 PM

    I find it funny that any jet fans can talk about their superiors. A failed franchise that hasn’t even broken .500% winning yet. Get back with us afterwards.


    In 2012 the Jets without their two best players fell under .5oo, yet were it not for the Jets, the Dolphins would have blackouts for all 8 home games.
    Just got back to you, right?

  45. Of course they did. They are too classy to have a bum like that play for them. AH fits the patriots mold. Not saying anything about the murder, smashing video tapes, still acting innocent eventhough hes probably guilty

  46. “A month ago, before all the revelations about Hernandez’s off-field activities began to surface, I don’t remember any NFL executives saying they wouldn’t have drafted Hernandez.”…. of course not and why should they? He wasn’t a topic back then.

    Yes this is the same FRANCHISE that signed Lawrence Phillips but not the same management. I am no Jeff Ireland apologist but he has the team moving in the right direction. It takes time to build a champion and AFTER this season fans will have a better opinion of him. This team will compete for a playoff spot for the first time since 2008.

  47. See Brady, Tom – 6th round; Couch, Tim – First pick.

    NFL teams spend considerable time, energy, and money scouting, evaluating, and researching players and their backgrounds and they still get it wrong about half the time. Think they could save the money and just throw darts at a board. Bet they’d get about the same results.


    Keep stretching it, Dolphin fan. The guy was questioned by police along with Tim Tebow and a bunch of other Florida players. He wasn’t a suspect. He wasn’t even a person of interest.

    No one brought that up as a red flag 3 years ago. It was all about him smoking weed. But now it’s suddenly a convenient “I told ya so” story so your scrub organization can finally feel better than the Patriots about something.

  49. When who is on your board elicits a meh, does it really matter who is off your board?

    And, really, mediocre teams gloating? If/when Rex Ryan’s fired, he’ll no doubt find work in Miami or Cinncy.

  50. Just so we’re clear… this is the same “Dolphins” who signed Lawrence Phillips at one point, right?

    and cecil the diesel collins

  51. In just about any situation getting 1st round talent in the 4th round is a good business move. For 3 years the Pats got a very talented player at a 4th round salary. It’s not like the Pats totally disregarded the reports and took him in the 1st or 2nd round. Prior to last month it would’ve been tough to question the contract extension.

  52. all these loser GM’s that now claim Hernandez was off there list are completely classless.

  53. “That he lasted until the 4th round tells me that every team had concerns over the kid. The Pats simply decided that the risk was worth it at that point.”

    I wonder if the pats are having 2nd thoughts about drafting mallet now. He too fell from the 1st/2nd rounds, mostly because of severe character flaws

  54. “A month ago, before all the revelations about Hernandez’s off-field activities began to surface, I don’t remember any NFL executives saying they wouldn’t have drafted Hernandez.”

    Well were they being asked by umpteen idiot reporters about Hernandez a month ago Sherlock?

    And then to turn around and act like these folks just got up out of bed one morning, and decided they needed to announce the fact!?!?! God the hypocrisy.

    If one of my children ever decides to become a journalist, I’ll pray every day that they grow out of it – and pick a more respectable profession, like prostitution.

  55. “This country believes so much in second chance it’s getting ridiculous”

    When you lock up more people than anyone in the world by population, you have no choice but to ct like your handing out 2nd chances. You are nutz if you think felons think this is a big 2nd chance.

    If anything you are regulated to a life as a 3rd class citizen fighting the rest of your life just to break even. Jobs?Ha!

  56. This is Much Ado About Nothing.

    The guy was a huge, huge risk coming out. Everyone knew it, including the Pats.

    But the guy was also a First Round Talent. Where he got drafted makes perfect sense. A lot of teams probably did have him off their boards, but all it takes is one. And the Pats thought, fairly logically, that getting a 1st round talent in the 4th round was worth the risk.

    Where I call out the Pats (and their owner) is on the being “duped” nonsense.

    Cutting him immediately, to me, is a clear sign that they knew something. Maybe not the extent of what he was up to or the specifics, but they had to know he was a bad guy up to no good.

    Just think of Ray Lewis. I know it’s not the same thing, but the Ravens didn’t cut ties with him immediately. To me, it was because they trusted the person enough to know that what he was originally charged with–murder–wasn’t the whole story. Or at least, they gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    The Pats cutting Hernandez immediately tell me that they felt the opposite. They knew he was a bad, bad guy, so they knew to immediately assume the worst.

    All of which begs the question, why the heck would they have paid the guy like they did?

  57. Just so we’re clear… this is the same “Dolphins” who signed Lawrence Phillips at one point, right?

    No, that was a Dolphins team from more than ten years, 5 head coaches, three general mangers, two owners and two logos, ago, that signed Lawrence Phillips.

  58. It must have been a slow news day. I would have to think that the Dolphins did not reach out to this particular reporter to make sure it was known that Hernandez was off their board. The media has access to personnel on a regular basis. This may have simply come up in conversation and because of the slow news day this made it across the editors desk. The Dolphins don’t choose what is written about them in the media. It is really a non-issue and I think the amount of feedback is absolutely insane. I’m intrigued as to why some of you even decided to read this article. And then write a response. Your not Dolphins fans. You have no personal investment in the team at all. You are also living in the past. But I guess you may as well get used to it. Your gonna be there for a while.

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