Hernandez’s fiancée told police Lloyd was a drug dealer


Shayanna Jenkins didn’t talk much to police about the murder of Odin Lloyd, but what she said while she did was significant.

According to the Boston Globe, records released on Tuesday indicate that Jenkins, who is engaged to be married to Hernandez, began crying when she learned that Lloyd had been killed.  Lloyd, 27, had been dating Jenkins’ sister.

Jenkins also told police that Lloyd was a marijuana dealer whose phone constantly was ringing.  Per the Globe, Jenkins told police “she often overheard [Lloyd] speaking in a ‘lingo’ that she interpreted as code words for marijuana transactions.”

While Jenkins was talking to police, Hernandez called and explained that his “sports agent said she should not speak with police” without an attorney in the room.  Hernandez is represented by David Dunn of Athletes First.  Jenkins complied with the instruction.

Unless she plans to invoke the Fifth Amendment or marries Hernandez soon, Jenkins won’t be able to decline to speak if/when she’s called to testify before the grand jury investigation the case.

And it sounds like she has information that could shed more light on the situation.

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  1. Odin Lloyd was a drug dealer. Let that sink in, he was not the choir boy everyone made him out to be. There has been more to this from the start but the media jumped to convict Hernandez for this “senseless killing”.

  2. You never want to talk about the dead when they aren’t here to defend themselves. However it would make sense that he sold drugs and in turn when Hernandez had his issues with him, his thinking was that of trying to make it look like a bad drug deal, by leaving the rental car behind. Not realizing things like text messages and bubblicious would be his undoing.

  3. 1. If Lloyd dealt drugs, does that in any way justify his murder?
    2. Lloyd was not guilty of dealing drugs, until proven guilty in a court of law.

  4. He might have been but maybe it’s the other way around. I don’t really believe what she says anyway. A person was murdered and if he did it he needs to pay!

  5. I see by her picture that she’s employed the old ‘you can’t make me talk while I’m pinching my lips together with my fingers’ technique. Classic! Well-played, madame.

  6. I’d be willing to bet that if A-Hern’s finances are investigated thoroughly you’ll find that HE was also a drug dealer

  7. Winghan25,

    Who made him out to be a choir boy? I think most people know if you run with a turd like hernandez, youre not a “choir boy.” Doesnt mean he deserved to die.

    Especially when the possible motive was him not being trusted about knowing about Hernandez’s past double murder. IF TRUE (who knows?), it means Odin was going to do the right thing and help being closure to another murder investigation.

    I’d gladly forgive a weed dealer if they helped solve a double murder.

  8. It won’t take much of Hernandez’s money to quiet this ho down. Besides, a convenient marriage and divorce is much cheaper than the rest of your life in the slammer. Forgot……no divorce needed when threatened by AH.

  9. I don’t think she can just plead the fifth because she wants to… Unless she thinks she’ll somehow end up incriminating herself.

  10. The fact the guy sold pot means less then nothing. Big deal. The fact he was murdered and his bullet riddled body was found yards from Hernandez’s home is a big deal.

  11. tacowrecker says:
    Jul 9, 2013 4:09 PM
    She’s kinda fugly

    Any port in a storm…..Hernandez will soon find that out…..

  12. So AH was ridding the world of bad guys, look how everyone jumped to conclusions! Give this guy a medal please…..

  13. Oh no he sold weed…what a horrible person…definitely deserves to be murdered… AH is a piece of crap that won’t flush…call the plumber and send him down stream.

  14. If Odin Lloyd was a drug dealer, he needed killing. And Aaron Hernandez needs to be put back in Madden Football.

  15. Can we bring “Playmakers” back anybody? We have alot of great new story lines.

    An alleged three time murderer who was a star on one of the best teams, an allegedly gay player with his flamboyant lover, a dog fighting player on his weekends, executives driving naked through Wendy’s, executives running into police cars, and these are just a few episodes.

    I think we have enough good story lines to get to a syndication deal.

  16. Hernandez obviously did not get his money back + his cut, there’s no possiblility he wasn’t at least financing all his friends as drug dealers. That being said, with this information out to general public I find it very difficult to believe Aaron was not involved in the murder.

  17. First, is selling marijuana, in this day and age, really considered being a “Drug Dealer”?

    Second, who sells marijuana these days? Can’t you buy that stuff at, like, 7-Eleven now?

    Third, no marijuana “Drug Dealer” gets his body riddled with bullets for a $35 deal that went bad.

  18. why is everyone commenting on her looks..i think she is ok..( coming from a woman, I have seen far worse)
    btw her eyes are naturally hazel/green. her mom is biracial and has the same geen/hazel eyes, as does Shayanna Jenkins,Aaron’s daughter Avielle, also has the same green/hazel eyes

  19. he wasn’t murdered for smoke. you shake a tree in almost any town in America and a monkey will fall that that you can buy pot from or who has a connection. the DA is on the right trail. he was shot to shut him up cuz he was or was giving the impression of talking about the drive killings. if he was a big pot dealer the cops would have been on him.

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