Mark Barron looking to Revis and Goldson as mentors

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The arrival of cornerback Darrelle Revis in Tampa has already benefitted safety Mark Barron.

Barron got $50,000 from Revis to give up the No. 24, a nice chunk of change for a number that Barron only wore for one season. That’s not all that Barron hopes to get from Revis, however.

Barron thinks that Revis and safety Dashon Goldson, another new arrival, can also help him become a better player by pointing out things that the second-year player may not be appreciating on his own. It’s a relationship that Barron had with the now-retired Ronde Barber last season and he thinks the two new Buccaneers will provide him with the same kind of tutelage.

“Knowledge. Just like with Ronde Barber,” Barron said, via “There were certain things I wanted to learn from him as far as just studying the game. And I picked up some things from him and now I have two different players I can pick up more things from. I just feel like I am in a great situation where I can learn from different players and pick up a lot of things.”

If Barron stayed at the same level as last season, the Bucs secondary would be better because of the arrival of Revis and Goldson. It’s a lot more likely that he’ll improve with a full season under his belt and an offseason focused on the areas where he fell short, however, and that should make the pass defense in Tampa considerably better once the season rolls around. Since the Bucs were 7-9 with that poor pass defense last year, that kind of progress can put them into the scrum for playoff spots for the first time since they went 10-6 and fell short in 2010.

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  1. Looking at Goldson for help, one of the most overrated safeties in the league who is constantly burned, is probably not the best idea.

  2. Barron will be much better this year not only because of a year under his belt, but because he played out of position last year with Ronde at the other safety spot. Barron is much better in the box where Ronde played last year. With him gone and Goldson there to cover the deep third of the field, Barron can play up closer to the line of scrimmage to blitz and make plays in the running game. Can’t wait for the season to start! Haven’t been this excited about a Bucs team in a long time.

  3. So you think Goldson is over rated then your crazy, only safety that might be better is Earl Thomas. Also why would the highest paid CB Revis hold out, he held out w the Jets bc they didn’t want to pay him what he is worth. Look out the Bucs are going to surprise ya!

  4. .

    Tampa has a very good roster. There’s no reason why they should not be competitive every week.


  5. Coverage wasn’t Goldson’s strong suit and Revis is overrated. In a few years Tampa will be in Cap Hell!

  6. ccjcsr-

    Cap’s not a problem. Dominik is the best in the league at managing it. Thats why they STILL have about $19 mil left. Goldson is a better cover safety than Barron right now so it’s still an upgrade either way. And if you think Revis is overrated, you either don’t really watch football or are a hater.

  7. “Cap’s not a problem. Dominik is the best in the league at managing it. Thats why they STILL have about $19 mil left.”

    I’m leaning towards the cheap Glazers as to why.

  8. Also Barron wasn’t playing his natural position last year, and now will have help with some good corners and one great corner in Revis, which in turn will give the Bucs d line time to actually get to the QB.

  9. Are you kidding me, yes they have been cheap in the past, but look hiw much money they have spent in the last two years! MD is an awesome GM. Just wait and see

  10. I can’t hate on the Glazers. The family is active in the community, brought Tampa our only Super Bowl title, and are willing to spend on players worth spending for. We clamored for them to overpay for Haynesworth and Asomugha, and those were 2 smart non-moves(although Haynesworth flat out turned us down). I for one wouldn’t want a return to the Culverhouse days of the cheapest team possible. Every team has lean years, but the Glazers at least consistently try to improve the team.

  11. I just pray the Free performs all year the way he did during that 6 game stretch. If he plays like that all year with all the weapons we have then its game on baby!! Go Buc Nation!

  12. @tampamac:

    Great point on Barron being out of the box last season and how this is where he is most effective! It helps and strengthens the DL against the run. The focus can be more on the pass rush and we have better secondary coverage so it’ll take more time to throw against us now. The great part is how much balance we should expect from this D!! And good call on how much worse it was under the Culverhouse regime, the epitome of cheap!! You can’t say Glazers haven’t spent in the last two offseasons and we’ll be shown the benefits on the field. Cheapglazers you better be putting your $$ where you’re mouth is and going to some games. If not then you have NO reason to complain.

  13. Just wait till Jonathan Banks gets going, I think w Revis and even Wright mentoring him, he win the starting job opposite Revis

  14. Yeah Revis can teach Barron how to be a me-first diva who holds his team and their fans hostage every year by threatening or holding out for a new contract. If you want a new contract every year then sign 1 year deal! He’s also taken to demanding franchise QB money to play CB, which is just ridiculous. Darrelle Revis is a complete and total D-Bag, just like his uncle. I can’t think of too many people in sports I despise more than those 2. I hope they choke

  15. Yea okay, you must be a butt hurt Jet fan, because all Revis wanted was to get paid. At the end of the day Revis is going to show Banks how to read coverages, and so on. So far out out of Bucs camp he is ou there after practices are over and working w Banks and Wright. So take your butt hurt talk to some who knows as little about fb as you! Damn Troll

  16. Jets fan, see you in the first game of the season, when the Bucs whip you badly. We’ll go home winners while you Jets fans focus on chasing someone else out of town.

  17. Haha all these Revis haters=bitter ex girlfriends. Yeh the Jets are a miserable joke of a franchise. Your butt fumbles will see how “overrated” the Bucs secondary is week 1. Let it go ladies. He found a franchise willing to appreciate his talent. Go Bucs!!!

  18. I know plenty about football and I don’t give a crap about the Jets. I just despise Darrelle Revis and don’t think he’s as good as he’s hyped to be

  19. In 2011, WITH Revis in the lineup the Jets pass defense was 5th in the NFL, allowing 201 yds per game. In 2012 WITHOUT Revis, the Jets pass defense was 2nd in the NFL, allowing 189.8 yards per game. Revis is a good corner, no doubt, but he is not worth a 1st rd pick a 3rd rd pick and 16 million per year. No corner is worth that much

  20. ^^^
    But you fail to mention Jets were 26th in run defense last year. Why pass and risk turnovers when you can run all over them? That’s why us Bucs fans weren’t gloating about the #1 rush defense because teams passed all day. Opposite spectrum; why try running against a pretty stout front 7 when you could pass against the porous secondary.

  21. I’ve no doubt he’ll improve the Bucs secondary. But he’s not worth 16 mil a year and all that draft capital to get him. No CB is. Matt Stafford just signed for 15.3 million per yr. I would MUCH rather have a guy who can throw for 5000 yds and 40 TDs than Revis, at that price

  22. In addition to your cherry picked stats, why not also mention although in 2012 Jets gave up less yards per game, they allowed more TD’s and picked off less passes than 2011.

    2011- 15 pass TD’s allowed, 19 INT’s

    2012- 20 pass TD’s allowed, 11 INT’s

    Still think Revis had no impact in that?

  23. @tampamac

    Dude I couldn’t have said it better myself, between Revis, Barron, Goldson, wrigh, and Banks we will be sick. Just having those guys will make our dline even better! I cant stand these dumb ass troll…Revis overrated?? Go crawl back into whatever rock you live under!

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