Gronkowski making progress after back surgery

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appears to be making strides toward returning from back surgery. But just how soon he’ll return to the field remains to be seen.

Gronkowski has resumed some light workouts, and Ed Werder of ESPN reported that people who have been working with Gronkowski describe him as being in good spirits, looking good and making significant progress.

That does not mean, however, that Gronkowski will progress well enough to play when the Patriots open the season on September 8. It’s simply too soon to say whether Gronkowski can play in Week One, and Gronkowski’s history has to be a concern: His previous back surgery, in September of 2009 when he was in college at Arizona, cost him his entire senior season.

But for a Patriots team that has lost four of last year’s top five receivers — Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez and Danny Woodhead — any sign of progress on the one receiving threat who’s still on the roster has to be viewed as good news.

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  1. Still can’t figure out why they haven’t given Lloyd another shot given the state of the receiving group.

  2. The woodhead trade and his less than $1m contract baffles me.
    The Lloyd cut was disappointing but maybe expected.
    The Herbandez situation was not their fault and unfortunate.
    But the WELKER trade was one of the worst moves by Kraft and the organization ever. After how you treated him last year, and then make Tom take the discount and stuff him. You had US fooled their Kraft.
    Good luck putting the team back on toms shoulders again..

  3. which means “he was able to walk to the bathroom without breaking his forearm or stepping on his catheter, so, yeah, we’d call that progress!”

  4. I think Gronk’s injury is being overexaggerated. I get he’s been hurt in the past and is a question mark but it seems like people are taking this to the point where his career is over or something. Before all the Hernandez crap, Gronk had a successful back surgery and was expected to be back for training camp or early in the season. Now it’s “oh there’s so many problems, when will Gronk be back.” Gronkowski is fine and will be back making plays before you know it, just watch.

  5. Way to go “BB”. You were too cheap to pay Welker, and now you have Gronk and Amendola, both of whom will miss games due to injury (you think Amendola won’t get hurt…please).

  6. –Vereen will far outplay Woodhead.
    –Lloyd would be nice to have back if only for his familiarity.
    –Amendola will be fine as long as he stays healthy. For those saying Amendola isn’t as good as Welker, I ask what was Welker before he joined the Pats? Amendola’s numbers blow away Welker’s pre-Patriots numbers.
    –Ballard will shine in the absence of Hernandez and Gronk. Hooman and Fells are OK too. Not great, but OK.
    –IF Gronk comes back, they will be fine at TE. From what I understand, The surgery in 2009 was more serious than the one he just had. Granted, any back surgery is serious.

  7. Some idiot’s who haven’t been paying attention to football news are going to draft Aaron Hernandez this season.

  8. Coming from a Ram’s fan-Amendola’s health is the only question when it comes to him. He’s not the fastest guy out there but he finds ways to get open and catches basically everything thrown his way. IF he stays healthy he might lead the league in catches this year IMO.

  9. Gronkowski’s back surgery in college was far more severe and completely unrelated to the one he had a few weeks ago. To compare the two is folly. His timetable has him scheduled for being ready for week two at the latest, although for some reason the media seems to be acting like missing the entire season is a realistic possibility.

    Gronk came back from his first (more serious) back surgery and dominated the NFL for close to three seasons. I’m certain that he’ll do the same when he returns.

    As for the Patriots “losing” Lloyd, Welker, and Woodhead to say such things is a bit misleading. The Patriots chose to move on from those three and either brought in their replacement (Amendola for Welker and Dobson and Boyce for Lloyd) or they had an in house option ready to take the departed player’s role (Vereen).

  10. Gronk is right on track to recover from this injury just in time for the next one.

  11. harrisonhits2 says:

    Still can’t figure out why they haven’t given Lloyd another shot given the state of the receiving group.


    On the other hand, I think it tells you everything you need to know. They’re fine with where they’re at. And Lloyd did, in fact, suck as badly as we thought.

  12. bcgreg says: For those saying Amendola isn’t as good as Welker, I ask what was Welker before he joined the Pats?

    Gee Skippy, it doesn’t matter what Wes Welker was before he got to the Patriots. All that matters is that the Patriots threw away a guaranteed 100+ receptions per season when they stupidly refused to re-sign him.

    BTW, it won’t matter how good Amendola is if he can’t play due to injury. He’s missed 22 games in 4 years due to injury. Wes only missed 3 games in 6 years with the Patriots.

  13. They let Woodhead go too? When did this happen? Who’s Brady supposed to throw to this season, do they have some up and coming young receivers?

  14. WRs are the biggest divas in the league. And Parcells is right “she” is getting better. League wide recievers have become about as tough as rose petals.

  15. Danny Amendola might be a good slot receiver – a role player. But if Amendola is the Patriots answer to a marquee go-to WR, its not worth even asking the question.

    This is going to be one challenging season for NE.

  16. Ok Gronk will be fine as will The Pats offense. They are stacked at RB and Aaron Dobson will be solid. Amendola is more skilled and younger than Welker. They will go with Five RB’s and there is still time to pick up another guy if the five they are carrying at WR can’t fill the open position. Have some faith in the management, they have been dominant for years. Not to mention the D will be a lot better this year. 12 and 4 boys. Lets go Patriots!

  17. Vereen will be a work horse. He is quick and strong and has had flashes on the outside. I like the early in the year injuries as it always gets the new talent out there simply becuaae there isn’t anyone else to go to. Then when Gronk comes back for the second half

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