Factory of Sadness churns out spot No. 31 in preseason power rankings

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For the same reason someone has to be No. 32 on the PFT preseason power rankings, someone has to be No. 31.

And while my own vote at No. 31 went to a different team, the collective vote of the six writers landed the Browns in the spot one rung above the Raiders.

Here’s the full writeup, with a look at the strengths, weaknesses, changes, position battles, and prospects.

Cast your vote below on the power rankings porridge barometer, and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Finally, let me elaborate on one important point.  This isn’t a prediction as to where the Browns will finish, but a projection as to where they currently are in relation to the entire league’s complement of teams.

28 responses to “Factory of Sadness churns out spot No. 31 in preseason power rankings

  1. I think of them as the Factory of Sadeness. Real smooth operators.

    If you get that lame joke, you probably have good taste in music.

  2. It seems a little silly to have this “where they are now versus where they will end up”. Who really cares where any team is now when compared to how they will end up?

  3. As someone said, how can they be ranked below the Jaguars? However, in the grand scheme of things this doesn’t even matter. The lower they are on the list the higher they cna rise if they end up doing better than they are projected. It isn’t where you start, but where you finish.

  4. Wow. Still, that’s pretty funny. Sade was popular when I was in high school (yes, I am old). Does she still produce music?

    Factory of Sadness belongs exclusively to the Browns org. Or is it exclusively belongs?

  5. ryanblonien says: Jul 9, 2013 3:00 PM

    Raiders. How do you not put the Raiders here. They are a mess!!!


    The Raiders are ranked #32.

  6. Does it matter if they’re ranked 27th or 24th instead of 31st in this meaningless poll?

    Keys to finally having a decent season and moving in the right direction:

    1. Haslam’s legal problems need to disappear.
    2. The key players must not miss games (due to health, adderall, cough syrup, booze, prostitutes, attempted murder or whatever).
    3. The coaching staff must stay for 2+ years to establish some stability.

    They have a young team, some developing talent and still have a lot of cap space.

    There are many winning formulas in the NFL – just pick one and stick with it.

  7. ugh. i know my jags are soon to come. Like they said this isnt based on the future but where the teams currently stand. We are coming up though no doubt.

  8. When Steeler fans are calling BS on the Browns being ranked this low you know times are changing.

  9. I would also rank Cleveland #1 for the best fans in the league! Also another positive for browns fans is they will have a better record than the Steelers this season and the next decade. Big Ben is past his prime , and has way too much junk in the trunk, and a swollen gourd for a head to lead his team into the playoffs.

  10. My team – not very good. You can make the case for them being 28 or 29, but that doesn’t matter. I’m optimistic, though – thinking .500 or a little better…still one of the youngest teams, so nowhere but up, right?

  11. Browns will shock some people this year, I could see a 9-7 season happening. People forget how great of an offensive coordinator Norv is, even though he’s a horrible head coach.

  12. Haslam doesn’t play football. He owns the team, and unless the players’ paychecks bounce I doubt they care one way or the other.

  13. Mike Florio,
    Would you care to make a wager then? If you rank them #31 the you most have the over @ 3 games. Lets make the wager.

  14. just shows anyone can have a football website with no knowledge of how the league changes year to year. browns 8-8 in 2013 for 3rd place in the division… if chud (with norv now) does the same thing he did with a browns qb in 07 i’ll change my prediction to 10-6 with a 2nd place finish

  15. @ BensStinkyFingers..KEEP DREAMIN! Even when the Steelers were anemic in the 80s the Browns could never win the AFC Central. And you never see a Browns fan nowhere but at a Cleveland home game so knock it off with the “best fans in the league” BS LMMFAOOO.. 10-6 YEAH RIGHT!

  16. Garbage team in a garbage town with garbage fans.

    Only losers live in Ohio. If you got smarts, look, toughness, $$ and Swag u leave for better places. Only failure live in Ohio an only faulures play there after there rookie deals.

    Lock it up. My Ravens, Yankees, Heat and SEC winning more rings yet again.

  17. BTW I’ll be at the Ravens/Browns game and like I did tha last 2 years I will have my Heat gear on as well as my Ravens gear on. Not one Leaveland fan has had the guts to step to my face an do somthing. Oh they yell after I pass but no one is a man enough in Ohio to step to me. Am I calling out tha whole state? Guess I am LOL

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